WMD or no WMD, administration say war was worthwhile
WOKR-TV, NY - 3-15-04
WASHINGTON (AP) - Bush administration officials continue to hold out hope that weapons of mass destruction stockpiles will be found in Iraq. ...

Outsourcing of US jobs to Asia to be hit by election-year uproar

AFP - Sun Mar 14, 5:07 PM ET

Outsourcing of US jobs to Asia is expected to slowdown as the Bush administration comes under heavy fire from opposition Democrats who charge the policy is creating widespread unemployment, analysts say.

Sen. Kennedy Attacks President Bush's Credibility

Reuters - Sat Mar 13,11:08 AM ET

Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy said on Saturday that President Bush suffers from a widening credibility gap.




"President Bush's campaign is spending $100 million in negative TV ads against John Kerry. Isn't that a bit much? I mean, he only offered like $25 million to get Saddam Hussein." —Jay Leno




Irish toast

May you be in heaven a half-hour before the devil knows you are dead.



U.S. Gasoline Prices Hit a Record High

AP - Sun Mar 14,11:02 PM ET

Prices for all grades of gasoline rose 1.34 cents in the last two weeks to a record high nationwide average of $1.77 a gallon, according to a study released Sunday...




Subject: Your site

dear lisa, a breath of fresh air, and humor, in a nation churning its way into a nightmare of orwellian madness. so much about the criminal in chief, gangster bush, can't get into the main media, his inaction and cowardness in the face of nine eleven, his insubordination and cowardice in the national guard, his betrayal of this country, his protection of the saudis and thus world terrorism, ad nauseam.

 how can you get the attention of the world's media, perhaps you can contact george soros, who has committed himself to one task this year, to get rid of bush, whom he considers more of a threat to world peace than alkida, which can be defeated, but four more years of bush will be the end of this country, will take a half century to reemerge, don't know how you can become mainstream, wish i did, but george soros i am sure would support your web site, gives away half a billion a year, what is a million to him.

some oddities: prescott bush, grandaddy of the current miscreant, had his property expropriated by roosevelt for collaborating with the nazis, perhaps that is what motivates bush, he feels the us government owes him, a long family line of traitors, and perhaps that is why he is devoted to ending the new deal legislation, don't know, but we are dealing with a baboon that can be described as being criminally insane, sorry, i have just offended another species. and who supports this liar thief destroyer traitor, but born again christians, they see the entry into iraq as an entry into the middle east to convert, give them anti gay anti abortion decency laws and they look the other way when bush steals, destroys, lies and betrays, take away their support, and this criminal does not have fifteen percent of the american vote, the more he feels pressured by civilized americans, the more he falls into the hands of the born agains, don't know what you can do about them. so, thems my thoughts, wish i could do something.

yours truly, arnold g.


Thanks for writing Arnold.

I wonder if George Soros would like my site? Donations are what keep my site going and a lot of my free elbow grease. Those that can donate any amount is greatly appreciated by me. DONATE

Right wing republicans, in my time, always want to take away from most of America and give it to that top 5%.

With the advent of the Internet (thank you Al Gore) people may have a chance to read what is really going on in the world.

Take care.

‘‘If it has to do with George W. Bush, the Texas Air National Guard or the Vietnam War, I can't talk with you,”  Charles Gross, chief historian for the National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C.

Rumsfeld: Bush Orders No Campaigning for Him

Reuters - Sun Mar 14,11:33 AM ET

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Sunday President Bush has ordered him and Secretary of State Colin Powell to stay out of the U.S. presidential campaign.


Powell Doubts Leaders Want Kerry to Win

AP - Sun Mar 14,10:31 PM ET

Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday challenged Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry to name the foreign leaders whom the Massachusetts senator claims want him as the next U.S. president.

Sounds like there is a conflict between the above headlines.  I get Colin didn't get the memo from Bush.


Disturbing News


Diesel Prices Are Bringing Some Trucks to a Standstill

Los Angeles Times - Mon Mar 15, 7:55 AM ET

Soaring fuel costs are pushing drivers to pass up jobs and causing farmers anxiety over getting to market.


