Wednesday edition - March 22, 2006



Exit from Iraq is up to 'future presidents'
Houston Chronicle, United States - 3-22-06
President Bush suggested Tuesday that the US military will not leave Iraq for years and that the decision to withdraw will be left to a successor in the White House.

Bush: Iraq pullout is years off
Detroit Free Press, United States - 3-22-06
"There's been too much dawdling while Baghdad is burning," Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan said during a trip to Iraq. In a news conference Tuesday in Baghdad, the ranking Democrat on the Senate ...

Bush invited to join Reds Opening Day
Cincinnati Enquirer, OH - 3-22-06
In 2003, former President George HW Bush got the Reds' season started with a high, arching Opening Day pitch to then-Reds shortstop Barry Larkin.


I paid $2.51 for a gallon of gas yesterday. Bush has accomplished his mission.



George Bush's calling the third anniversary of the horrifyingly expensive and bloody quagmire “the beginning of the liberation of Iraq” is kind of like saying that my wedding was the beginning of my divorce.-- Zing!




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



"There are two sides in Iraq right now fighting. The side that hates us and the side that really hates us." --David Letterman


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Bush Spin Going Down the Drain



When President Bush finished his news conference yesterday, most of the TV pundits were using words like "confident" "combative," "passionate" and, as Bob Schieffer put it, "George Bush sort of unleashed."

But some people I chatted with afterward thought it was painfully obvious that the president had done badly--even though he made about as strong as case for the war as he's ever made




Disturbing News





The Crazed Christian Defense


An Afghan man facing a possible death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity may be mentally unfit to stand trial, a state prosecutor said Wednesday...The Bush administration Tuesday issued a subdued appeal to Kabul to let Rahman practice his faith in safety. German Roman Catholic Cardinal Karl Lehmann said the trial sent an "alarming signal" about freedom of worship in Afghanistan.





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Republican Shenanigans




Still Photography Winner: News Portrait and Personality Category - Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame by David Burnett





Subject: hm...


What would Dubya define as "victory" in this war...? Who were we fighting in the first place?



Bush has been victorious, we're making him and his rich oil friends richer every time we put gas in our cars.

Who were we fighting in the first place?  Maybe the Iraqis who want their own oil.




Naughty Bush Photos


Rock-The-Voter News




Californians Suing Diebold


A group of voters sued the state and 18 counties Tuesday in a bid to prevent them from using Diebold Election Systems' electronic voting machines in California's general election.



Want to know what I think about George Bush? If he tried to throw himself on the floor, he'd miss! -- C-SPAN caller from Ohio, 3-22-06


Biz-Tech News


The Oddest Couple


Women's cable channel Lifetime Television has given a vote of confidence to "Election," a reality series pitting husband-and-wife political consultants James Carville and Mary Matalin against each other as part of a high school election



Rep. John Conyers: New Iraq Strategy Released: Blame the Media


Bush-Prison-Torture News


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George Clooney UnBlogged


Commentator Ariana Huffington apologized to readers for a blog posted on her Web site on March 13 that was attributed to actor George Clooney but was actually a compilation of his views.





Go-F*ck-Yourself News


Top Ten Reasons Dick Cheney Won’t Resign: David Letterman


10. Trying to fix up Condi Rice with his daughter.

9. Turns out when you shoot somebody, if you’re not Vice President, you gotta do time.

8. Bush leaves at two every day and then it’s margaritas and Fritos.

7. Set the Solitaire high score on his office computer.

6. Wants to see if he can help Bush get his approval rating under ten.

5. Too hard to give up vice presidential discount at DC area Sam Goody stores.

4. Wants to stay on the job until every country in the world hates us.

3. Extra-zappy White House defibrillators.

2. Undisclosed location has foosball table and whores.

1. Why quit when things are going so well?



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Odd News


A photo released by Nasa shows the Spitzer space telescope image of Messier 82, the 'Cigar galaxy,' known to host young, massive stars. The new Spitzer image reveals, for the first time, the 'smoke' surrounding those stellar fires. The false-colored view shows Messier 82, an irregular-shaped galaxy positioned on its side, as a diffuse bar of blue light. Fanning out from its top and bottom are huge red clouds of dust believed to contain a compound similar to car exhaust. (Photo by /NASA/JPL)