TGIF   March 26,  2004

Bush's Joke About WMD Draws Criticism
Guardian, UK - 3-26-04

...``This is a very serious issue,'' Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said Friday on ``Good Morning America'' on ABC. ``We've lost hundreds of troops, as you know, over there. Let's not be laughing about not being able to find weapons of mass destruction.'' ...

MIA WMDs--For Bush, It's a Joke
Muslim American Society, United States - 3-26-04

from the gathering ... spirited away.) But rather than acknowledge he misinformed the public, Bush jokes about the ...

Bush's Funny War
Magic City Morning Star, ME -3-26-04
... yukked it up at a campaign fundraiser, where his jokes were aimed ... a headline on CNNís web site read, "Bush pokes fun at self over missing WMD."...

It strikes me that Bush may have left that honor and dignity back at the White House when he was making those WMD jokes.


Hi Lisa,

I bet those 570+ dead soldiers were just rolling around in their caskets, laughing their heads off when the Conspirator-in-Chief told his "joke" about not finding WMDs in Iraq at the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner...At least he is consistent, whenever he speaks or acts, the American people are the punchline. Keep on branding George "Shut the Hell Up" Bush for the ass that he is.

Matt Mahoney

Thanks for writing Matt.

Military News


U.S. to Send Nearly 2,000 Marines to Afghanistan

Reuters - Fri Mar 26, 1:18 AM ET

The United States will add nearly 2,000 Marines with special operations training to the 11,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan to boost security and intensify the hunt for al Qaeda and Taliban fugitives, defense officials said on Thursday.


14 `enduring bases' set in Iraq

Chicago Tribune - Tue Mar 23, 9:40 AM ET

Long-term military presence planned...


Many Iraq-Bound GIs Buy Own Armor
CBS News - 3-26-04

AP) Soldiers headed for Iraq are still buying their own body armor - and in many cases, their families are buying it for them - despite assurances from the military that the gear will be in hand before they're in harm's way.


In Army Survey, Troops in Iraq Report Low Morale
Washington Post - 3-26-04
In addition, seven in 10 of those surveyed characterized the morale of their fellow soldiers as low or very low. The problems were ...

 People who won't laugh at George W Bush's Weapons of Mass Destruction jokes

Click here and click here and click here


 Disturbing News

Ukrainian nukes go AWOL

By Lester Haines

Posted: 25/03/2004 at 15:50 GMT

Hundreds of missiles have gone AWOL from the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, defence minister Yevhen Marchuk has admitted.

FBI Warns of Attacks on Refiners; Reaction Muted

Reuters - Thu Mar 25, 2:15 PM ET

The FBI said on Thursday it had given Texas oil refiners a new warning about possible terror attacks coinciding with U.S. elections in November, but reaction from the industry and world oil markets was muted.

Senate Passes Fetus Protection Bill

AP - 3-26-04

In a major win for social conservatives, Congress is sending to the president legislation that would expand the legal rights of the unborn by making it a separate crime to harm a fetus during an assault on a pregnant woman.

FBI's Mueller Warns of Terrorist Plots

AP - Fri Mar 26, 3:28 AM ET

The deadly train bombings in Spain and the impact they had on Spanish elections are increasing concern that terrorists might target the U.S. presidential nominating conventions and the Olympics to make an even bolder statement, FBI Director Robert Mueller says.

Bush Defends His Actions in War on Terror

AP - Thu Mar 25,10:48 PM ET

Buffeted by charges that he failed to fully grasp the terrorist threat before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, President Bush said Thursday he would have employed "every resource, every asset, every power of this government" had he known the attacks were coming.


Bush Administration Criticizes Tiffany

AP - Thu Mar 25, 9:24 PM ET

The jeweler Tiffany & Co. is publicly opposing plans for a silver and copper mine beneath a wilderness area in Montana, prompting a forceful response Thursday from the Bush administration.

It's a Lobbyists' Paradise in Washington

AP - Fri Mar 26, 4:15 AM ET

Many lobbyists have busy fund-raising calendars this spring, throwing events for congressional candidates that take in thousands of dollars and offer donors valuable face time with government policy-makers.

House Approves $2.41 Trillion Budget

AP - Fri Mar 26, 3:42 AM ET

Republicans may have a tough time forging a compromise House-Senate budget, with their highest-profile problem one they would rather not spotlight this election-year: record federal deficits.