Seven US soldiers killed in weekend bomb attacks in Iraq

AFP - Sun Mar 14, 6:03 PM ET

Roadside bombs killed seven US soldiers in Iraq, one just newly arrived, and wounded several other people over the weekend as attackers use sneakier methods to conceal their weapons, officials said.


Al Qaeda Fears May Hit World Markets

Reuters - Sun Mar 14, 9:51 AM ET

Global financial markets were braced for a rocky week amid growing signs that al Qaeda planted last Thursday's deadly bombs in Madrid, stoking concern among investors that further bloodshed was being planned.


Bruised budgets hold down state spending

USATODAY.com - Mon Mar 15, 6:46 AM ET

Americans are unlikely to face major tax increases this year as their state governments emerge from three years of financial trouble by controlling spending and bypassing major new initiatives.


AP: Privacy Protecting Programs Killed

AP -

Two cutting-edge computer projects designed to preserve the privacy of Americans were quietly killed while Congress was restricting Pentagon data-gathering research in a widely publicized effort to protect innocent citizens from futuristic anti-terrorism tools.

Bush Officials Say Iraq War Worthwhile

AP -

Bush administration officials continue to hold out hope that weapons of mass destruction stockpiles will be found in Iraq. But even if they're not, they say, the war to topple Saddam Hussein was still worthwhile.


Justice, FBI Seek Rules for Internet Taps

AP - Sat Mar 13, 8:09 PM ET

Technology companies should be required to ensure that law enforcement agencies can install wiretaps on Internet traffic and new generations of digital communications, the Justice Department says.
New pay-for-listing by Yahoo sparks debate over search

AFP - Sun Mar 14, 8:41 AM ET

The good news is that Internet search engines have finally figured out a way to make money.


Arab-American Group Wants Bush Campaign Ad Changed

Reuters - Fri Mar 12, 3:58 PM ET

A new television ad for President Bush's re-election campaign drew criticism on Friday from a prominent Arab-American group, which said the advertisement fosters stereotypes and fear.
At Least 15 Dead in Syria Soccer Riots

AP - Sun Mar 14, 2:40 PM ET

Two days of riots that started with fights between rival Kurd and Arab soccer team fans killed at least 15 people and injured more than 100 in northeastern Syria, officials said Sunday.
Israel Cancels Summit With Palestinians

AP - Sun Mar 14,12:00 PM ET

Israel's prime minister on Sunday canceled a planned summit with his Palestinian counterpart after a double suicide bombing at the Israeli port of Ashdod killed nine Israelis.


Graphic by OZ

Bush praises man in speech on women's rights
Yahoo News - Mar 12, 2004

"It is starting to look more and more like the terrorist attack in Spain was the work of al Qaeda and today President Bush called the Prime Minister of Spain to offer his condolences and said 'If it makes you feel any better we will be happy to attack a country that had nothing to do with it.'" —Bill Maher


Odd News


Stem Cells May Lead to Baldness Cure

AP - Sun Mar 14,10:52 PM ET

Research showing that bald mice can grow hair after being implanted with a type of stem cell could lead to a cure for baldness, a group of scientists says.


El Al Packs Some Heat for Unwitting Passenger

Reuters - Mon Mar 15, 8:45 AM ET

A passenger on Israel's El Al airlines got a complimentary gift on a flight home from Germany -- a pistol that security guards slipped into his suitcase, an Israeli newspaper said Sunday.


Some Frozen Lobsters Return to Life

AP - Sun Mar 14,12:40 PM ET

Call it cryonics for crustaceans. A Connecticut company says its frozen lobsters sometimes come back to life when thawed.

Three hurt as bricks fall off New York hotel

Fri Mar 12, 1:10 PM ET

Two people have been injured when part of the brick facade peeled off the 15th story of a hotel in central New York, breaking windows below and falling to the street, officials say.

British soldier caught trying to smuggle gold bar out of Iraq

Sun Mar 14, 7:47 AM ET

A British soldier serving in Iraq was caught trying to smuggle a solid gold bar found in a bank vault out of the country, officials and a report said.

