TGIF/Weekend edition - March 17-19, 2006


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Who were those guys?
Biloxi Sun Herald,  USA - 3-17-06
But one part of the preparation for the President's arrival involved two government agents posing as journalists.... He said the men told him they were with Fox News out of Houston, Texas, and were on a "scouting mission" for a story on new construction. ...


Mars Hill student cleared of threatening Bush
WWAY NewsChannel 3, NC -  3-17-06
MARS HILL, NC The Secret Service says a Mars Hill College student didn't threaten President Bush by posting violent song lyrics about him on a Web site. ...

Congress raises debt limit
Seattle Times - 3-17-06
Congress raised the limit on the government's credit card to nearly $9 trillion Thursday, and lawmakers immediately went on a charge-it spree.

Agents posing as journalists? Well, that explains FOXNews!

"But if he invaded the wrong country, what makes us think he's going to wiretap the right people?"Gloria Steinem on George W Bush

The War on Terror is a War on Windmills. -- Grant Gerver


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


All Isn't Fair In Love and War


Reports of sexual assaults in the military increased by nearly 40 percent last year, the Pentagon announced Thursday, saying the increase was at least partly due to a new program that encourages victims to come forward.



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Looks like I picked the wrong presidency to quit drinking. -- Grant Gerver


Disturbing News





GOP Sex Scare Tactics


A Republican sheriff is criticizing GOP political tactics for upsetting some Snohomish County residents.

At issue are automated phone calls, placed to about 10,000 homes, that told residents a dangerous unidentified sex offender "has been released into your community."

The calls were generated by the Olympia-based Speaker's Roundtable, a political action group tied to Republicans in the state House.


Republican Shenanigans




Chris Matthew's Reaction to Sen Frist's Insider Trading Scandal


MCAULIFFE: Yes, a year ago everybody would have had a W on. This is why two-thirds of Americans have given up on Bush. They‘ve given up on the war in Iraq, and they want to change. And doing Bill Frist, who is involved in an insider trading scandal up here in Washington. You‘re talking about change?

MATTHEWS: What‘s that insider trading scandal?

MCAULIFFE: Oh, his stock sales. Saying that he didn‘t know anything was going on with his stock when it was blind to everybody but him. It was blind to the American public.

The Reverend Al Sharpton joins us.



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Rock-The-Voter News




Cat Scratched


Rocker Ted Nugent is angry with the band Green Day because they laughed off his offer to collaborate with them...Green Day's latest album 'American Idiot' is critical of US president George W. Bush and his administration while Nuget is a strong Republican.



Good News

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Bush Legacy List


Abu Ghraib
Abramoff, Jack
Afghanistan - Where's Osama?
Al-Qaeda - No credible link between 9/11 al-Qaeda attacks and Iraq
Attitude - Ignorance and Arrogance
Bin Laden, Osama
Brownie - You're doing a heckuvva job.
Bolton, John - Nobel Peace Prize nomination for a world-class thug
Budget - Education cuts; inability to stay within budget (see Deficit)
Chalabi, Ahmed
Cheney -18% approval rating. See Halliburton
Chertoff (see Katrina)
Constitution - a document to be ignored
Death Toll - Iraq, Afghanistan
Deception - WMDs
Deficit - Has sparked bipartisan protest
Education - No child left behind
Energy - Back tracking on alternative forms of energy
Environment - Clear Skies, Kyoto back out
Ethics - Scandals
Faulty Premise - the case for WMDs
Filibuster - Might as well not have the option
Fleischer, Ari - See lies and lying liars
Freedom - See deception
Government Spending
Gajillion - New number used to describe our debt
Gonzales, Alberto - A sad excuse for Attorney General
Genocide in Darfur - We can't spare the troops for a legitimate cause
Global Warming
Halliburton - No bid contracts
Health Care - Don't get sick
Homeland Security
Honesty - Yes, can we have some please?
Hussein, Saddam - Friend, then enemy of Rummy
International Relations
Impeach ?
Justice Alito
Justice Roberts
Kickbacks - See Abramoff, Jack
"Mission Accomplished"
McClellan, Scotty
Medicare Part D - AKA The prescription drug plan
No Child Left Behind - AKA dumbing down of the masses
National Security Administration - See behind you
Novak, Robert
Oil - Apparently we're addicted to it
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Patriot Act
Petroleum Profits
Phosphorus, White - See WMD
Quagmire - Iraq
Questions but no answers
The Qur'an - Flushed down the toilet and pissed on by US soldiers
Rumsfeld, Donald
Reserves, AKA IED fodder in Iraq
Reserves, Alaskan Oil
Roe v. Wade - We hardly knew ye
SCOTUS, stacked and going down the tubes
Security of the ports in jeopardy
Saud, House of - AKA Bush Buddies (remember 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis)
Stem Cell research stymied
Tenet, George
Terror, War on - See Quagmire, political subterfuge
UN Commission on Human Rights - Not supported by the US
Vegetable - See Terri Schiavo
Vietnam, Overcoming the Syndrome - See Iraq
War - Claims we're at war, but there's been no act of congress
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Whittington, Harry - Shot in face and apologizes to Cheney
Women's Rights
Xmas, The "war" on
Yellow-cake Uranium lies - AKA Yellowcake Forgery
Yale - Continues to devalue the currency of other Yale students
Yellow-bellied draft-dodgers - Sending other people's kids to war?
Zacharias Moussawi
Zig-zag - See rationales for war






