March 21  2003  

Missiles hit Republican Guard strongholds, presidential palace in Baghdad
Albawaba Middle East News, Jordan - 3-21-03
A senior American defense official said the attack included sea-launched cruise missiles fired at Republican Guard strongholds in Baghdad. ...
       US making contact with Republican Guard: US - ABC Online
       Three cordons of security in place, Saddam digs in - Indian Express
       Think tanks wrap-up III - United Press International
       Radio Netherlands - Chicago Tribune (subscription) 
Baghdad in flames as missiles hit city
Edinburgh Evening News, UK - 3-21-03
... struck again by the second wave of missiles launched last night. A
Republican Guard compound was also reported to have been hit. ...
US Marine Killed in Iraq Combat
Washington Post, DC - 3-21-03
... the allied force has been using pinpoint air strikes and a lightning-fast ground assault as efforts intensify to get Iraqi soldiers, even the Republican Guard ...

Today's cartoon was inspired by the irony that Bush and Saddam are both Republicans.

It can happen.

Click here for the U.S. National Debt clock and see how quickly Bush is spending our tax dollars


Medical malpractice caps dealt blow
Palm Beach Post, FL - 3-21-03
... Indicating the Senate and the governor are on a collision course regarding medical
malpractice, Jeb Bush said Thursday Florida lawmakers will not be allowed to ...

       Senate Committee Spurns Malpractice Cap - Tampa Tribune
       Senators reject medical suit limits - South Florida Sun-Sentinel
       Legislature: Senate panel rejects lawsuit caps - Naples Daily News
Florida tourism dips as Wall Street climbs
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, FL - 3-21-03
... on Thursday, Gov. Jeb Bush acknowledged that the tourism industry,
the state's largest, is being weakened by war. As a result, he ...

       Plan to raid state fund rebuked - Palm Beach Post

Northwest Florida wary of risks
Law enforcement officials acknowledge that Northwest Florida probably is not high on any terrorist's hit list. .."It looks like it's pretty much tapped out in that area," said Senior Airman Stephen Hudson, a public affairs specialist in the National Guard's St. Augustine office. "We grabbed just about everything (National Guard Units)in the Panhandle."

I live in northwest Florida  The above article Northwest Florida wary of risks scares me. It scares me that local law enforcement officials think this area is not at high risk for terrorism.

These military bases are all within 30 miles of where I live.

  1. Naval Air Station  (Cradle of Naval Aviation)

  2. Hurlburt Field - Air Force Special Operations

  3. Eglin Air Force Base - one of the world's largest Air Force Bases where the MOAB was detonated

And the law enforcement here don't think we are at risk?

My military neighbors were told this is a high risk area. 

I believe my neighbors. I wish the local cops did.

I feel better when I hear our military jets overhead.

VIEWER EMAIL from a Navy Veteran:

Subject: Pretext

As the idiot American rallies around the George W. Hitler aka President of the U.S., I hope they keep in mind that as we bomb the crap out of Iraq..... where's the Iraq weapons of mass destruction?

Yeah -- and why hasn't Saddam used them.  Maybe he is saving them for future use?
As we thrust our troops through the many kilometers of Iraq, are we confiscating and destroying these weapons of mass destruction?

Fox News will provide us with exclusive video at 5 narrated by Rita Cosby.
Keep in mind, the pretext to this war was to rid Iraq of these alleged weapons. Ousting a President of a foreign country was based on the alleged knowledge this man was manufacturing these weapons.
If no weapons are found after our invasion, do we apologize, resurrect the civilians from their graves and reinstate the President of Iraq?
If the USA were to be invaded, do you think we would use weapons of mass destruction to destroy our enemy as we did in the past with Japan?
When is Iraq going to bring out the alleged big guns the U.S. and Britain say they have? Will it be 2 days into this illegal war; or, perhaps a month into it?
I hope when this is all over, and if our government cannot prove evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that the American people will gladly hand over their President, George W. Hitler to the United Nations for war crimes. These crimes to include our military men and women who blindly go into battle because our government deprives them of access to the media.

The United Nations would have to be the ones to charge Bush with war crimes -- Ashcroft sure won't.
G. Lowe
Veteran U.S. Navy

Thanks for writing and for your service.




Here's a blog from inside Baghdad, Iraq.  Read what the Iraqi people are thinking

Sent in by Rick F.


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