March 27  2003


The rest of the world's hot spots get hotter
Guardian, UK - 3-27-03
Indian-Pakistani relations deteriorated to a dangerous level yesterday after New Delhi blamed Islamabad for a massacre in Kashmir earlier this week. ...

India, Pakistan test missiles, worsen tensions in region
The Collegiate Times, VA - 3-27-03
NEW DELHI, India Tensions between India and Pakistan worsened Wednesday when each conducted tit-for-tat missile tests and New Delhi linked Islamabad to the ...
Under Cover of War
Mother Jones, CA - 3-27-03
... In an effort to mitigate these coming conflicts ... of otherwise opponent nations --Palestine and Israel ... sharing agreements set forth in the Israeli-Palestinian ...
Today's animation was inspired by GW Bush's quote, "I am a uniter not a divider." We should have been tipped off -- because "uniter" is not a word*.  Hence, Bush cannot be held responsible for something that does not exist.  I'm sounding more and more like Ari Fleischer.

*actually "uniter" is a word.





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Iraq War Quiz for War Journalists/Correspondents
Interpreting your score -- 9-10 Correct: Excellent. Contact United for Peace and Justice; 0-2 Correct: Failing. You have a bright future as an 'embedded' journalist.

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Iraq Body Count

If a country violates the Geneva Convention for mistreating POW's, what is the penalty for that war crime?

POW John Walker Lindh shortly after his capture by US troops in Afghanistan, in a photo violating the Geneva Conventions and seen around the world. Prosecute Bush for War Crimes!

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I guess Bush cares about the Geneva Convention as much as he does about the United Nations, vote counting and uniting - not dividing. Lord, save us from this "break all rules " warmonger. 

What gives Bush the right to break laws?

Answer: Arrogance.

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Subject: Website


Love the site, and the name of the site. I can tell my grand-kids that I was alive during the first bloodless coup in U.S. history!

Here is an interesting one I found, orders to suspend George W Bush on 9/24/72 for failing to complete a med exam. Smoking too much pot that weekend probably! click here to see order to suspend GW Bush

Michael S Hyams


Thanks for writing.   I must take issue with Bush smoking too much pot as you stated --  I believe cocaine was his  drug of choice.

Other documentation can be found on all the Bushes at

"Liberty is to the collective body what health is to every individual body. Without health, no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society.'' Thomas Jefferson

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Patriotism and privacy
Nashua 1590 Broadcaster, NH - 3-27-03
The Patriot Act contains more than one threatening but sadly necessary provisions to help the government ferret out hidden terrorists. But this one allows federal agents to review one's library checkouts or bookstore requests to see if a person has been looking into any leading areas.

The Bush administration should read the First` Amendment.  The Patriot Act has severely limited our liberties.

"I do get a perverse pleasure out of it because, after all, CNN did dump me four years ago, I thought unfairly."

-- veteran war correspondent PETER ARNETT of National Geographic
(news - web sites) Explorer, reporting for NBC from Baghdad four years after he was forced out of CNN over the "Tailwind" debacle

Funny Flash - Time to get your mind off all the "real bombing"   TIME TO BOMB SADDAM


The Worried Shrimp presents The Sum of all our fears

HATE Email


Subject: All Hat No Cattle

Dear Ameba,

Do you mean amoeba? My name is Lisa.

I ran across your web sight quite by accident. I was looking for an article about what Charlie Daniels had said concerning the tree hugging anti-war protesters. I find this sight appalling! Our country is one of the greatest and strongest. Our leaders my be knifing and deceitful at times but, that is what it takes to be "Top Dog". Every nation has its faults and you cannot please everyone all of the time. When I find a site like yours, I can only assume it is created and ran by illiterate inbreeds who besides beating each other off, have nothing better to do than to run down our troops, our President and any supporters of either group.

No where on this site have  I "run down our troops" as you state. In fact, many veterans write me thanking me for pointing out how the Bush administration has fought many veteran benefits. In fact, here is a link to my cartoon addressing Benefits for vets , read the article.  Jeb Bush opposes these same benefits for our veteran retirees in Florida. Check out I fully support our troops, many of them are my neighbors, family & friends.

Charlie Daniels is a chickenhawk.  And it's nice to know search engines have me listed.

 No one wants a war, but we are over there regardless and we need to show support for the men and women over there. If you think for one second you have an idea of the big picture of why we are over there, your IQ is comparable to a single celled ameba.

If we are over there then there must be a damned good reason other than just removing Saddam. Any inbreed can find something wrong with any situation.

You state "there must be a damned good reason other than just removing Saddam."  Maybe that reason is oil and power over Iraq for these corporate oily thugs in the White House.  And an "inbreed" has found something wrong -- George Bush found revenge and oil as the icing, while using 9-11 as his excuse to go to war.  That's despicable.

 If you or any of your supporters do not like what we are doing as a nation, then take one of many well built highways North or South and become a citizen of Canada or Mexico.

Are you saying veterans should leave this country if they are against this war? And you call me an amoeba?

 I will go as far as to buy you a one way ticket to Baghdad. Don't worry I will make arrangements for an AK-47 to be waiting for you on the other side.

And that AK-47 statement sounds like a threat on my life.  Any lawyers out there?  Ambulance chasers? Just kidding, my own lawyers have stated any threat of violence -- verbal or written is prosecutable in all 50 states.  But I always love to hear from lawyers who read my site. You may want to clarify your AK-47 threat, Mike.

I guess you have contacts in Baghdad to be greeting me with an AK-47?  Gee, I don't know anyone in Iraq.  And just what do you plan to have that greeter with the AK-47 do to me?  Try to negotiate an arms deal?

Go hide under a rock of a second rate nation who does not have the recourses or the balls to be #1. It is easier to be a follower under the shadow of a greater power. If you are American, Be American, Be proud of what this nation has accomplished and what it will accomplish. Step up to the challenge of being American. Be part of the solution, not an aggravating gnat buzzing in anyone's ear! Please go back to third grade and start you education process all over; I suggest France for you and your challenged supporters. If you want to do something productive with your web sight, why don't you list donation sights for toiletries or other property that our troops could need. Pull your head out of your ass and be part of the solution.
Michael McFadden
Lake Dallas, TX

Our brave soldiers are following orders, no matter who the president is. Which is why they are the best military in the world. They fight to uphold the US Constitution -- which includes freedom of speech, in case you forgot, not duct taped mouths as you propose.

Note to viewers: I have decided to print an occasional hate mail that contain threats of violence.  My lawyer said it would make a good public record in case prosecution is necessary. Heaven forbid.