FCC Adopts New Rules for Satellite TV

AP - Thu Mar 25, 5:57 PM ET

Satellite television providers such as DirecTV and the Dish Network will have to follow the same rules for political and children's advertising as over-the-air broadcasters and cable TV operators under regulations announced Thursday.

Daughter Barred From Pledge Hearing

Thu Mar 25,11:12 AM ET - (AP)

A California third-grader was not allowed to watch her father argue before the Supreme Court that the Pledge of Allegiance should be struck down in public schools because it contains the phrase "under God."

Study: Birds Disappearing in Britain

AP - Thu Mar 25, 8:00 PM ET

Gone are the days when song thrushes and starlings flocked to bird feeders in the backyards of Britons.

David Letterman: "There's turmoil in the Middle East. There's always turmoil in the Middle East and it's having an effect here in New York City. I'll tell you what I'm talking about. I'm coming to work this morning in my cab and my cab driver receives news that he is now the new leader of Hamas."

Technology news

Boeing Unveils Pricing for In-Flight Web Access

Reuters - Thu Mar 25, 7:36 PM ET

Boeing Co. on Thursday announced pricing for its Connexion high-speed Internet service that will soon enable travelers to surf the Web or send messages to friends or co-workers while cruising at 30,000 feet.

Hewlett Packard Files Patent Suit Against Gateway

Reuters - Fri Mar 26, 1:32 AM ET

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ.N) has filed suit against Gateway Inc. (GTW.N), charging its smaller rival with violating a range of patents on notebook, desktop and data-serving computers.

New Worms Stretching Across Web

Ziff Davis - Thu Mar 25,12:24 PM ET

A pair of new worms moved in the wild on Thursday: Snapper and Mywife. Security companies rated both as low-level threats, although Mywife carries some potential for widespread mischief.



Sorry -- No A la Carte Cable - Fri Mar 26,12:00 AM ET

In the dream world of some television viewers, they would pay their cable or satellite companies only for the channels they want. Some might not pay for MTV, because they don't want their 8-year-olds watching it. Others would turn down ESPN Classic, because they've already seen the 1975 World Series. Others would eschew TeleFutura, because they don't speak Spanish.




EU Sanctions Against Microsoft Praised

AP - Fri Mar 26, 2:28 AM ET

The attorney general for the only holdout state in the U.S. antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. is praising dramatic sanctions imposed this week by European regulators against the world's largest software company.


Hi Lisa

Check out the flash game.. it is called Bush Blaster

If you like it, can you put a link to it on your site? I'd appreciate it.


Great game...brings me back to my Atari days.

Graphic by Brad


David Letterman: "Top Ten Surprises In John Kerry's FBI File:

10. Once when he was 30, he smiled.

9. He experimented with drugs, alcohol, and botox.

8. Had he decided not to go into politics, it would have been The Captain, Tennille, and Kerry.

7. Belonged to an exclusive secret society called the Columbia Record and Tape Club.

6. He used to be Joan Kerry.

5. Favorite Jackson: Tito.

4. There's a separate FBI file for his hair.

3. Never missed an episode of 'Sanford & Son.'

2. Even as a young man he looked like a horse.

1. In spring of 1972, killed a hitchhiker."

Odd News


Say hello to our new moon

AFP - Fri Mar 26, 3:56 AM ET

Earth has acquired a "quasi-moon" -- an asteroid that will encircle our planet for the next couple of years while it orbits the sun on a horseshoe-shaped path, according to a report to be published on Saturday in New Scientist.


Gus Grubba and his team of San Francisco software programmers lost their jobs to offshoring last month. Desperate for work, but finding nothing, they put themselves on the auction block Thursday.

Tiny Antigua trumps US in WTO ruling on Internet gambling

AFP - Thu Mar 25, 5:12 PM ET

The tiny Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda beat the United States at the World Trade Organization in a finding that a US ban on Internet gambling violates global trade rules, officials from both countries said.


Man Sees Face Of Jesus In Pecan Tree

 March 25, 2004

NATCHITOCHES, La. -- A Louisiana man says he's always had Jesus in his heart. Now, he says he's got Jesus in his pecan tree as well.


