March 3,  2004 Wednesday


Press review: Kerry's Super Tuesday win
Guardian, UK - 3-3-04
Today's US papers acknowledge John Kerry's victory yesterday in all but one of the ten contests in the Democrats' Super Tuesday primary elections. ...

Q&A: John Kerry, the challenge ahead
The Times (subscription), UK - 3-3-04
Roland Watson in Washington, left, reflects on why John Kerry won the Democratic
race to run for the White House and how the Republicans plan to attack the ...

Congratulations to John Kerry.  Hopefully he will clean up the mess Bush has created.

"If George Bush wants to make national security the central issue of 2004, I have three words that I know he understands -- Bring. It. On." -- Sen. John Kerry in his victory speech on Super Tuesday.



I have been checking out your webpage for a little while now - lots of
good stuff, links and ha-ha's. (And you are a major babe, too. More photos
of you won't hurt the site's popularity.) I don't know how you keep
sifting through all of the news and not get really depressed or pissed off.

This one was on the local news last night, and I thought you might like
to see it. I was very pleased to learn that the gummint's cost cutting
will not affect support for the gas guzzlers that have such an effect on our
national security.

Click here

Hang tough and keep laughing.



Thanks for writing and your kind words.

Yes, the news does depress me but truckloads of prozac helps. Haha

I am familiar with the link you sent. It is just another tax cut for the rich and their huge SUVs

"[California] polls are finding that 50% of people oppose gay marriage and 50% support it. Know what that means? As a state we're bi." —Jay Leno

Wilson book to say whom he thinks leaked wife's CIA work
USA Today - 3-2-04
... AP) — Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson will reveal the name of the person he thinks
leaked his wife's identity as an undercover CIA officer in a book due out ...

       Book will claim to know identity of CIA leaker - Chicago Sun Times

I will be interested to hear what Robert Novak, the columnist who printed the agent's name in his column, has to say--I am sure it won't be nice.

Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.): Explosive New 9/11 Revelations and Explanations

The Alex Jones Show

AJ: He put on a symposium a few years ago that made headlines in major newspapers, in Portugal. We had one of those articles posted. And it says,

"Portugal-based investigative journalist has presented The News, with the version of the September 11th attacks that has to-date failed to attract the attention of the international press. The report, compiled by the independent inquiry into the September 11th World Trade Center attack, warns the American public that the government's official version of the events does not stand up to scrutiny."...

The reactionary right-wingers call me a "liberal":

I refuse to pretend that racism and sexism no longer exist, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe that "market forces" are some magical panacea, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe cutting the military from being able to blow up the world 10 times over down to only 8 times over is a bad thing, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe "family" means a man ruling over a wife and kids, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe that money magically trickles down from the rich, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe giving a mother food stamps to feed her kids is a waste of money, while buying the air force a billion dollar bomber it doesn't want isn't, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe cutting the taxes of the rich helps the poor, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe Rush Limbaugh has "talent on loan from God", so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe that the profit motive creates virtue in people, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe that "might makes right", so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe the government should control women's reproductive choices, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe that single mothers are necessarily bad parents, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe only northern Europeans have culture, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe a union worker making $17/hr is overpaid while a CEO making $1 million/year is not, so they call me a liberal.

I refuse to ignore the long history of oppression, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe teaching children about cultural diversity is wrong, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe the only good jobs are ones where someone else is skimming off a profit, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe Americans are inherently superior to other nationalities, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe homosexuals are evil, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe non-Christians are evil, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe liberals are subhuman monsters, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe that things are black-and-white, so they call me a liberal.

I don't believe their lies, so the reactionaries call me a liberal.

The more they talk, the more being called liberal sounds like a compliment.

Forwarded by Doc

Thanks Doc.


Subject: It's not your fault,Abortions weren't legal when you were born-lisa........

Hey,your funny??How much donkey-c*m have you swallowed? I'm sure you know what I mean....Did you think of this all by yourself, or did you have to blow a democrat??The thing is, you don't get to win control of this great country.... Thank GOD! I know every thing is G.W's fault....Right?? Dick-head-coward John Kerry,will fix it all! Right? You just hate the fact that the (jack-ass) party isn't in power...aaaaahhhhwww! You F*CKHEADS, are what's wrong with this country.Talk about hypocrites, cut the military,raise taxes,let the homos get married right? Guess what ass-wipe? the terrorists want to get you too!! I know, lets all run behind clinton or gore, they'll show em...we just need to understand them ,that's all......G.W. stands for strength,morals,& the majority af the American people! Sorry.....I know it's hard for you to comprehend! Your going down(i know you democrats are used to that sort of thing) democrats all are sorry loosers! May be we can bring back the draft, so all your kind will run to canada,because I sure as hell know you won't FIGHT for this country! I have alot of relatives in TEXAS, who don't feel the same way you do.....The republican party rules!!!!!! You can take your texas humor of yours & shove it up your ass.....Too bad too, cuz your kinda cute! What a waste......


I believe in freedom of speech, even your right to use obscene speech.
My father fought in World War II and died in a Veteran's Hospital because he believed in the US Constitution, and everyone's right to speak their mind.
My son is serving this country right now.
I don't know why you think I am in Texas. I live in Florida where they don't count votes.
I would think that the Marines would be ashamed of you. I am as an American. In fact, I know a few good Marines that would like to take you to the woodshed.
Thanks for writing and proving my point about the unrighteous right.

