March 5,  2004 TGIF

February Job Growth Surprisingly Weak

Reuters - 3-5-04

U.S. employers added a paltry 21,000 workers to their payrolls last month, far fewer than expected, according to a government report on Friday that was likely to weigh on President Bush...

US Job Growth Anemic in February - Reuters
Job Growth Stalls in February, Surprising Forecasters - New York Times

9/11 election ads have Bush in hot water
The Globe and Mail, Canada - 3-5-04
George W. Bush tripped over the wreckage of the World Trade Center and stumbled into controversy yesterday as he tried to take the high road with an expensive advertising campaign for re-election but was immediately attacked for playing politics with tragedy...

Bush always planned to oust Aristide
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 3-5-04
... development assistance to Haiti from the day George W. Bush assumed office, squeezing
Haiti's economy dry and causing untold suffering for its citizens. ...


Absolute power corrupts absolutely, eh?

"Only a drunk and a pothead could think using the images would not cause the uproar that has erupted over the ads." Dumb Dubya By DOUG THOMPSON Mar 5, 2004

"Republicans have launched round-the-clock commercials promoting George Bush. Don't we already have this — it's called Fox News." - Craig Kilborn


Hi-Check this out! Just heard on MSNBC that Ashcroft was feeling sick yesterday-he goes home then calls his private doctor-THE DOCTOR GOES TO HIS HOUSE LAST EVENING and sends him to hospital--Hey-SIGN ME UP for that health plan!! Is that what Harry Truman meant when he said health care for all Americans??

Chris M.

It isn't too much too ask to have the same healthcare plan as our politicians, is it?
Ashcroft has always looked ill to me. I thought it was because he hard a heart of stone, not gallstones.

Ashcroft Hospitalized With Pancreatitis

AP - 3-5-04

Attorney General John Ashcroft has been hospitalized with a severe case of gallstone pancreatitis, his chief spokesman said Friday...

AP poll : Pres . Bush - Sen . Kerry tied
WIS, SC - 12 hours ago
(Washington-AP) March 4, 2004 -- President Bush and John Kerry are essentially tied
in the first poll of registered voters since Kerry locked up the Democratic ...

       Bush-Kerry race tight; Nader looms as factor - Miami Herald
       CAMPAIGN NOTES: Poll shows dead heat for president - Detroit Free Press


 "What's next, showing him pray in church with a halo above his

actually, now that you mention it, did you see the front page of
yesterday's Chicago Tribune? I bought the hard copy; there he was:
hands together in prayer, looking angelic (are Christians this gullible?).
Today I tried a web-search, but can't find the photo (I'm not that

If your any better at it than I, when you find it, you'll see exactly
what I'm talking about!

I haven't seen that pic...if any one out there has, please send me a copy.

Texas Quarters Recall


Hang on to any of the new State of Texas quarters. If you have them, they
may be worth much more than 25 cents.

The U. S. Treasury announced today that it is recalling all of the Texas
quarters that are part of its program featuring quarters from each state.

"We are recalling all the new Texas quarters that were recently issued,
"Treasury Undersecretary Jack Shackleford said Monday.

"This action is being taken after numerous reports that the new quarters
will not work in parking meters, toll booths, vending machines, pay phones,
or other coin-operated devices."

The quarters were issued in the order in which the various states joined the
U. S. and have been a tremendous success among coin collectors worldwide.

"The problem lies in the unique design of the Texas quarter, which was
created by George W. Bush, when he was Governor, Shackleford said.

"Apparently, the duct tape holding the two dimes and the nickel together
keeps jamming the coin-operated devices.”

Sent in by Paul P.

You had me going..thanks for the laugh.

"The ads are a tasteful reminder of what the country has been through the last three years. " - Karen Hughes, Bush advisor who has a heart and a head of stone

Graphic by Oz

Thousands of Democrat computer files improperly accessed
New Zealand Herald, New Zealand - 3-5-04
... Chairman Orrin Hatch on Thursday blamed two former Republican staffers for what a
top Democrat called "partisan spying" involving thousands of computer files. ...