Small plane makes emergency landing on top of moving pickup truck near Daytona

Sun Mar 14, 9:04 PM ET

EDGEWATER, Fla. (AP) - A small plane made an emergency landing on top of a moving pickup, leaving the truck driver wondering if he should have checked his blind spot in the sky....




Bob Witkowski of www.atwitsend,org   will be back soon!

Bill Maher: "For some reason, the two words this president just can't seem to say are "sorry' and "nuclear.' "

"Why do you Irish always answer a question with a question?" asked President Franklin D. Roosevelt. "Do we now?" came New York Mayor Al Smith's reply.

David Letterman: "On Meet the Press, President Bush said that Iraq could've had nuculer weapons. Or even worse, nuclear weapons."

Today in History

44BC On the “Ides of March,” Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the senate house by a group of conspirators led by Cimber, Casca, Cassius, and Marcus Junius Brutus.

1493 Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after 1st new world voyage
King Charles II enacts Declaration of Indulgence
French King Louis XV declares war on England
Maine admitted as 23rd state
1827 Freedom's Journal, 1st Black newspaper, publishes
1892 New York State unveils automatic ballot booth (voting machine)
1928 Mussolini modifies Italy electoral system (abolishes right to choose)
1937 The first hospital blood bank in the United States was established, in Chicago, at Cook County Hospital.
1951 Persia nationalizes Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
1955 US Air Force unveils self-guided missile
1957 3rd nation to explode a nuclear bomb (Britain)
1961 South Africa withdrew from British Commonwealth
1964 LBJ asks for a War on Poverty
1965 President Lyndon Johnson asked Congress for legislation guaranteeing every American the right to vote.
1966 Racial riots erupt in the Watts section of Los Angeles
1968 US Mint stops buying & selling gold
1972 Assassination attempt on Governor George Wallace of Alabama
US House of Representatives begin 90 day test of televising its sessions
1982 Nicaragua suspends their citizens rights for 30 days
1989 Department of Veterans Affairs officially established as a Cabinet position
1990 Mikhail Gorbachev was elected the first executive president of the Soviet Union. On the same day, the Soviet parliament ruled that Lithuania's declaration of independence was invalid and that Soviet law was still in force in the Baltic republic.

One year ago:



Hi Lisa-
You have an awesome site. Here's something you might be interested in: The Bots have a new single "Fuzzy Math" featuring president Bush rapping the straight truth in a very humorous fashion. I'd be interested to know what you think of the song, and if you want to link to it, that would be great too! You can download the free mp3 "Fuzzy Math" at www.thebots.net

The Bots are the world's first virtual band.
Music created by artificial personalities.
Hear our advanced electronica
and speech synthesis techniques at:

Very Creative---I envisioned Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake dancing!  Hahah

Thanks for writing.



Hi Lisa,

Just came across the latest editorial by William Rivers Pitt re: the bombings in Spain.

William Rivers Pitt | Three Days in Spain

These excerpts really got to me:

["Had Bush chosen to press the fight against al Qaeda itself, and not against toothless red herrings like Iraq, it is entirely possible that the bombings in Spain would never have happened. The force and funding of American wrath would have been brought to bear against actual terrorists, severely impeding actions like the one which so shook Spain. Had Bush chosen to press the fight against al Qaeda itself, and not Iraq, Spain and Aznar and all those dead would not now be on the forefront of the carnage.

Again, many will find some grim satisfaction in this, but the facts auger towards a deepening gloom. Clearly, the Iraq war has not made America or the world safer. It has, in fact, further imperiled many nations and many peoples."]

(This reminds me of something I wrote a while ago but never sent to anyone until now):

Thanks for writing Ron. I agree, this world is a more dangerous place since Bush took his eye off of Osama and gazed at Iraq's oil.  What a mess.



Good News


Congress Republicans worry about Bush election campaign

AFP - Sun Mar 14, 4:57 PM ET

Republicans in Congress are nervous about George W. Bush's presidential election prospects because of troubles in Iraq, the failure to create new jobs and the runaway budget deficit.

