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Palin's prayer remark angers former staffers
MyFox/CNN -3-27-09
Some of Sarah Palin's former campaign aides are frustrated with the Alaska governor for remarking in a lengthy, freewheeling speech that she had refused to pray with them before last October's vice presidential debate.

Criticism over Obama invite mounts at Notre Dame
The Associated Press - ‎3-27-09
SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Jimmy Carter came to Notre Dame in 1977. So did Ronald Reagan in 1981 and George W. Bush in 2001. The University of Notre Dame has a

Steele on Limbaugh Fight: 'It Was All Strategic' (Video)
Women on the Web - ‎Mar 26, 2009‎
Michael Steele, the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee, inflamed party peers this month when he blasted


Sarah is the worst whiner ever! A real woman of God would have taken it upon herself to gather everyone around her and ask someone to lead them in prayer.  Doh!



"How many watched President Obama's news conference last night? He got a little testy there, you know. When he was asked why he waited three days to speak out against the AIG bonuses, Obama said he likes to know what he's talking about before he speaks. So, yet another reversal of the Bush policies." --Jay Leno




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Israeli Experiments


An expert panel has accused Israeli defense officials of "grave ethical failures" in testing an experimental anthrax vaccine on hundreds of Israeli soldiers.


"You can tell it's tourism season in Iraq because today an American had to duck a pair of flip-flops." --David Letterman





Disturbing News

When All Else Fails, Republicans Go After Michelle Obama


House Republicans are pressing for a change in federal law that could force Michelle Obama and future first ladies to do more of their policy work in public. But Democrats warn President Obama may take the attempt personally “as an attack on his wife.”

The GOP effort is being led by the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), whose initial salvo was rebuffed recently at a contentious committee markup session.





"People were mad that the President preempted 'American Idol.' I mean, halfway into the news conference, fans called in and tried to vote him off." --Jay Leno



Republican-Shenanigans News

Don't Bogart That Medicine


When the White House put out a call for town hall questions, it might not have been expecting this.

The more than 92,000 people who responded either have Cheech and Chong senses of humor or there is a deep concern in America — undetected by the media — about the decriminalization of marijuana, its possible use for medicinal purposes and its potential as a new source of tax revenue.




"Did you hear about this? Nickelodeon's asking all children to unplug electronic devices for one minute on Earth Day to teach the importance of respecting the environment. I think it's a great idea, unless the kids are visiting their grandmother in a nursing home. Then that one minute is pretty rough. 'SpongeBob killed Nana. What happened?'" --Jimmy Fallon

All In The Coleman Family


The former finance chief of a Texas company controlled by Nasser Kazeminy, a close friend of former Sen. Norm Coleman, said in a deposition last week that Kazeminy ordered $100,000 in fees be paid to a Minneapolis insurance agency where Coleman's wife was employed.




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Rock-The-Voter News



More Worries For Vets


Thousands of military veterans across the South are waiting to find out if they were exposed to infectious diseases by government clinics that performed colonoscopies and other procedures with equipment that wasn't properly sterilized.


And the rumor is there’s a film being made about the Monica Lewinsky affair called “Special Relationship.” The part of Hillary will be played by the beautiful actress Julianne Moore. The part of Monica will be played by Michael Moore.- Jay Leno




Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News

Rahm Emanuel Update


The right wing blogosphere erupted today over charges that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel profited greatly while doing little as a board member at government-bailout recipient Freddie Mac.

It's hardly a revelation that Emanuel was well compensated for his time at the mortgage giant; he's been fielding criticism about his tenure there since he was nominated to serve as President Obama's gatekeeper. But an article in today's Chicago Tribune  goes farther than most, painting a portrait of a laissez faire/Washington insider culture that prevailed in Freddie's board room during boom times. The article spotlights what it casts as the failure of Emanuel and other board members to question the risky ventures that brought the company to the brink of collapse.


