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 Bush said determined to persevere in Iraq 4 years after invasion
San Diego Union Tribune, CA - 3-19-07
WASHINGTON – With Democrats pushing for an end to the Iraq war now entering its fifth year, President Bush pleaded for more patience Monday, saying success ...


Walter Reed bids delayed as conditions at hospital worsened
The Olympian, WA - 3-19-07
 WASHINGTON - An Army contract to privatize maintenance at Walter Reed Medical Center was delayed more than three years amid bureaucratic bickering and ...

Senator Insists That Bush Aides Testify Publicly
New York Times - 3-19-07

 The Democratic senator leading the inquiry into the dismissal of federal prosecutors insisted on Sunday that Karl Rove and other top aides to President Bush must testify publicly and under oath, ...


"Alberto Gonzales has gotten into trouble for firing eight U.S. attorneys for what appears to be political reasons. President Bush said today he still has confidence in Gonzales -- the same confidence he had in Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, and Michael Brown of FEMA." --Jay Leno



Alberto Gonzales' Next Job



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



 Rumsfeld was not a great defense secretary. Dick Cheney, by the way, said he was the best secretary we ever had -- continuing his streak of 40 years of getting everything absolutely wrong. - Bill Maher



Oil, Oil, Everywhere and...


Four years ago this week, the tanks rolled for what President Bush originally called, “Operation Iraqi Liberation” — O.I.L.
I kid you not.

And it was four years ago that, from the White House, George Bush, declaring war, said, “I want to talk to the Iraqi people.” That Dick Cheney didn’t tell Bush that Iraqis speak Arabic … well, never mind. I expected the President to say something like, “Our troops are coming to liberate you, so don’t shoot them.” Instead, Mr. Bush told, the Iraqis, “Do not destroy oil wells.“


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Would You Have a Beer With Bush?



LARRY KING: We have an e-mail Eva from Helsinki, Finland. "What do you think about George W. Bush as a private person. Would you like to go out and have a beer with him?"

BILL MAHER: No. Well, yes. So I could get drunk and punch him in the nose. But that's about it. As a private person. You know, yes. Because he should have been the bartender at a 19th hole at a golf club. That was his calling in life. If his name had been George Bushler, that would be what he was doing. That's what he's capable of.

Disturbing News


The Emails


More e-mails due for release Monday may shed light on whether the firing of eight US attorneys was politically motivated, in a deepening controversy that threatens US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

The content of the documents to be released by the Justice Department may play a key role in determining the fate of Gonzales, who is under pressure to resign amid reports that his firing is close.



New hot line to help wounded soldiers, families
Stars and Stripes



"The administration is still taking a lot of heat for firing eight U.S. attorneys. That shows you how unpopular this administration is -- when the people are siding with the lawyers." --Jay Leno


Republican Shenanigans




 When Mitt Romney was growing up in the 1950s the Mormons taught black people could only get into heaven as slaves. Where do you get the moderate position on that. I'm interested to know how Mitt Romney is going to spin that. - Bill Maher


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Under Clinton, FEMA was a very effect agency. Under Bush, it's not, the same thing with Walter Reed veterans -- the guy in charge of Veteran's Affairs...he's a political hack. His background is in real estate and raising money for the GOP. - Bill Maher



Biz-Tech News


We've just had the warmest winter on record. Yet more proof of a vast left-wing conspiracy.  - Grant Gerver,



George Bush doesn't know how to run a government. That's the bottom line. He's the top guy, the buck stops there. But Republicans always run on the idea government is ineffective and then as someone once said, they get elected and prove it. - Bill Maher

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With the help of a little paint, this tree appeared to be keeping an eye on traffic as cars passed by it in Dover, Ky., Friday, March 16, 2007. Photo/The Ledger Independent, Terry Prather