March 19,  2004 TGIF

'We were taken for a ride' over Iraqi WMD: Polish President
ABC Online, Australia - 3-19-04 an interview with visiting French journalists the Polish leader did. President Aleksander Kwasniewski said Poland had been mislead about the existence ...

Bush Marks War's Start
CBS News - 3-19-04
... national security adviser said Friday that President Aleksander Kwasniewski told Mr. Bush that Polish troops would ... said Thursday he was "mislead" about Iraq's ...

Arab journalists walk out of Powell news conference to protest ...
Boston Herald, MA - 3-19-04
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Arab journalists on Friday walked out of a news conference held by US Secretary of State Colin Powell to protest the shooting deaths of two ...

Another coalition partner realizes they were lied to...Bush's cracks are widening.

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Net virus can strike unseen
Calgary Herald, Canada - 3-19-04
Just looking at your e-mail can now deliver you the nastiest of new viruses. Five new variants of a malicious e-mail virus released ...

"Do you like the March Madness? Here's how it works: First you start out with 65, and then one by one, people are sent home until there's only one left, no, I'm sorry, that's our coalition in Iraq." —Jay Leno

Scalia did not have improper relations
Bennington Banner, VT - 3-19-04
... The group said that because Scalia has a personal relationship with Cheney, indicated by a hunting trip the two were on together, then the justice cannot be ...

“We had him[Osama bin Laden] in our grasp more than two years ago at Tora Bora but George Bush held U.S. forces back and instead, called on Afghan warlords with no loyalty to our cause to finish the job.” John Kerry 2-27-04 at UCLA click here for full transcript

por·nog·ra·phy   n.

  1. Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
  2. The presentation or production of this material.

    3.  Lurid or sensational material: “Recent novels about the Holocaust have kept Hitler well offstage [so as] to avoid the... pornography of the era” (Morris Dickstein).

Mission Still Unaccomplished

You Ain’t A Cowboy

Great song!  It sort of sounds like a mix between rap and country.


Subject: PayPal Problems

Just to let you guys know. I've had problems using PayPal for the last 13 months (since moving) .... not just at ya'lls site but others as well.
Seems PayPal's program has some bugs that will not let an address change kick in.
Result is that anyone I try to do business with that uses PayPal .... it generally becomes so much hassle that I just give up and move on.
You guys are different and I'd like to make a donation and will, via snail mail; but I want to tell ya'll about the PayPal deal so maybe you could have another online alternate.
Your site is BEAUTIFUL !!! One of the high point reads of my day.
Keep up the good work .. it's very much appreciated!


Thanks for letting me know Mike.
I had no idea.
I think I will put up an alternative way of paying and give people a choice. asap
Thanks again.

I am thrilled you like my site. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it!


Today in History -  March 19

0721 -BC- 1st recorded lunar eclipse; Location, Babylon

1571 Spanish troops occupy Manila

1748 English Naturalization Act passes granting Jews right to colonize US

1822 Boston MA incorporated as a city

1915 Pluto photographed for 1st time (although unknown at the time)

1918 S Potter becomes 1st US pilot to shoot down a German seaplane

1920 US Senate rejects Treaty of Versailles for 2nd time refusing to ratify League of Nations' covenant (maintaining isolation policy)

1927 Bloody battles between communists & Nazis in Berlin

1928 "Amos & Andy" debuts on radio (NBC Blue Network-WMAQ Chicago)

1931 Nevada legalizes gambling

1940 Failed British air raid on German base at Sylt

1942 FDR orders men between 45 & 64 to register for non military duty

1943 Airship Canadian Star torpedoed & sinks
1945 800 killed as Kamikaze attacked USS Franklin off Japan

1954 1st color telecast of a prize fight, Giardello vs Troy in Madison Square Garden, New York NY

1967 French Somaliland (Djibouti) votes to continue association with France

1969 British invade Anguilla

1973 Dean tells Nixon, "There is a cancer growing on the Presidency"

1979 House of Representatives begins live TV broadcasts via C-SPAN

1984 Mobil oil tanker spills 200,000 gallons into Columbia River

1995 5 die by poison gas in Japanese subway

1996 Sarajevo became a united city again after four years when Moslem-Croat authorities took control of the last district held by Serbs.

