TGIF/Weekend edition - March 3-5, 2006

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National Archives Tells Intelligence Agencies to Stop Removing ...
The MIT Tech, MA -3-3-06
By Scott Shane. After complaints from historians, the National Archives on Thursday directed intelligence agencies to stop removing ...

Free Market News Network, FL - 3-3-06
The Pentagon has dismissed a poll's finding that 72 per cent of United States troops in Iraq believe the US should pull out within a year or less. ...

Lincoln suggests giving FEMA trailers to rural communities
KATC, LA - 3-3-06
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. US Senator Blanche Lincoln says the federal government should consider giving FEMA-owned mobile homes sitting ...


Bush is going to be greeted back in the USA with more problems than when he left.




Well, it looks as if the Republicans finally found weapons - weapons of self-destruction. -- Zing!



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News




“They said when President Bush arrives in India, he'll have 5,000 security personnel protecting him. 5,000. I wonder if any of them work for that Arab government that Bush says we're going to trust with our ports?”-- Jay Leno



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Fighting the War on Drugs Over There


Opium production and trafficking account for one-third of Afghanistan's economy and is complicating U.S. efforts to rebuild the country and its government, a State Department report said Wednesday.



Disturbing News



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Today, President Bush said the economy is great! Unemployment is down and the future looks bright! Of course, he was talking to the people of India at the time. -- Jay Leno






Son of a Republican Senator

Sen. John Warner (R-Va.), the powerful chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, already has Iraq on his plate, so he's doing his best to stay out of a nasty dispute involving his son and a former CNN producer...."I wrote, directed and produced them, and field-produced. I was a full partner," Causey told...




Republican Shenanigans





"Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. You know what President Bush is giving up for Lent? Our ports." --Jay Leno




Colorado Courage



A Colorado school is in upheaval following the suspension of a teacher who was recorded comparing President Bush's rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler.

More than 100 students at Overland High School in Aurora, Colo., walked out of class this morning to protest the decision to put geography teacher Jay Bennish on administrative leave.




We're all going to hell in a cargo container. -- Grant Gerver



Rock-The-Voter News





"President Bush made a surprise trip to Afghanistan, and he promised the Afghanis that the United States would not cut and run. Then he got on his plane and left." --Conan O'Brien


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Rumsfeld Ramblings


Speaking at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum and Library, Rumsfeld said the United States has to "keep avoiding filling every vacuum and if we're around that place with too many people we tend to fill every vacuum. And that's not a healthy thing."






"How many laws can a president break
Before you can call him a crook?
The answer my friend is blowin' in the bush,
The answer is blowin' in the bush..." (Thank you, Bob Dylan) --
-- Grant Gerver



Good News




Pat Robertson Update


Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson, criticized by some evangelicals for comments about Venezuela's president and Israel's prime minister, lost a bid for re-election to the National Religious Broadcasters' board of directors.



"After Afghanistan, President Bush flew to India, where he was greeted by 10,000 angry protestors. As a result, most Americans spent all day on hold with computer problems."  --Conan O'Brien







Biz-Tech News



"You know Condoleezza Rice? So she's down there in Washington, and she's on a TV show and they go with her to the gym. Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state, and they're watching her work out. ... Here's what it is, it's called the Republican work-out. Every morning, you bench press a bag of laundered cash." --David Letterman







Twenty One Weeks in Vacation Time


Pamela P. Willeford , the third shooter in Vice President Cheney 's recent hunting excursion, apparently has yet to publicly remark on the incident or why she was in Texas at all that day, since she is posted as our ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein...embassy public affairs officer Daniel Wendell said in an e-mail. "In the 2 1/2 years she has been ambassador," he said, though she officially took over only 27 months ago, "Ambassador Willeford has been away from post for family and personal travel for a total of 21 weeks."




Bush-Prison-Torture News




Naughty Bush Pics



Diplomacy Challenged


An unpopular punctuality drive launched in the U.N. Security Council last month by U.S. Ambassador John Bolton came to an abrupt end on Thursday when Argentina took over the council's rotating presidency.



Go-F*ck-Yourself News



"Harriet Miers studied law her whole life, and Anna Nicole Smith made it to the Supreme Court before she did" --Jay Leno


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Odd News




A Los Angeles County sheriff inspects the wreckage of a rare Ferrari Enzo that crashed on the Pacific Coast Highway Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006, in Malibu, Calif. The red Ferrari, estimated to be worth more than $1 million, was going at least 100 mph when the driver lost control and struck a power pole, investigators said. Sheriff's investigators identified the owner as Stefan Ericksson, 44, of Bel Air, who escaped the wreck with only a cut lip. (Photo/Hanz Laetz)