David Letterman's Top Ten Signs You Work For a Bad Company

10. Workday begins with a pledge of loyalty to Kim Jong Il.
9. If you haven't used your sick days, they infect you with tuberculosis.
8. They claim an excellent rating from the "Better Bidness Bureau."
7. Only office perk is the free oxygen.
6. Instead of raises, everyone is given raisins.
5. CEO recently advised employees to fake their deaths and move to Costa Rica.
4. Blew $40 billion in government bailout funds on a state-of-the-art taco bar.
3. You spend a lot of time opening for Deep Purple (sorry, that's a sign you work for the band Bad
2. Corporate logo is a handcuffed executive being put in a police cruiser.
1. Company gave George W. Bush $7 million for his memoirs


George W. Bush, who was our president before Barack Obama, recently signed a deal to write a book for $7 million. And it makes sense because when you think George W. Bush, you think book. Don’t you, really?- David Letterman


All Hat No Cattle weekend commentary

Let us pray – for these people to shut up

Finally the truth has come out.

Sarah Palin says her vice-presidential candidacy was hampered by not having “anyone to pray with” in the ranks of the John McCain campaign staff. Especially when she was preparing for her less-than-stellar debate performance against Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden last fall.

And all this time, we here at AHNC mistakenly thought it was a matter of Biden being roughly four times smarter and 40 times more qualified than the helicopter huntress from Alaska.

Thank God (figuratively speaking) that we now know that Biden’s dismantling of Palin in that debate was not due to his superior intellect, experience and preparation. It was because Sarah couldn’t find anybody in the McCain camp with whom she could talk in tongues, pass around venomous snakes, go snowmobiling or practice whatever other spiritual rituals she prefers.

No one to pray with, despite the fact that there were several deeply religious people in the upper ranks of the McCain organization. Maybe all Sarah needed to do was ask around?

Yup, religion reared its head again in American politics this week – several times in fact.

With Palin blathering about prayer meetings or the lack thereof, GOP Chairman Michael Steele was not to be outdone.

In an interview with CNN, he was asked if he might run for president one day. Steele responded he would consider running if that was what God intended for him. It was unclear from the interview if Steele plans to ask Rush Limbaugh for permission or wait for a divine sign from The Great One.

Maybe Steele should first check to see if any voters want him to run. For that matter, how about finding out if any of his fellow Republican Party honchos want him to run? Only a couple of weeks ago, some of them were calling for his head, not his candidacy.

The other “Holy cow!” moment this week came after Notre Dame University invited President Barack Obama to speak at the school’s commencement ceremony. Several notable Roman Catholic clergy members and lay persons quickly announced that they would not attend the ceremony if Obama agrees to speak because he supports women’s abortion rights, birth control and expanded stem-cell research – all anathema to the Church.

Unlike fundamentalist bastions of second-rate education such as Liberty College and Bob Jones University, Notre Dame is a religious school that ALSO is an outstanding, highly-regarded academic institution. But apparently some of its supporters in the Catholic Church find it unacceptable for a U.S. President to speak to graduating students and their families if he doesn’t share the most conservative beliefs that the Church holds to be true.

Despite Notre Dame’s well-deserved reputation, it seems that some folks are having a bit of a problem reconciling theology and free speech in South Bend.

Bill Maher calls this kind of nonsense “Religilous” in his recent comedic documentary film of the same name. We could not say it better.


Bush-Prison-Torture News

I Wonder How Many Fake Products Got By Besides This One


Government investigators looking into lax screening of medical research said Thursday they easily won approval from a private review board of a fake product to be used in medical testing on human subjects.



Email Swiped From Dick Cheney’s In-Box

By MadKane
Some Republicans think Dick Cheney’s making things worse for their party. Don’t believe me? Here’s an email I managed to swipe from Cheney’s in-box:

Dear Dick Cheney, return to your cave.
The GOP’s health is quite grave,
And you’re making things worse.
Write a book or some verse
Till such time as you learn to behave.


Go-F**k-Yourself News





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