Who is General Failure, and why is he reading my hard disk?  Steven Wright



Disturbing News

EU slaps multi-million dollar trade sanctions on US

AFP - Tue Mar 2, 3:33 AM ET

The European Union slapped multi-million dollar trade sanctions on the United States

over illegal tax breaks given to US exporters, urging US lawmakers rapidly to repeal the measures.


U.S. Expresses Concern About Crisis in Venezuela

Reuters - Tue Mar 2, 4:12 PM ET

The White House on Tuesday urged Venezuela's electoral council to a "allow the people's voices

to be heard" in a recall movement against President Hugo Chavez.


U.S.: Mad Cow Meat Recall 4 Times Larger

AP - Tue Mar 2, 5:06 PM ET

The Agriculture Department said Tuesday its meat recall from the nation's first case of mad cow

disease was nearly four times larger than previously disclosed, but dismissed the size as irrelevant.


Bush warns US against false security

AFP - Tue Mar 2, 5:44 PM ET

US President George W. Bush warned Americans that terrorists still "desire to strike" them, as the

White House denounced a series of deadly bombings targeting Iraq's Shiite Muslims.


Recall Targets California Prosecutor

AP - Tue Mar 2, 4:00 AM ET

A new district attorney who has accused a huge lumber firm of fraud in California redwood country

could see his political career felled by a threatened recall.


"We believe at this place on Mars for some period in time, it was a habitable environment."

Have you been to lately?

It just keeps getting better and better!

Political Dish Crossword Puzzle

Never before in the history of mankind have so few naïve neo-conmen
blockheads made life even more intolerable for the 25 million poor souls who
thought they could never live more intolerably than they did under Saddam

Odd News


Sunlight reduces need for pain medication -

Sunlight may be a key prescription for easing surgical pain and saving millions of dollars in hospital pharmacy costs, according to a study out Wednesday.

Volvo Reveals Car Designed by Women

AP - Tue Mar 2, 3:17 PM ET

More than a year ago, Volvo Car Corp. gave women employees a special project: design the car they would like to drive


Internet fuelling online drug trafficking from Asia: UN


Online trafficking in restricted drugs like Valium and diet pills is flourishing on the Internet and Thailand, India and Pakistan are main centres for the illegal trade, the United Nations said.


Looking for new digs? California town goes up for sale on Internet

AFP - Wed Mar 3, 3:40 AM ET

Potential bidders were flocking to an Internet auction house for the chance to buy a property -- an entire California town, in fact, that could be theirs for just 600,000 dollars.

Drunken Polish nun crashes her tractor

AFP - Tue Mar 2,12:21 PM ET

A Benedictine nun could lose her driving licence after hitting a car parked outside her convent at Krzeszow in southeast Poland while drunk at the wheel of a tractor, a local police spokesman, Dariusz Waluch said.

Teacher Bets Student to Jump Out Window

AP - Tue Mar 2, 5:45 PM ET

A high school student jumped out a second-floor window to win a bet with a teacher, who has been disciplined, officials said. The teen was not injured.


"Well, five months ago, on Labor Day, President Bush took a bold step toward dealing with the hemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs during his presidency. He said he would appoint a -- quote -- 'manufacturing czar"'-- unquote. OK, so that's what passes for bold under Mr. Bush on the economy.

But what's worse is that, five months later, he still hasn't even kept that phony-baloney promise. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York notes that, since Mr. Bush made that promise, we have lost another 225,000 manufacturing jobs here in America.

Now, Mr. Bush likes to portray himself as a straight shooter. This is one more example, though, that, for Mr. Bush, the WMDs are his own whoppers of massive dimensions.

Or, as we say in Texas, Mr. President, please don't pee on my boots and tell me it's raining." -
Paul Begala on Crossfire

Good News to Counter Bush's Ad Blitz

AP - Tue Mar 2, 7:20 PM ET

A Democratic-leaning online group will run television commercials in 17 presidential battleground states starting Thursday to counter President Bush's multimillion-dollar advertising blitz that will begin the same day.


Gay Republicans turn against Bush
Seattle Times, WA - 
... who helped deliver more than a million votes for George W. Bush in ... The Bush campaign
defended the president's decision to support the constitutional amendment ...


Mars Rover Finds Signs of Ancient Water - Wed Mar 3,12:00 AM ET

NASA scientists said yesterday that the robot explorer Opportunity has discovered evidence that liquid water once soaked part of Mars for some period of time, increasing the possibility that the planet might once have supported life as it is known on Earth.


Utility to Offer High-Speed Internet

AP - Tue Mar 2, 8:38 PM ET

A division of utility Cinergy Corp. plans to offer high-speed Internet service over its power lines, letting customers connect by simply plugging a computer modem into existing electrical outlets.



Senators Try to Smoke Out Spyware - Tue Mar 2, 4:40 PM ET

Three U.S. senators are tackling the growing problem of "spyware," software programs that track what people do online, alter their Web browser settings and turn their computers into unwitting Internet advertising generators.



Patent Issued for Breakable Plane

Reuters -

Canada has issued a patent for a futuristic commercial jet design that would protect passengers in an emergency by breaking apart and letting the sections parachute gently to the ground....



hi lisa--since you're so good at finding and posting [pictures]
you may have seen this one. if not, it's a

best, jeff

p.s.: and it DOES look bloodshot--

Thanks Jeff.  I have posted this picture before...but it is definitely worth a rerun.


The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off due to budget cuts. Steven Wright