March 6  2003

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work:

Web Site Hears From Dick Cheney After Parody Involving Wife

Vice President Dick Cheney's office has spurred an unusual dispute by asking a Web site that parodies the Bush administration to remove a satirical biography and pictures of the vice president's wife, Lynne.

After receiving the request in a letter from Mr. Cheney's counsel, the Web site doctored the photographs of Mrs. Cheney, adding a red clown nose and blackening out one of her front teeth, said its creator John A. Wooden.

"The letter is, if you read it carefully, it is only a request," he said. "But there's really no such thing as a request from the vice president's office. It's a threatening letter."


White House finds a funny bone to pick on the Internet - Newsday White House Asks Satirist to Remove Image - Sarasota Herald-Tribune
AP News in Brief
Penn Live, PA - 3-6-03
... NEW YORK (AP) -- An Internet lampoon of Vice President Dick Cheney's ... A. Wooden, 31, threatening a lawsuit to protect his First Amendment rights to parody ...
White House Asks Satirist to Remove Image
Austin American Statesman, TX 3-6-03
NEW YORK (AP)--An Internet lampoon of Vice President Dick Cheney's ... A. Wooden, 31, threatening a lawsuit to protect his First Amendment rights to parody ...

The Republicans can sure dish it out but can't take it.  We have listened to the right wing gleefully attack, impeach and blame the Clintons for everything evil  since 1992 to this very moment. And the Vice President of the United States is trying to stop a political parody website from picking on his wife while we are preparing to go to war?

Call out the National Guard!  Ooops, they're all deployed to the Gulf.

This is arrogant hypocrisy from this administration.  But makes great fodder for political parody on this website. I wonder if I make fun of Ms. Cheney will Dick send me a threatening letter?  Hmmm...

   Good News for Freedom of Speech   Mall Wants to Drop Peace T-Shirt Charges
Officials at a mall where a man was arrested for refusing to remove an anti-war T-shirt asked Wednesday that trespassing charges against him be dropped. Full Coverage

A nude peace activist holds a Chilean flag

with the writing 'No to war,' as others stand by during a protest in downtown Santiago, March 1, 2003.

A win for free speech
By ruling that anti-abortion groups cannot be sued for extortion under the RICO law, the U.S. Supreme Court handed a significant victory to all protest groups.


Great Flash from exposing Rush Limbaugh with his own words  click here



Subject: Your site

As someone who grew up in Pensacola (1972-1985) I have to say - I love your
site. I'm showing it to my wife - who also grew up there - as soon as she
wakes up.

Most of my family still lives in the area, and most of them vote straight Republican purely out of ignorance.

My arguments tend to be dismissed since I no longer live there and have had some experience in the outside world - this making one's political opinions somehow suspect.

Thank God someone in Florida is aware, thinking, and most important, communicating the results.

I'm emailing your site to everyone in my family.

Mark Kochinski
Escambia High School
Class of 1980


Thanks Mark. 

Pre-Jeb we were proud Floridians.

Post-Jeb we are Flor-i-duh-ans and suddenly can't count votes.



The "Monkeying with Votes" Governor

Election on class size is rejected
Gov. Jeb Bush's call for a special election dies in the Senate, but the issue of repealing Amendment 9 another way remains.
By ALISA ULFERTS, Times Staff Writer
St. Petersburg Times
published March 6, 2003

TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Jeb Bush's proposal to call a special election on the class size amendment was declared dead at 8:40 a.m. Wednesday.
That's when all 14 Democrats in the state Senate voted against the idea, killing any chance it had.
"We find it appalling that the governor would so readily dismiss the will of the people," said Senate Democratic Leader Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton.

HHS Official Janet Rehnquist to Resign
She delayed an audit of Florida's pension fund at the request of a top aide to Gov. Jeb Bush, the president's brother. The delay ensured that the audit would not be completed until after the November election, in which Bush won a second term.


(AP)- Janet Rehnquist, the daughter of Chief Justice William Rehnquist, is leaving her job as the Health and Human Services official who investigates fraud and waste in Medicare and a range of other social programs....

Mysterious 'it' up for funds
Senate panel's visit to FDLE raises security, Sunshine Law concerns
By Bill Cotterell

A Senate committee plans to skulk over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement today and decide whether "it" is worth an undisclosed increase in state spending for the war on terrorism.

Senate President Jim King, who approved the closed "visitation" at the request of FDLE Commissioner Tim Moore, refused to divulge Wednesday what "it" is - except to say the new Home Defense, Public Security and Ports Committee needs to check out something involving anti-terrorism safeguards. It's the first time the chamber has used the post-Sept. 11 Senate rule allowing closed committee meetings when security is at stake.




Janet Rehnquist is the daughter of US Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist.  How cozy, the same Rehnquist who stopped the vote counting in Florida. 


Gee, will she be prosecuted for interfering with an election?


Sure, there's no right wing conspiracy.


Great entry :


You might be a right wing republican think that there will be a 2004 election (or any election ever again).


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The Noriega Gambit

Former CIA supported Mujahadeen money man gets "Noriega-ed" just as EVERYTHING is going wrong for Der Fuhrer George W Bush. His plans for his Slaughter in Iraq is on ice, domestically the economy is tanking and his poll numbers are plummeting. Voila! HEY! We bagged ourselves the #3 man in Al Qaeda! Or did they?

Democratic Underground's own Paul Thompson has the real story. I highly recommend you peruse this article with great care.

A day after being fired, Phil Donahue strikes back at MSNBC
Montana Forum, Montana - 03 Mar 2003
... that the network recently hired conservative commentator Mike Savage as host of
a weekend show, and retired GOP politicians Dick Armey and Joe Scarborough as ...

 Bush War Babies

     Peace Protestors