March 27  2003

The rest of the world's hot spots get hotter
Guardian, UK - 3-27-03
Indian-Pakistani relations deteriorated to a dangerous level yesterday after New Delhi blamed Islamabad for a massacre in Kashmir earlier this week. ...

Under Cover of War
Mother Jones, CA - 3-27-03
... In an effort to mitigate these coming conflicts ... of otherwise opponent nations --Palestine and Israel ... sharing agreements set forth in the Israeli-Palestinian ...

N. Korea cuts off talks with US officials
Miami Herald, FL - 3-27-03
... Another possible pretext for a North Korean missile test ... small island 620 miles southwest of Tokyo, will be able to spy on neighboring North Korea ...
India, Pakistan test missiles, worsen tensions in region
The Collegiate Times, VA - 3-27-03
NEW DELHI, India — Tensions between India and Pakistan worsened Wednesday wheneach conducted tit-for-tat missile tests and New Delhi linked Islamabad to the ...
Today's cartoon was inspired by George Bush's quote "I am a uniter not a divider."  We should have been tipped off since the word "uniter" isn't even a word. Hence, Bush has no responsibilty.



I just got home from covering a story. While I am waiting for my orders to be
embedded in the underbelly of the war, I picked up this freelance job
covering the Oscars Ceremony for a small paper in Milton, Florida. One of the
nominees was from this small town, so the local paper decided to give it
their all for the Oscars this year. They hired me Inner Circle for life  Bob Witkowski, my pal

"I've been sporadically following the Zip War Video Coverage on the various cable outlets. Big deal. We bomb; we wait; we bomb. Those brave embedded journalists show up at different times in their Armani camos and designer Stetson helmets and wax forth breathlessly on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. But I especially enjoy the poetry , no matter how garbled, that comes from those clowns wearing the gas-masks that make them look like mutant insects. I don't hear much because I'm laughing too hard.

And these folks really think they're the descendants of Edward R. Murrow. How delusional."


Iraq Body Count

Viewer EMAIL:

Subject: Duct Tape Flaws




No gentlemen here. Only me, a dudette.


    Just thought I would let you know so that you could let others know.  Hold a piece of duct tape up to the sun.  See the little dots of light.  That's right duct tape is not waterproof and definitely not airproof.  I surf here in California and those "in the know" know that duct tape does nothing but hide the cracks on your surfboard.  Real surfers use clear packing tape.


Michael Cornelison


Thanks for the letter Michael.  Geez, and I bought 60 cartons of duct tape!  Maybe if I double duct tape or triple duct tape? Oh, what to do?

No-one! But no-one thought it would take even this long.


Bush threatens to ban Jerry Lewis


"War continues in Iraq. They're calling it Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were going to call it Operation Iraqi Liberation until they realized that spells 'OIL.'" —Jay Leno

Funny Flash - Time to get your mind off all the "real bombing"   TIME TO BOMB SADDAM


SOMETHING TO OFFEND DAMNED EVERYBODY -- click here for funny joke 

cya with plastic waterproof tape