Relatives of US soldiers killed in Iraq protest outside US base

AFP - 3-15-04

Some 600 protesters, many of them relatives of US soldiers killed in Iraq or currently on duty in the region, marched against the war outside Dover Air Force Base in the northeastern state of Delaware.


Spain's Troops Heading Out of Iraq Under Zapatero

Reuters -3-15-04

Spain's incoming leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero indicated Monday he would pull his troops out of the "disastrous" occupation of Iraq in a major swing from his predecessor's pro-American foreign policy


"Secretary of Commerce Don Evans said that we are trying to get other countries to adopt our economic policy. That's a great idea, maybe we can convince them to ship some of their jobs over here, too." —Jay Leno

Bush's partial history
Stringent military screening program may explain gaps on president's record

Bill Morlin and Karen Dorn Steele
Staff writers

Military rules used in 1974 to ground two Washington Air National Guard airmen with access to nuclear weapons also applied to a Texas Air National Guard unit where Lt. George W. Bush was a fighter pilot.

Some military researchers and a former Texas Guard lieutenant colonel believe the stringent regulations -- known as the Human Reliability Program -- may have been invoked to stop Bush from flying Texas Air National Guard jets in 1972....


Assorted News


Democrats: Congress Should Reconsider Medicare Bill

Reuters - Fri Mar 12, 5:16 PM ET

Top Democrats said on Friday Congress should reconsider its approval of the Medicare prescription drug bill in response to a published report that a federal expert was threatened with dismissal if he had disclosed how much it might really cost.


Rooney Sparks Outcry With Gibson Remark

AP - Sun Mar 14,10:05 PM ET

Andy Rooney certainly knows how to stir the passion in his viewers. The "60 Minutes" curmudgeon said Sunday he got 30,000 pieces of mail and e-mail in response to his Feb. 22 commentary, in which he called "The Passion of the Christ" filmmaker Mel Gibson a "wacko."


EU Takes a Bite of Microsoft
Motley Fool -
... The EU maintains that Microsoft's mere bundling of its Windows Media Player together with the Windows OS constitutes abusive monopolistic behavior. ...


Spain's Ruling Party Swept From Power

AP -

Spain's ruling conservatives crashed to surprise defeat in elections overshadowed by anger over terrorist bombings, becoming the first government that backed the U.S.-led war in Iraq to be voted out of office.


Madrid Suspect Linked to 9/11 Suspect

AP -

Months before bombs tore through commuter trains in Spain, authorities had suspicions about Jamal Zougam — a Moroccan being questioned in the worst terrorist attack in Europe since World War II.


Zapatero Vows to Pull Spanish Troops Out of Iraq

Reuters -

Spain's opposition Socialists, fresh from a sensational election victory, vowed on Monday to make good on a campaign promise to pull troops out of Iraq.

Huge Car Bomb Found Near U.S. Consulate in Pakistan

Reuters -

Police in Pakistan defused a huge car bomb found outside the U.S. consulate in Karachi, two days before Secretary of State Colin Powell visits the country.

Bush Touting Home Ownership in Pa.

AP -

President Bush, hoping to move Pennsylvania to his win column in this year's election, is reaching out to voters in the state by touting record home ownership in America — a bright spot in the economy.


U.S.: Railway Baggage Checks Impractical

AP - Mon Mar 15, 9:45 AM ET

Sweeping baggage checks for passengers on the "very open" U.S. rail transit systems are impractical despite the specter of terrorist threat, a high-level Bush administration official said Monday.


Astronomers to Detail Aspects of Sedna

AP - Mon Mar 15, 9:37 AM ET

It is a frozen world more than 8 billion miles from Earth and believed to be the farthest known object within our solar system.



Tomorrow I will publish the Winners of Name That Toon Contest!


MCI: $74B in Past WorldCom Profits Vanish

Anvil of large cumulonimbus thunderhead during early stages of developing storm.(NOAA/HO)