US war signal divides world
BBC - 7:35 am cst - 3-18-03
Countries seeking a peaceful outcome to the Iraq crisis have condemned Washington's final ultimatum to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, questioning the legality of starting a war.
Poll: Americans Support for Bush, War Grows Washington Post
Gambler Bush defies the world Sydney Morning Herald
CBS News - Palm Beach Post - Albawaba Middle East News - Deutsche Welle -

Sorry the cartoon today isn't funny -- but that was my intent as we are on the brink of starting an unprovoked war. I was inspired by a poll I saw.  The poll said almost 50% of Americans think Saddam Hussein was involved with the 9-11 attack.  The blarney this administration has fed to the media has worked.

Bush faces peace pretzel flood

George W Bush after pretzel incident
George W Bush could face an avalanche

of salty snacks

After the diplomatic friction between France and the US over war in Iraq, food is fast becoming the new theatre of transatlantic tension.
First a number of US restaurants renamed "French fries" as "Freedom fries".

Now a French anti-war website has launched a campaign to bombard the White House with pretzels - the snack which caused George W Bush an injury in January 2001.

The site,, asks people to donate seven euros, of which six will be spent on buying and despatching pretzels to Washington, and one given to a children's charity, the Global Movement for Children. CLICK HERE

  Quotes from Jesus  

  George Bush's Favorite Political Philosopher 

“Violence is forbidden for those who wish to follow me.” “Be compassionate to these least.” “Forgive 70 times seven.” “Love your enemies and feed them if they are hungry.” “Thou shall not kill anybody — friend, neighbour or enemy, for violence is counter-productive to my mission.” Prayerfully read Matthew 25: 31-46, the Last Judgment passage, where the blueprint for living the godly life is so clearly laid out. It is not how religious you were, nor how often you prayed, nor even how often you went to church that will judge you, but whether you were merciful or not “to the least of these.”

Then Jesus might say to George W. Bush and others who claim to be followers of Jesus: “And right now, your final judgment test is going to be how you treat my beloved Iraqi children.”

When I heard George Bush say that Jesus was his favorite political philosopher I knew he was lying. Proof above.

And who in America believed that George Bush choked on a pretzel?  Not me.

"I'm saddened, saddened that this president failed so miserably at diplomacy that we're now forced to war, saddened that we have to give up one life because this president couldn't create the kind of diplomatic effort that was so critical for our country." - Tom Daschle

subject: Charlie Daniels

Thanks for the article on Chickenhawk, Charlie Daniels. I am sure this man must sleep well at night, knowing he caused a woman to lose her job.
What I would like to know, is what excuse he used to get out of Vietnam. They all have some ridiculous reason, like Rush Limbaugh, and his anal cysts...and on and on and on!
Can you please tell me what he got out for?? It is important to me, since my brother went to Vietnam....was there two months and died, for the likes of his fatass!!! He and Cheney and Bush and Limbaugh, Delay, Lott...Geez, the list never ends!

My brother came home in a body bag on Mothers day in 1968...Old, Charlie was likely smoking a joint and singing his meaningless songs!

Shirley, I couldn't find a military record on Charlie Daniels on his website or the google I did on him. If he served in the military, his website would have mentioned it. Nor could I find any deferment info on him.

When I visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington last spring I was struck how respectful and eerily quiet the crowds were. Tears flowed easily.  Seeing that black marble scar the earth with almost 60,000 names engraved (many who I knew) always takes my breath away.

Thank you for writing. Thank you to your brother.


With War Imminent, Veterans Are Angry

Many veterans who fought in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf War are furious that the Bush administration is hell bent on destroying the hard work of peacemaking in its bullheaded stumbling to war in Iraq. About to take their message to the streets of Washington, read what they are saying.
By Jan Barry
As our troops mass on the borders of Iraq, the United States government should listen to Americans who have been to war and learned hard lessons from military campaigns. Hundreds of outraged veterans have sent comments to the web site of Veterans Against Iraq War ( ) that is circulating a statement to Congress and President Bush signed by veterans and military family members. This statement is to be delivered in a march on Washington this coming Sunday, March 23. CLICK HERE

"Our last hope may be a liberal with a gun."  BARTCOP describing Bob Witkowski ATWITSEND.ORG

Both sites are always worth a visit.

NC farmer drives tractor into pond near Washington Monument
Wilmington Morning Star, NC - 3-18-03
A standoff between police and a man who drove a tractor into a pond between the
Washington Monument and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial continued Tuesday ...


Audit? What audit?
What happened to $517 million? Why didn't Jeb tell us sooner?

March 18, 2003

State Senate Democratic Leader Ron Klein wants a committee formed to find out why Florida's employee pension fund owes the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services $517 million. It's a good question — one suppressed by outgoing HHS Inspector General Janet Rehnquist before the 2002 gubernatorial election. According to a report available last week, a top aide to Gov. Jeb Bush asked her to sit on the draft audit until after the election, in which Bush was seeking re-election CLICK HERE