2003 George W. Bush instructs the U.S. military to perform a preemptive strike on Iraq
Click here for one year ago on All Hat No Cattle



Disturbing News


Taiwan president shot
Reuters, UK - 3-19-04
... Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian has been shot in the stomach while campaigning on the eve of presidential elections, but is not in critical condition, his ...


CORRECTED - CORRECTED-GLOBAL MARKETS-Taiwan dollar knocked after ...  - Forbes

SINGAPORE, March 19 (Reuters) - The shooting of Taiwan's president on the eve of an election on Friday knocked the Taiwan dollar, while the U.S dollar looked shaky as traders bet Japanese intervention was being wound down.


Bushmeat Sparks Fears of New AIDS-Type Virus

Reuters - Fri Mar 19, 4:56 AM ET

People in central Africa who hunt monkeys and apes for food and trade are being infected with animal viruses and researchers fear their transmission could spark a future epidemic similar to AIDS.


Evangelicals Flock Into Iraq on a Mission of Faith

Los Angeles Times - Thu Mar 18, 7:55 AM ET

Christian missionaries hope to save souls, but risk losing their lives and weakening stability.


Bush marks first anniversary of Iraq war, MA - 3-19-04
... One year after ordering the first military strikes against Iraq, President Bush marks the anniversary with ... Bush's speech Friday in the East Room of the ...


Germany Sending 600 Troops to Kosovo After Clashes
Reuters, United States - 3-19-04
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany is send 600 additional troops to Kosovo as part of a NATO effort to quell an outbreak of violence there, Defense Minister Peter ...


Troops in Hawaii Headed to Afghanistan

AP - Fri Mar 19, 4:06 AM ET

Military leaders, politicians and family members were on hand to see off 5,000 soldiers for a year in Afghanistan, the largest single troop movement in the history of the Hawaii-based Army's 25th Infantry Division


Report Criticizes Army Corps of Engineers

AP - Thu Mar 18, 7:15 PM ET

A new report says an irrigation effort in Arkansas and a flood-control pump in Mississippi are among 29 wasteful projects of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Study: Many Species at Risk of Extinction

AP - Thu Mar 18, 9:50 PM ET

A steep decline in birds, butterflies and native plants in Britain supports the theory that humans are pushing the natural world into the Earth's sixth big extinction event and the future may see more and more animal species disappearing.


Plague of Locusts Swarms Outback Towns

AP - Wed Mar 17,11:03 AM ET

Locusts have swarmed through the Australian Outback, devastating crops just as farmers had begun recovering from a two-year drought.


Sex, alcohol and motorbikes killing hundreds of tourists in Thailand

AFP - Wed Mar 17,11:16 PM


"President Bush is so upset at Spain, he said today he's threatened to close down the border between Spain and the U.S."  - Jay Leno

Iraq: One Year Later
Center For American Progress, United States - 3-19-04
... Fellow Lawrence J. Korb analyzes the lack of planning for the military's role in post-war Iraq and its ... It's the one year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq ...

Odd News

Crowd Storms Restaurant Over Alcohol

Reuters - 3-19-04

Some 100 Bahraini Islamists shouting "God is Greatest" stormed a French restaurant serving alcohol in the pro-Western Gulf Arab state and threatened diners with knives, witnesses said on Thursday.


Young Man Marries Own Grandmother

Reuters - 3-19-04

A 25-year-old Indian man has married his 80-year-old grandmother because he wanted to take care of her.


Trump Seeks to Trademark 'You're Fired!'

Reuters - 3-19-04

The U.S. fast food firm Wendy's asked diners "Where's the beef?," and Nike commanded sports nuts to "Just do it." Now Donald Trump is seeking to trademark another pithy phrase: "You're fired!"


