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Obama wants to block millions in AIG bonuses
Chicago Sun-Times - ‎3-17-09
WASHINGTON -- In his short time in office, true bipartisanship has eluded President Obama. Now, because Obama waited to use his considerable bully pulpit ...


Gibbs: Cheney is 2d to Limbaugh
Philadelphia Inquirer - 3-17-09
WASHINGTON - Former Vice President Dick Cheney is the second-most-popular member of the "Republican cabal," behind only talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday

Barack Obama to sit down with Jay Leno on NBC's 'Tonight Show'
New York Daily News - 3-17-09
President Obama last visited Jay Leno on the 'Tonight Show' in 2007, during the early stages of his campaign


"Hey, Obama is being criticized for trying to solve too many problems at the same time. I'll tell you one thing. This never would have happened if Bush were still president. We wouldn't even be having this conversation." -- Jimmy Fallon





Obama to meet Irish leaders, emphasize peace AP


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

Rocket Man Visits The Dragon


China expressed concern Tuesday over tensions on the Korean peninsula, as North Korea's premier arrived in Beijing ahead of his country's plans to launch a rocket next month.



"Despite soaring unemployment, and record foreclosures, Wall Street rallied this week when the chairman of S**ttyBank said the bank does not need additional government support. Wow! The largest bank in the world can scrape enough money together to pay its bills for the month." -- Bill Maher


See more of Clay Bennett's cartoons http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/cartoons/



"President Obama campaigned against it all across the country," ... "And now, he is making some choices that in my mind will, in fact, raise the risk to the American people of another attack"- The Dick Cheney



Disturbing News


Here's an interesting AIG advertisement I found from 2004




GOPer Promotes Hari Kari


Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley suggested on Monday that AIG executives should take a Japanese approach toward accepting responsibility for the collapse of the insurance giant by resigning or killing themselves.



Afghan Defection


When Afghanistan's hit singing contest "Afghan Star" holds its finale this week, one popular veteran of the TV series won't be there: the show's longtime host.

"Afghan Star," an American Idol-style singing contest, sent host Daoud Sediqi to Utah's Sundance Film Festival in January, where the affable Afghan watched a film in which he starred collect two prizes, including the audience prize for world documentary.

Sediqi never returned.



Republican-Shenanigans News

GOP Catfight!!!



Criticizing a woman’s weight is one of the “last frontiers” of socially-acceptable prejudice, says Meghan McCain, the daughter of Senator John McCain.

Ms. McCain, who calls herself a progressive Republican, was responding to remarks by conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.




Cat Fight Update:

Ingraham to Meghan McCain: You’re a ‘useful idiot’  CNN Political Ticker





Go Away Already, Bushie Spinmeisters!
By Madeleine Begun Kane


Blame Barack when the stock market drops.
When it rises say Bush deserves props.
That’s Perino’s approach.
(Bush deserves no reproach.)
Yes, at double talk Dana is tops.


According to CNN, the recession is bringing new terms to the public’s vocabulary. Actually, I think all seven words were previously identified by George Carlin.- Laugh Lines

Rock-The-Voter News





"So, Bristol Palin is now a single mother, or, as the press calls her, the Uno-Mom." -- Jay Leno

Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News


I was a derivatives trader at AIG. Now I sell snake oil. - Grant "Bud" Gerver




China's Luck


Exxon Mobil Chemical Co., one of the world's biggest petrochemical companies, said Tuesday it plans to build a technology center in Shanghai to support its business in the region.


"According to the New York Times, President Barack Obama plans to nominate Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, a former New York City health commissioner to be the new head of the Food and Drug Administration. See, I think this is a chance for President Obama to step across party lines. You know who he should nominate for this job? Rush Limbaugh. No, no, think about it. Who has had more experience with food and drugs than Rush Limbaugh?" --Jay Leno




Bush-Prison-Torture News


"In a speech Tuesday, President Obama outlined new education goals that proposed longer school days and longer school years. 'That's a brilliant idea,' said Katherine, the fifth grader nobody likes." -- Seth Meyers



David Letterman's Top Ten Ways the GOP Can Become More Hip

10. Change mascot from an elephant to a can of Mountain Dew.
9. Buy one of them computers all the kids are using.
8. Appoint Michael Phelps chairman in charge of chillaxing.
7. They should totally start a band.
6. Change Rush Limbaugh's name to Spongerush Fatpants.
5. Add highlights to combovers and hairpieces.
4. Four words: Lil Wayne for Senator.
3. Bring back this guy. [on screen: video of George Bush dancing]
2. How 'bout stealing and ordering hits like when Nixon ran things.
1. Fewer reactionary old white guys




Go-F**k-Yourself News





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