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GOP Rolls Out Last-Ditch Efforts to Stop Health Care Bill
CBS News - Stephanie Condon - ‎3-24-10
is entitled "No Erectile Dysfunction Drugs To Sex Offenders." Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), meanwhile, introduced an amendment to erase "sweetheart" deals


Republicans On Health Care Fight: 'It's Not Over'
NPR - Don Gonyea - 3-24-10
Democrats applaud President Obama's signing Tuesday of the health care overhaul into law, but senior Republicans warn that the fight over

Death Threats Made to Stupak, Others, Their Kids

As angry opponents of health care reform smash legislators' office windows, make death threats against Bart Stupak and Louise Slaughter, and vow to send snipers to "kill the children of the members who voted yes,”


Democrats better watch their backs. Violence is in the air.



"You know, not a single Republican voted for the health care bill. They claim the U.S. government isn't qualified to be in the health care business. Hey, kept Dick Cheney alive the last 30 years. It's got to be worth something." –Jay Leno


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


"A lot of upsets over the weekend. Kansas lost to Northern Iowa. Georgetown lost to Ohio. Republicans lost to the Democrats." –Jay Leno


George Bush And His Band Of Merry Mercenaries


 Federal prosecutors are considering weapons charges against former executives at Blackwater Worldwide over allegations the private security company illegally stockpiled automatic rifles at its North Carolina headquarters



Disturbing News


"There’s a Congressman from Georgia named Paul Broun. He said, I’m not making this up, he said if Obama-care passes, that insurance card in your wallet is gonna be as worthless as the Confederate dollar after the Great War of Yankee Aggression … Is it OK now to call Republicans a bunch of crazy crackers?" –Bill Maher

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

A tea party organizer angry over Rep. Thomas Perriello’s (D-Va.) vote in favor of health care reform published what he thought was the freshman member’s home address on a blog, in case any readers “want to drop by” and provide a “personal touch” to their views.

Rather than giving out Perriello’s address however, the tea party activist mistakenly printed the home address of the congressman’s brother. Perriello’s brother and wife have four children under the age of 8...
“I was a journalism major in college, so I have every reason to believe my research is accurate.”

Here's an interesting aside to the above article: FBI investigating Perriello incident in Virginia




Thanks to Rick for the graphic!



Tea Party Bigots Seek Out Gay Black Paraplegic to Insult

By Don Davis



Republican-Shenanigans News


"Anti-health care reform protesters outside the Capitol were downright vicious. They yelled the N-word at black legislators, they yelled the F-word at gay legislators, they yelled the W-word at Latino legislators. It was like the Sesame Street of hate." –Jimmy Kimmel




Republican Trials (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Republicans constantly boo
Trial lawyers. They do it on cue.
For a party that feels
Such attorneys are heels,
The GOP sure likes to sue.



Rock-The-Voter News


Stupak Demands Finally Met: Obama Must Get Tattoo of Hyde Amendment on His Hide

By Don Davis



"Do you know who's going to be in charge of health care? The IRS No, this is true. The IRS will be in charge of enforcing the new health care laws. You thought you hated getting audited by the government? Wait until they're in charge of your prostate exam, O.K.?" –Jay Leno


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Biz-Tech News


"Bernard Madoff was assaulted back in November in a prison dispute over money. The authorities are investigating the attack and have narrowed the suspects down to 'everybody.'" –Jay Leno

Help From A Bank? There Has To Be A Catch


Bank of America is taking a major step to help some of its most troubled mortgage borrowers. The bank says it will forgive up to 30 percent of some customers' loan principal.

The bank has said Wednesday it will start forgiving principal for homeowners who owe more than 120 percent of their home's value.


Bush-Prison-Torture News


President Obama won one of the great — they’re calling it — the “great legislative victories of the last 50 years” last night. He won health care reform approval to extend coverage to millions of uninsured Americans, or as the Republicans are calling it “Armageddon.”- Jimmy Kimmel




Firebrand conservative Ann Coulter's lecture at a Canadian college was cancelled Tuesday night over fears students would riot over racist remarks she made to Muslims.

Security at the University of Ottawa scrapped the right-wing darling's talk when more than 2,000 students showed up to protest her telling a Muslim student Monday to "take a camel" as an alternative to flying.

Ann Coulter quotes



Regarding all that violence down in Mexico: can't they all just get "a-bong?"- Grant "Bus" Gerver


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The latest GM concept car, the EN-V or 'Electric Networked-Vehicle,' is shown at a launch ceremony at the Shanghai Pudong Expo in China, Wednesday, March 24, 2010. General Motors and its Chinese partner SAIC will showcase the 'Electric Networked-Vehicle' in their joint pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, which opens May 1 and runs for six months.





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