Workers Suing Over Man in See-Through Shorts

Reuters - 3-19-04

Former employees of Whole Foods Market have sued the natural foods supermarket operator, saying it did not take proper action to prevent a male customer from parading through a Santa Fe store wearing white, see-through biking shorts with no underwear.

Muslim Veil Could Cut Cancer Risk?

Reuters - 3-19-04

Veiled women are protecting more than their modesty -- they are also less prone to nose and throat cancers because their veils screen out viruses, a Canadian doctor was quoted Friday as saying.

Liquid Cocaine in Fruit Juice Shipment

Reuters - 3-19-04

A Florida warehouse employee noticed the can of orange juice didn't quite smell right but took a sip anyway.


Old Dogs Get Their Own Senior Center

Thu Mar 18, 4:59 PM ET

There's now a playground for old dogs with a little less wiggle in their wag. Mature pooches uninterested in learning new tricks now have their own hangout, a gerontologic dog park, to socialize.


Couple Arrested After 'Passion' Debate

Thu Mar 18, 2:43 PM ET

A couple who got into a dispute over a theological point after watching "The Passion of the Christ" were arrested after the argument turned violent.


NASA hears words not yet spoken

AFP - Thu Mar 18, 9:09 AM ET

NASA has developed a computer program that comes close to reading thoughts not yet spoken, by analyzing nerve commands to the throat.


Republican Shenanigans

Official: No Food Safety Changes Needed

AP - Thu Mar 18, 8:23 PM ET

…Rather than require companies to report possible contamination to USDA, the department decided to train inspectors more thoroughly, Murano said….



” College Republicans today, John Kerry has called them the most crooked bunch of liars on campus."- Republican Party Chairman Ed Gillespie click here for full article


Kerry never said that!  Ed Gillespie is the liar.  Kerry was right.



"The St. Patrick's Day Parade was held on Fifth Avenue and once again gay groups were not allowed to march. Conservatives said, 'We're sorry, but painting your face green and vomiting on Fifth Avenue is a sacred institution.'" —Conan O'Brien





Subject: The Waxman Reports


Dear Lisa,
Im new to the site but have been reading
it faithfully each day. "Kerry On"!
My question is simply this???? Maybe you should post
the most recent "Waxman Reports" How do the Republicans debate such detailed documents prepared
by there U.S. Representatives????


Dear Betts,
Welcome to AHNC. Thank you for writing.
That is a very good idea. Have Website Will Post.
I can hear the republicans responding to the Waxman report:


Take care and here is the Waxman Report link (it's a pdf file)
Click here for the Waxman Report



Assorted News


Experts Want Warning Network for Internet

AP - Thu Mar 18, 8:33 PM ET

Computer security experts urged the Bush administration Thursday to set up a national early warning network and crisis center to monitor and respond to significant Internet attacks, suggestions aimed at staving off new federal regulations affecting the technology industry.


Abbott Sued in Calif. Over AIDS Drug Statements

Reuters - Thu Mar 18, 8:24 PM ET

The nation's largest AIDS organization sued Abbott Laboratories Inc. for a second time over a price increase in a key AIDS drug, saying the company made false statements to justify the higher prices, the group said on Thursday.

Report: Spam Causing Web Users To Abandon E-Mail

TechWeb - Thu Mar 18, 2:00 PM ET

A study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project says 29% of E-mail users have cut down on its use because of spam.


