March 24   2004   Wednesday

Bush Defends Actions on al-Qaida Threat
Guardian, UK - 3-24-04
... raised in a new book by his former counterterrorism adviser, Bush denied that he ignored Osama bin Laden and the threat of the al-Qaida terror network before ...

Confusion hampered CIA to stop bin Laden before 9/11
KUSA, CO -3-24-04
... groups to attack bin Laden even though CIA Director George ... The panel said officials at all levels of the ... throughout the period leading up to 9/11," the report ...
Molly Ivins: Prize specimens of spin
Naples Daily News, FL - 3-24-04
... spend their time keeping track of George W. Bush's fibs ... attacked Iraq, which didn't have WMD, while doing ... adviser on counter-terrorism to both Clinton and Bush. .

These 9/11 hearings are really asking probing questions - yawn.

"In politics stupidity is not a handicap." Napoleon

Democrats push for Rice to testify before panel
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - 3-24-04
... Democrats on Capitol Hill continued to press the White House yesterday to allow President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, to testify before ...


White House: Bush Concerned About Gasoline Prices
Reuters, United States - 3-24-04
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush is concerned about record ... to the US oil stockpile known as the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the White House said on ...

Decision on helicopter may be delayed
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - 3-24-04
... generation Marine One -- the executive helicopter used to ferry the president and other top government officials -- pits Connecticut-based Sikorsky Aircraft ...


Subject: You are so stupid

I looked at your web site and I wanted to e-mail you and tell you what I want to do to you.You stupid looking female, but I had better judgment because if I did say what I wanted to, I would be in a lot of trouble,so what I will say is after the 2004 election you and all your stupid ignorant people will be crying with the defeat of a red commy that is a trader to me and all other Vietnam Vets. And it is going to be so sweet to see him and his stupid ugly catsup on her face wife crying in defeat.

Jim Sweet

Are you threatening me?

So, you are an American threatening another American that disagrees with you? Are you related to George Bush?

You sure aren't using the good manners you were taught in the military.

Vice President Cheney's Rush Limbaugh Interview (press release), New Zealand - 3-23-04
... Q Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network. And we continue our conversation with the Vice President, Dick Cheney. Mr. Cheney, let's go to the campaign. ...


Clarke's book shows why Bush fears truth
By Joe Conason - Working for Change, CA - 40 minutes ago

Mr. Cheney says that Mr. Clarke "wasn't in the loop, frankly, on a lot of this stuff," and suggests that he had left his job as the counterterror chief before 9/11. Yet the official White House response to his book states that Mr. Clarke "continued, in the Bush Administration, to be the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and the President's principal counterterrorism expert. He was expected to organize and attend all meetings of Principals and Deputies on terrorism. And he did." ...

"I was out of the loop."

- George H.W. Bush commenting on his involvement with the Iran-Contra scandal while he was Ronald Reagan's vice president

A repercussion of the preemptive strike war angers Americans

The Bush administration released a press release immediately stating "It's Clinton's fault."

Medicare fund may be empty in 2019, report says
Oregonian, OR - 3-24-04
Medicare Overseers Expect Costs to Soar in Coming Decades - Spartanburg Herald Journal (subscription)
Medicare system worse - - big drop in funds - San Francisco Chronicle
Medicare to Go Broke by 2019, Trustees Predict - New York Times

Tenet Tells 9/11 Panel Threat Was Taken Seriously
Washington Post - 3-24-04
... throughout the period leading up to 9/11," the report said. ... 11 attacks against New York and Washington. ... Donald H. Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell. ...

Tuesday's Testimony
Complete Transcript
Excerpts and Findings
Text | Video: Former Secretary of State Albright
Text | Video: Secretary of State Powell
Text: Former Secretary of Defense Cohen
Text: Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld

George W. Bush: The Wal-Mart Candidate

Odd News


Health fears over Chicken Tikka Masala

Tue Mar 23, 8:50 PM ET

One of the country's favourite foods could be slowly poisoning diners who love its distinctive red hue and spicy, creamy taste.


It's just plain annoying ... at the end of the day

Wed Mar 24, 7:30 AM ET

"At the end of the day" has been voted the most irritating phrase in the English language, pipping "at this moment in time", and the constant use of "like", as if it were a form of punctuation.


British multimillionaire dubbed 'lottery lout' escapes jail on drug charge

Tue Mar 23, 3:54 PM ET

LONDON (AP) - A man who won the equivalent of almost $24 million Cdn in the British lottery was spared jail on a drug conviction Tuesday, but ordered to undergo a year of treatment and testing


U.S. county bans all marriages

Reuters - Tue Mar 23, 9:36 PM ET

In a new twist in the battle over same-sex marriage roiling the United States, a county in Oregon has banned all marriages -- gay and heterosexual -- until the state decides who can and who cannot wed.


Deep-Fried Chocolate Sandwich Sells Like Hotcakes
Reuters, United States - 
... Easter will appreciate a British hotel chain's diet-busting chocolate sandwich, which boasts the added attraction of being dipped in batter and deep-fried. ...


What is wrong with this jet?

France Finds Suspected Bomb on Rail Track
Reuters, United States - 3-24-04
By Gerard Bon. PARIS (Reuters) - France's state-run SNCF railway found a suspected bomb half-buried on the main line between Paris ...

Desperately Seeking Condi: Rice Avoids 9/11 Commission
Democracy Now - 3-24-04
As the 9/11 Commission opens its second day of public hearings, one top Bush official will be noticbly absent: National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. ...


 A cast of the face of Pharaoh Ramses VI lies in its tomb March 21, 2004, after renovation works finished in Luxor. The tomb of Ramses VI, who ruled from 1156 to 1145 BC, was robbed within a 100 years of the pharaoh's death and his sarcophagus was broken into hundreds of pieces. A U.S.-funded project has gathered about 250 pieces to re-assemble much of the original sarcophagus. But the team have had to use a cast of the face because the original has been in the British Museum since 1823. (HO)