Waitress Applicants Videotaped Naked

Reuters - 3-26-04

At least 82 women were secretly videotaped naked or partly undressed while applying for jobs at a Los Angeles-area Hooters restaurant and changing into the chain's distinctive uniform, police said on Thursday.


Handbag Recovery Costs Woman Her License

Reuters - 3-26-04

A German woman's joy at the recovery of her missing handbag quickly turned to sorrow after she sped drunk to the police station to fetch it and had her driver's license confiscated, authorities said Thursday.

Pope Says Sundays for God, Not Sports

Reuters - 3-26-04

Pope John Paul on Friday said Sunday should be a day for God, not for secular diversions like entertainment and sports.


Exercising to Music May Make You Smarter

Reuters - Thu Mar 25,10:16 AM ET

If music makes you smarter, and exercise helps brain function, can exercising to music really boost brainpower? U.S. researchers say it can.

'Idol' Judge Simon Cowell Denies Obscene Gesture

Reuters - Thu Mar 25,10:14 AM ET

Simon Cowell, the often brutally acerbic judge on the Fox television hit "American Idol," insists it was an innocent posture, not an obscene gesture.

'Good Cop' Beats 'Bad Cop' in Interrogations

Reuters - Thu Mar 25,10:19 AM ET

"Softly softly" police interviews with crime suspects yield more confessions than inquisitorial interrogations, according to a new Swedish study.


Court Blasts Police for 'Dangerous' Arrest

Thu Mar 25,10:35 PM ET

An appeals court Thursday scolded police for encouraging a man who had been drinking and doing drugs to speed through a town so officers could pull him over and arrest his passenger for possession of cocaine.
Iceberg Off Western Greenland Painted Red

Thu Mar 25, 2:18 PM ET

An artist with 780 gallons of red paint, three fire hoses and a 20-member crew at his disposal went to Greenland in search of a blank canvas large enough to accommodate his creative impulse.




Another Whistleblower?

"We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June or July of 2001"
A former FBI translator told the 9/11 commission that the bureau had detailed information well before Sept. 11, 2001, that terrorists were likely to attack the U.S. with airplanes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
By Eric Boehlert Salon (subscription)

March 26, 2004 |

A former FBI wiretap translator with top-secret security clearance, who has been called "very credible" by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has told Salon she recently testified to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States that the FBI had detailed information prior to Sept. 11, 2001, that a terrorist attack involving airplanes was being plotted.

...Sibel Edmonds, told Salon, "We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June or July of 2001. There was that much information available." Edmonds is offended by the Bush White House claim that it lacked foreknowledge of the kind of attacks made by al-Qaida on 9/11. "Especially after reading National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice [Washington Post Op-Ed on March 22] where she said, we had no specific information whatsoever of domestic threat or that they might use airplanes. That's an outrageous lie. And documents can prove it's a lie."

Then I read this article below...not sure of the credibility because there is not any other articles verifying the claims. But interesting...

DOJ Asked FBI Translator To Change Pre 9-11 Intercepts




Good News

DeLay Must Step Aside if Indicted

AP - Thu Mar 25, 6:54 PM ET

A 1993 Republican rule would force House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to temporarily vacate his leadership position if he were indicted in a Texas criminal investigation of state election spending.
New Spain PM firm on troop pullout from Iraq in meetings with Blair, Powell

AFP - Thu Mar 25, 2:48 AM ET

Spain's incoming prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, stood firm in his first meetings with foreign leaders on a pledge to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq by June 30 unless the United Nations assumes control of the occupying forces there.

Hubble Resolution Introduced in the Senate - Thu Mar 25,10:02 PM ET

WASHINGTON -- Two key Senators called on NASA Thursday to continue preparations for a space shuttle flight to the Hubble Space Telescope while an independent panel of scientists and engineers examine options for safely carrying out the planned serving mission.



A painted iceberg, an artwork, entitled 'The Ice Cube Project,' by Chilean-born artist Marco Evaristti floats in Ilulissat Fiord, Greenland in this photo taken March 24, 2004. Evaristti used 3,000 litres of paint diluted with sea water, three fire hoses, two icebreakers and a 20-man crew to complete the task in about two hours.(HO)

I hope that red paint is biodegradable.