Astronauts Try to Save Hubble Telescope

AP - Thu Mar 18, 8:04 PM ET

They risked their lives for the Hubble Space Telescope and did so gladly. Now, many of the astronauts who worked on Hubble hundreds of miles above Earth are dismayed, bewildered or both by NASA's decision to pull the plug on the mighty observatory


Bush Meets Families of Fallen
Washington Post, DC 3-19-04

…After his speech, the president and Laura Bush lunched with a much smaller group of soldiers. On the menu was steak, lobster tails, prime rib and rainbow trout. The president took a heaping tray of fried shrimp, corn, potato with cheese and even some broccoli -- not a favorite Bush family vegetable. When asked about the Polish president's remarks, Bush brushed off the question by shaking his head and saying, "I'm here to eat dinner."…



"In a speech yesterday at the Reagan Library, Dick Cheney said John Kerry doesn't have the judgment to be president. And believe me Cheney has seen first hand what happens when a guy doesn't have the judgment to be president." -Jay Leno





Big space rock misses hitting Earth
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 3-19-04
A 100-foot-wide space rock hurtled past Earth only 26,500 miles away Thursday, the closest asteroid ever detected by astronomers before it actually made its ...


Senators Call for Medicare Cost Probe

AP - Thu Mar 18, 8:38 PM ET

Eighteen Democratic senators asked the General Accounting Office on Thursday to investigate the Bush administration for keeping estimates of the cost of Medicare legislation from Congress.




Hi, Lisa:

This Flash animation is excellent. Thought you would
like to check it out, if you haven't already.



Hi Nick,  Good to hear from you.  Thanks for the link. Canadians are truly Compassionate Conservationists!




The reason for this email is to get your regular mailing address for my 87 year old friend Millie. She doesn't have a computer and would like to write to you. Millie is still very active mentally/physically and her political philosophy is the same as ours.

Here is her most recent letter to the local paper .


In an article in the Northwestern of February 26,2004, it stated references to some male sport coaches describing women as crybabies, and inferior to men. - NOT TRUE! MM



Millie Meisel

Women would make great philosophers.
The key to philosophy resides in women, and the female world.
She is the giver of life' and the root of human existence.
Nature is woman oriented, and survival depends on her.
She inspires, nourishes, and fulfills.
She is mind, body, sex, heart, soul and emotion-all in one.
She does not exist only to reproduce humans.
She shapes the transformation of the species.
Responsibility and survival depend on her.
The sense of unity remains with the mother connection.
Therefore I think the true woman is the most ancient, and the most modern.
She is cosmic oneness and mystical dimension.
She is creation, and even the myths are not always myths.



Dear Doc, Thanks so much for sending Millie's letter. Now all we have to do is convince the compassionate conservative misogynists.

Isn’t That Special?

(She just couldn’t remain Kwiat…)

As intelligence shit hits his fans
They should know where their president stands:
He didn’t ignore
George Tenet on “war;”
It’s just that he had “Special Plans!”

Get the Story

The Limerick Savant

Dedicated to no-nonsense nonsense

Tommy Shaughnessy's Confession

 Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose woman.
 The priest asks, "Is that you, little Tommy Shaughnessy?"
 "Yes, Father, it is."
 "And who was the woman you were with?"
 "Sure and I can't be tellin' you, Father. I don't want to ruin her reputation."
 "Well, Tommy, I'm sure to find out sooner or later, so you may as well tell me now. Was it Brenda O'Malley?"
 "I cannot say."
 "Was it Patricia Kelly?"
 "I'll never tell."
 "Was it Liz Shannon?"
 "I'm sorry, but I'll not name her."
 "Was it Cathy Morgan?"
 "My lips are sealed."
 "Was it Fiona McDonald, then?"
 "Please, Father, I cannot tell you."
 The priest sighs in frustration. "You're a steadfast lad, Tommy Shaughnessy,  and I admire that. But you've sinned, and you must atone. You cannot attend church for three months. Be off with you now."
 Tommy walks back to his pew. His friend Sean slides over and whispers,  "What'd you get?"
 "Three month's vacation and five good leads," says Tommy.



A new futuristic vessel 'Himiko' speeds in front of a backdrop of Tokyo's skyscrapers during a press preview March 19, 2004. The 114-ton silver metallic water-bus was designed by popular cartoon artist Leiji Matsumoto, with hopes to appeal to the younger generation, and is to start service in the Japanese capital on March 26. (HO)