March 5  2003

Bush calls for new vote on class sizes
The governor wants to give voters a choice of either repealing two constitutional amendments, or approving a new tax.
By STEVE BOUSQUET, Times Staff Writer
© St. Petersburg Times
published March 5, 2003

TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday called for a new election to give voters a choice: Repeal constitutional amendments mandating smaller classes and a high-speed train or pass a tax to pay for them.

"I believe we must go back to the voters and have them make a decision with all the information in hand," Bush said. "Information about the new challenges our state faces, and information about the massive tax increases that will be necessary to pay for them."

U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, who led the campaign for smaller class sizes, said Bush is asking every member of the Legislature "to betray the citizens of Florida" by violating their oaths to support, protect and defend the Constitution.

"We chose our president by 537 votes in Florida and we didn't do that election over," Meek said.

"My voters have got to be smart. They put me in office. I'm not going to second-guess them," said Sen. Les Miller, D-Tampa.

Four months ago Florida voters voted for these amendments to their constitution. Jeb swore to uphold the Florida Constitution -- not to hold another election because he doesn't like the results.

Here is an interesting aside: In the fall of 2000 prior to the election Jeb Bush spent the high speed rail fund that several prior Florida Governors had set aside specifically for this high speed train project, on projects of his choice around the state -- none of which included high speed trains.  So Jeb dug his own grave on the high speed train issue.  He ignored the wish of the voters then and now.  Gee, what a surprise.

Where, oh where, is the Liberal Media bias?

With common sense alone, how can anyone claim that there is a liberal media bias that directly benefits Democrats and their positions on abortion, guns, policies and candidates? I mean, just take a spin around your local radio dial. Spend some time watching Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Tim Russert, ABC Sunday Morning, even CBS's Face the Nation with Bob Scheiffer.

Read the Washington Post's editorial page and its lineup of columnists and with the exception of Paul Krugman, how about that liberal bastion, the New York Times? How about the prevalence of the same talking heads/pundits day after day on the same channels? How about having 2 hours of O'Reilly and then Hannity disturbing the peace on your radio only to then have to suffer through them on Fox at night?

Read more from my friend Bob Witkowski

"President Bush may be the smartest military president in history. First, he gets Iraq to destroy all of their own weapons. Then, he declares war." —Jay Leno

Wood Fire Ashes Press  --  interesting site.

"Even before he walks on the water he later boils to bring his doting wife, Laura, a morning cup of coffee, he goes off to a quiet place to read alone."

The warmongering continues:

Top General Sees Plan to Shock Iraq Into Surrendering
Military officials have said the plan calls for unleashing 3,000 precision-guided bombs and missiles in the first 48 hours of the campaign.

U.S. Sending 2 Dozen Bombers in Easy Range of North Koreans
President Bush said that if diplomacy failed, he might be forced to turn to military options to prevent the North from making nuclear weapons.


Bush Diplomacy

Woman Offers Bush Crucifixion-For-Peace Deal
3-5-03 Reuters
A New Zealand woman said on Wednesday she was willing to be crucified by President Bush if he pledges not to attack Iraq.

Here's a quote from another Compassionate Christian Conservative right winger:

"You people are some of the most disgusting examples of a waste of protoplasm I've ever had the displeasure to hear about."

-- country singer CHARLIE DANIELS, in an open letter to Hollywood celebrities opposed to war with Iraq

Now I understand Charlie Daniels point of view on the First Amendment after finding the above picture via Google.

My Right to Dissent
Posted on Feb. 26, 2003

Several tabloids have been calling celebrities who have been outspoken against the war “traitors” or “friends of Saddam.” As I have been grouped into this category, I feel that I need to say something in response to these outrageous accusations. After all, these celebrities are American citizens first, and we are thankful to live in this great country that allows us the right to express our opinions. click here for more of Barbra

Why does the right wing constantly attack the opinions of Barbra Streisand and other Hollywood Democrats? 

One of the biggest Hollywood Democrats who used his celebrity to switch parties and become president was Ronald Reagan. And he was a second rate actor.  Why no criticism for his use of celebrity? Or Charlton Heston? Or Fred Thompson or Bruce Willis or Tom Sellack? Or...anymore Hollywood republicans?

You know a republican nerve must have been hit when they start picking on Barbra. You go girl.