"Tough day for the Bush administration. A guy named Claude Allen has been arrested and charged in Maryland with swindling Target and some other department stores out of refunds. He allegedly made off without about $5000 or so which is officially the smallest amount of money ever stolen by a Republican." --Jimmy Kimmel




Biz-Tech News





Bush breaks a law and then he gets his Republican majority in Congress to change the law so he hasn't broken it." – Gloria Steinem



Bush-Prison-Torture News





Subject: It's not Bush's fault!

It's the liberals. It's the ACLU. It's Clinton. It's Monica. It's the climate of permissiveness." It's France. It's the liberal media. It's Clinton's p*nis. It's Hillary. It's Gov. Dean. We never could have known they'd fly planes into buildings. "No actionable intelligence." They didn't tell us to do anything. O'Neill's lying. Clarke's lying. General Shinseki's lying. The Union of Concerned Scientists is lying. Our own weapons inspector David Kay's lying. Wilson's lying. John Dean's lying. Newsweek lied! CBS lied! Everyone's lying but us. We had to lie. We never lied.

Plame outed herself. Her husband outed her. The liberals outed her. No one outed her, since everyone already knew her covert identity. Rove had nothing to do with it. No comment. Lib'ral, lib'ral, lib'ral.

It's the libs trying to pull Schiavo's feeding tube. It doesn't matter that DeLay pulled his own dad's feeding tube. "Culture of life." It's Janet Jackson's boobs; it's the Statue of Justice's boobs. Reading the news might cloud my judgment. It's the "decade our government...blinded itself to our enemies." It's the homosexuals wanting to marry. "Restore honor and dignity to the White House." A decision to go to war wasn't a decision to go to war. "No actionable intelligence." It's the pledge of allegiance. They're taking God out of America. Osama didn't tell us when, how, where, and by what means he'd attack, and he didn't leave a forwarding address. The 9/11 panel is biased against us. Saddam = Al Qaida. Saddam = Al Qaida.

Chalabi's an honorable man and I believe everything he says about WMDs. Chalabi's a crook and he passed secrets to Iran. Chalabi's the liberals' fault because they didn't shoot us when we started using his "intelligence." Chalabi? I don't know any 'Chalabi'!

It's just a few dead-enders. They'll be gone when we capture Saddam. They'll be gone when we capture Saddam's sons. They'll be gone when we hand over sovereignty. They'll be gone when Iraq has elections. They'll be gone in 12 years. They'll never be gone.

We fight them in London so we don't have to fight them, er, uh, well, can't get fooled again!

Bolton didn't lie! He just gave inaccurate answers under oath!

It's all these former staffers hawking their books. Money never corrupted anyone. "I'm a uniter, not a divider!" It's the stem cells. It's the feminazis, the intellectual elitists, and the eco-terrorists, I had no idea the levees wouldn't hold!

It's Cthulhu. It's the Martians, It's the Quakers

It's anyone but Bush.





Thanks Tim!





"Snap! Censure! A moral condemnation of the president so severe it's only happened once before to President Andrew Jackson, who was never heard from again. Oh, wait [picture of the $20 bill]." --Jon Stewart, on Sen. Russ Feingold's motion to censure President Bush


Go-F*ck-Yourself News



The only drug sold at Wal-Mart should be pot in the parking lot. Wal-Mart has announced that they will now dispense the "morning-after" contraceptive pill, because nothing says to a young lady, "I really care," like a trip to Wal-Mart. Besides, Wal-Mart shoppers already have access to the most effective form of birth control: watching how children behave at Wal-Mart. -- Bill Maher


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Odd News



Actress Jodi Foster demonstrates an Irish jig during her appearance on Jay Leno's (R) 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' in Burbank, California March 16, 2006. Photo/Paul Drinkwater


Have a peaceful St. Patrick's Day!