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Words, and now bricks thrown at lawmakers over health care vote
McClatchy Newspapers – Wed Mar 24, 6:51 pm ET
WASHINGTON — Law enforcement officials are investigating a series of threats against Democrats in the House of Representatives who backed the recent health care legislation, threats that have lawmakers on edge about potential violence against them both in Washington and back home.

Dem lawmaker takes exception with Palin 'reload' comment
The Hill (blog) - Jordan Fabian - ‎3-24-10
Reload? @SarahPalinUSA Is your choice of words inciteful or ignorant? Palin's "reload" comment came at a time when several Democratic lawmakers who voted

Fox & Friends trumpets Palin's midterm "health care hit-list"
Media Matters for America - ‎3-24-10‎
You can thank John McCain, Sarah Palin, conservatives and the Republican Party for inviting this hate into the mainstream. Not only do they NOT denounce


Conservative Christian Sarah Palin tweets to her twits to "don't retreat, reload" while Democrats lives are being threatened. And she's not being questioned by the FBI or at least by her pastor?


I see Sarah is upholding a long tradition of violent threats by Christian conservatives: Bill Clinton "better watch out if he comes down here [to North Carolina]. He'd better have a bodyguard."
-stated by Jesse Helms in 1994 regarding President Clinton's
supposed unpopularity with the North Carolina military.



"McCain also said that there will be no cooperation from Republicans for the rest of the year. So that should be good for the country." –Jimmy Kimmel

The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

"And of course, a lot of right wingers are very upset about this because they believe this health care bill will cost a lot of money. You know what I think? Just pretend it's another unnecessary war. You'll feel better about it already."
–Jay Leno

Osama bin Forgotten


Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has threatened to kill any captured Americans if the U.S. executes the alleged mastermind of Sept. 11.





Disturbing News


"Perhaps they felt like they had killed health care reform... They thought the fight was over. And that the president couldn't now succeed. I do believe that. And it is almost as if they had made the statement that they thought they had stopped the thing. And so it created a breathing space for us to regroup."- White House adviser David Axelrod, quoted by the Huffington Post, on Republicans letting down their guard after winning the Massachusetts Senate special election in January.





"President Obama signed the landmark health care reform bill into law, or as President Obama refers to it, 'The Rush Limbaugh Deportation Act.'" –Jay Leno





Rethuglicans Take Credit for ‘Home Scare Reform’

By Don Davis



Republican-Shenanigans News

Rock-The-Voter News


"I'll tell you how excited the president is. Today, he changed his slogan from 'Yes, we can,' to 'Yes, we finally did something.'" –Jay Leno



Addled Threats
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The GOP’s angry as hell.
Says McCain, Dems have “poisoned the well.”
So the rest of the year
We won’t work with them here.
And how is that diff’rent? Do tell!





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Subject: Toyota


Lisa, Love your website. Question: What do you think of Toyota and their recent problems? I own a 2004 Camry and love it and never had any problems but I still worry.



Hi Jean,

I rented a Camry once. It drove like a Cadillac.

I don't think Toyota wants to shoot itself in the gas pedal.

But to be on the safe side follow the manufacturers suggestions for repair.

I hope no one commits suicide over this which seems to be a Japanese tradition. And often an admission of guilt.




"And the Pentagon is changing Army basic training for the first time in 30 years to deal with the fact that so many new recruits are so overweight. In fact, the Army's new slogan, 'Don't ask, no seconds.'" –Jay Leno


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Preemptive Strike By The Confederates



The Georgia House has a message for President Barack Obama: we don't want prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

The chamber approved the measure by a 116-47 vote Wednesday night urging officials in Washington not to locate the terrorism suspects within Georgia borders. The measure was sponsored by Rep. Tony Sellier, a Fort Valley Republican.

There are no plans to move Guantanamo prisoners to Georgia.


"McCain also said that there will be no cooperation from Republicans for the rest of the year. What a shame to see all that cooperating end, you know? This is like the coyote announcing he's no longer cooperating with the road runner." –Jimmy Kimmel

Go-F**k-Yourself News


"After signing the health care bill, Obama hugged Nancy Pelosi, twice. He called her one of the best speakers the House has ever had. And then he called Harry Reid one of the best majority leaders the Senate has ever had. Obama is either really excited about health care or totally wasted. 'I love you. I'm serious. You're the best. You guys are the best.'" –Jimmy Fallon




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