       Hacking Incident Riles Democrats - Los Angeles Times

"Have you seen any of the new Bush television commercials? ... In one of the commercials you see George Bush for 30 seconds, in another commercial you get to see George Bush for 60 seconds. Kind of like his stint in the National Guard." – David Letterman

Disturbing News


2003 Likely Europe's Hottest in 500 Years

AP - 3-5-04

Last year's deadly summer in Europe probably was the hottest on the continent in at least five centuries, according to researchers who analyzed old records, soil cores and other evidence. More than 19,000 people died.

Performer Thrown Off the Air Over Obscenity

Reuters - 3-5-04

A popular Asian-American radio commentator has been thrown off a Los Angeles public radio station for using a four-letter word, becoming the latest casualty in the cultural war over obscenity on the airwaves.


Bill Would Open Door to Dentists Performing Plastic Surgery; Colorado Senate Health Committee Passes HB 1102, Broadens Definition of 'Dentistry'

Thu Mar 4, 4:22 PM ET

Colorado lawmakers today sent House Bill (HB 1102) to the full Senate, opening the door for dentists to perform complex surgery of the head, neck and potentially other areas of the body, contends the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This bill puts Colorado patients at risk of being operated on by non-physicians who lack fundamental surgical training.

D.C. Lead Tests Cast Doubt on EPA Standards - 3-5-04

The severity of lead contamination in the District's water reveals serious weaknesses in the federal testing program and raises the prospect that other cities may have similar, undiscovered problems, according to federal officials, scientists and engineers.



Subject: 9-11 Bush Ads

I find it curious that in defending the ads which have caused such a stir Rudy Giuliani states, in part, "His leadership on that day is central to his record and his continued leadership is critical to our ultimate success against world terrorism," If memory serves, didn't he spend the rest of the day scampering about from military base to military base hoping that the terrorists wouldn't find him?

His behavior that day was diametrically opposite to the behavior of the late Queen-Mother Elizabeth who, when counselors were urging the Royal Family to leave London for royal residences out of German bomber range (during the blitz,) responded that it would be improper for her family to take advantage of privilege in order to seek safety when so many commoners had no such option. They not only stayed, but made a point of being seen as often as possible.

The message of his self-serving behavior that day is plain: "I am important. You 'little people' are not." Rather than showing an example of courage (which, by now, we all know is an act of which he is incapable) he displayed his usual stunted morality: I can, therefore it's moral.

John V.

Thank you for your email.

I think the DNC should run a pictorial ad showing exactly what Bush was doing.

A picture is worth a thousand words.



Compassionate Conservative NEWS


Lawmaker Arrested for DUI After Ceremony

Thu Mar 4, 4:19 PM ET

A Republican lawmaker was charged with drunken driving, hours after attending a bill-signing ceremony to highlight the state's newest effort to crack down on DWI offenders…

N.M. GOP Donor Gets Oil-Drilling Leeway

AP - Thu Mar 4, 6:55 PM ET

The government has eased Clinton-era oil and gas drilling restrictions on a large tract of desert grassland in New Mexico in a decision that benefits a large Republican donor in the state.


Senators Ponder How to Handle Memo Theft

AP - Fri Mar 5, 4:29 AM ET

Democrats are calling for an outside investigation into the theft of memos from their computer files since a new report blames two Senate Republican staffers for the intrusion.


Okla. Lawmaker Denies Using Hitler Angle

AP - Thu Mar 4, 6:06 PM ET

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Tom Cole said Thursday he did not intend to equate a vote against President Bush to a vote for Adolf Hitler, but stuck by recent comments that a Bush loss would be a win for Osama bin Laden.


GOP Groups, Fannie Mae to Pay FEC Fines

AP - Wed Mar 3, 6:17 PM ET

The Republican National Committee, Senate Republicans' fund-raising arm and Fannie Mae are paying fines to settle a case over improper use of political donations from the mortgage giant.

"After all the voting, President Bush called John Kerry to congratulate him. I'm not sure what they talked about. I think we can rule out swapping war stories." - Jay Leno


Subject: manners

Dear Lisa,
It is a shame that those who are inarticulate feel the need to resort to verbal violence to try to prove their point. It is even worse since their point cannot be proven in such a way. The only thing proven is that they themselves are unable to identify the reason for the rage that lies within.
Robert Heinlein wrote in his novel Friday (published in '82 and an excellent description of our future world in which corporations have usurped the government's powers):
"... a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot. This symptom is especially serious in that an individual displaying it never thinks of it as a sign of ill health but as a proof of his/her strength."

