March 29-30  2003 - Weekend Edition

DOJ Shutdown Notice

"This Terrorist Site Has Been Shutdown For Making Fun of George W. Bush, God, And/Or Me."

-- Attorney General John Ashcroft

This is not funny.

Ashcroft Shuts Down "Terrorist" Parody Web Sites


Some dare call it treason
Missoula Independent, MT - Mar 27, 2003
... Radio and television pundits will crank up the volume, labeling protests unpatriotic...

TRAVEL: Planned security measures have some folks up in arms
Scott McMurren -Anchorage Daily News


...According to the American Civil Liberties Union, the CAPPS II program would collect information about individuals including financial and transactional data that could include credit card and other consumer purchase data, housing information, communications records, health records and other sources of information about us. It would also make use of public source information such as law enforcement and legal records.

War critics struggle to get public forum
By Geneive Abdo, Globe Correspondent, 3/28/2003

WASHINGTON-- This is the outlook on the war that Ben Cohen, the ice cream mogul of Ben & Jerry's, thinks Americans should be able to see on television: Actress Susan Sarandon asking, ''What did Iraq do to us?'' and Edward Peck, a former US ambassador to Iraq, replying, ''Nothing . . . Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism or Al Qaeda.''
But the major networks did not accept that ad, which was produced for Cohen's activist group, A spokesman for CNN, one of the networks that rejected the ad, said that the cable channel does not run ''advocacy ads about regions in conflict.'' The ad eventually ran on local cable stations in Washington, New York, and Los Angeles.

Today's cartoon was not created by me.  All Hat No Cattle is IN a cartoon and I thought I'd share it with you. Actually I am humbled to be in between the Onion and The cartoon/shutdown notice was found at this website Internet Weekly Report which is a smart savvy site.  My pal Bill Sterner found it.




Night of the Living Hacks


The ground begins to roll and tumble. The earth breaks open as decayed, rotten limbs break through the crumbling dirt. The dead rise from the crypts. The hacks ascend from the graves of politicians.

Joe Scarborough, Jesse Ventura, and Newt Gingrich are back. They are wearing new shoes, with new agents, enjoying the bountiful world of lifestyle journalism.    Click here


  In 1996, the House Ethics Committee said Speaker Newt Gingrich violated House rules by having close dealings with a wealthy GOP contributor who had business interests affected by congressional legislation. It was the third time in two months the panel had notified Gingrich that he'd broken the rules.

Guess who thinks questions about whether the conflict is going more slowly than planned are "silly" and not borne out by what is happening on the ground in Iraq?

Iraq Body Count

 Protest Letters To MSNBC Draw Savage Response
Washington Post, DC 

The hiring of Savage, former House majority leader Dick Armey and former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough of Florida was announced as MSNBC was in the process of canceling "Donahue" after just seven months. This has sparked criticism that the network, which has also signed former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, is pandering to the right. Donahue said last week he believes MSNBC is trying to "out-Fox Fox" by appealing to conservative viewers.

This article is a couple of weeks old but the message is stronger than ever -- there is no "liberal media".

"Much of Central America is in the coalition mostly because we already liberated them repeatedly, vigorously and covertly, and believe me, they don't want to go through one of those liberations again." óJon Stewart

Hi Lisa,
here is a picture I created . I hope you can use it on your site.
Thanks and regards,
Helen Bucknall
Sydney Australia

Thanks Helen.

"I thought we should act as their protector -- not try to get them under our heel.... But now -- why, we have got into a mess, a quagmire from which each fresh step renders the difficulty of extrication immensely greater." - Mark Twain commenting on the Philippine-American War

Sent in by Jabbick

This artwork is from an actual photo of an Iraqi child being held by her father after the recent bombing in Iraq.

Bush Speechmaker - The only way you can get W to form a coherent sentence


The Worried Shrimp presents The Sum of all our fears

The Best Unregulated Families

In spring 1999, Marvin Pierce Bush, youngest brother of George W. Bush, was a nominee for the boards of directors of two companies, both with a significant interest in security at the World Trade Center. One was HCC Insurance, formerly Houston Casualty Company, a giant holding company and major insurance carrier for the center. The other was a security company named Stratesec, one of the center's numerous security contractors.

Bush, however, did not list his directorship at Stratesec on the proxy statement for HCC, and did not list his connections with HCC on the proxy statement for Stratesec.

According to officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission and other experts, listing other directorships is required, in proxy statements, for directors and officers of public companies. click here


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