John Grant


Ah, Heinlein...I would have loved an hour alone with him--purely academic, of course.
I really hesitated posting that rude email but felt it was necessary. Stirring one's emotions is a great motivator. And we Americans, stateside, surely need that.
As one of my favorite Heinlein characters (Jubal Harshaw, from Stranger in a Strange Land) might have said, "Let's just have the fair witness make the judgment."

Thank you for your eloquent email.

Unemployment Holds at 21,000 New Jobs

AP - 3-5-04

America's unemployment rate remained stuck at 5.6 percent in February as the economy added a paltry 21,000 position. The figures dramatized the relative scarcity of new jobs in a week in which President Bush shoved his re-election campaign into high gear...

"Earlier today, President Bush said Kerry will be a tough and hard-charging opponent. That explains why Bush's nickname for Kerry is math." —Conan O'Brien


Got this link from a friend of Kerry's.  Boston globe has his life synthesized for the unwashed heathens like me to read.


Great link.


Long after the clamor has ceased;
Old Mel and his
film will be least
To warrant our fear
When, year upon year,
The Church ignored passions of priests!


Click here for The Limerick Savant



Seniors Brawl After Salad Bar Dispute


A dispute at the salad bar turned into a food fracas at an upscale retirement home, with a man taking a bite out of another's arm and other residents suffering minor injuries.


Teacher Accused of Duct-Taping Students

Thu Mar 4, 4:39 PM ET

A high school math teacher is accused of using duct tape and plastic ties to restrain female students in his classroom.


"Abide with me" is top musical hallucination


"Abide with Me", a hymn penned in the mid-1800s, is one of the most common tunes heard in musical hallucinations, a psychiatrist says.


Hubble image echoes Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

Thu Mar 4,11:12 PM ET

It's astronomy, but is it art?

Offbeat museums attract visitors via the Web

Fri Mar 5, 1:00 AM ET

Sure, everyone's heard of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Washington's Smithsonian Institution. But how about the Florida museum dedicated to actor Burt Reynolds, or the Texas museum all about the history of funerals?


Homeless man bypasses Prague airport security and boards plane

Thu Mar 4,12:06 PM ET

Security at Prague's Ruzyne Airport has been tightened after a homeless man managed to slip past customs officials and boarded a plane, airport spokeswoman Anna Kovarikova told AFP.


Paying for E-Mail May Be Anti-Spam Tactic

AP - Thu Mar 4, 8:48 PM ET

If the U.S. Postal Service delivered mail for free, our mailboxes would surely runneth over with more credit card offers, sweepstakes entries and supermarket fliers. That's why we get so much junk e-mail: It's essentially free to send. So Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates, among others, is now suggesting that we start buying "stamps" for e-mail.


Early Human Ancestor Had Small Teeth

Reuters - Thu Mar 4, 2:02 PM ET

A 6 million-year-old creature that lacked sharp canines for fighting may be the first pre-human to have branched off from the ape line, researchers said on Thursday.

ISP Sues Marketer of Bob Vila Web Site

AP -3-5-04

An Internet service provider sued the operator and online marketer of the home improvement Web site on Thursday for allegedly violating a new federal anti-spam law.


Acupuncture's secret: Blood flow to brain - Thu Mar 4, 7:13 AM ET

Acupuncture on pain-relief points cuts blood flow to key areas of the brain within seconds, providing the clearest explanation to date for how the ancient technique might relieve pain and treat addictions, a Harvard scientist reports today.


Hi Lisa,
I discovered your fantastic website tonight, and will be adding a link from our site,  (Anybody But Bush in 04) to All Hat No Cattle. We would love a link from your site if possible. Our Icon is:
Great Job,

Glad to oblige and help out.  Thanks for writing.

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Judge Drops Top Charge of 33 Against Ex-Tyco Execs
Reuters, United States - 3-5-04

"Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.
I think I've forgotten this before. "
-Steven Wright

This image released by NASA (news - web sites), captured by the Hubble Space Telescope (news - web sites), shows spirals of dust swirling across trillions of kilometres of interstellar space. This image is Hubble's latest view of a distant star, named V838 Monocerotis (V838 Mon)(HO/NASA/HHT)