Tuesday edition - March 14, 2006


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Capitol Democrats cool to Feingold's bid to censure Bush
Boston Globe, United States - 3-14-06
Democrats distanced themselves yesterday from Senator Russell D. Feingold's effort to censure President Bush over domestic spying, maneuvering to prevent a vote that could alienate swing voters.


Bush says Iran is disrupting Iraq by aiding insurgents
Seattle Times, United States -  3-14-06
By Seattle Times news services. WASHINGTON — President Bush Monday accused Iran of disrupting Iraq by giving insurgents deadly explosive devices. ...

Gov't missing deadlines, limits
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Mar 12, 2006
Many federal agencies fall far short of the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, repeatedly failing to meet reporting deadlines while citizens wait ever longer for documents, an Associated Press review has found


I bet the Democrats are waiting to censure Bush when he invades Iran.



Could our own Civil War have been prevented if only we had had a trained security force?-- Zing!






Aren't we "MAD AS HELL AND NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE" yet?  -- Grant Gerver




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News






One of the great mysteries of the Iraq war has been solved. The puzzler goes back to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell's now-notorious briefing before the U.N. Security Council on Feb. 5, 2003, the one where he laid out the best case he could muster for the claim that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction



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Disturbing News


Today nearly half the IEDs in Iraq are found and disabled before they can be detonated. In the past 18 months, we've cut the casualty rate per IED attack in half. -- George W. Bush, March 14, 2006







"Pentagon records show that at least 8,000 members of the all-volunteer U.S. Army have deserted since the Iraq war began. Hey, at least somebody has an exit strategy." --Tina Fey



Bush Should Follow the South Korean President's Lead


South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun on Tuesday accepted the resignation of his prime minister, who faced calls to step down for playing golf with businessmen while a railway strike was causing transport chaos.


George W. Bush celebrating John McCain's birthday on August 29, 2005,

the day Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.


Republican Shenanigans





We're Back!


The weeks-long saga of Dubai Ports World's purchase of operations in Miami and five other U.S. seaports took another turn Monday, when the company's Fort Lauderdale nemesis publicized a private e-mail and charged the note shows the Arab company has no intention of selling its U.S. assets.




Subject: Error in your Toon


Your cartoon yesterday was misspelled. It should have been capital not capitol.  I loved the toon anyway!!!!!



Thanks for writing Betsy.  I received several similar e-mails. But my spelling was intentional. I felt Bush had no capital with the Capitol. I was obviously wrong, he has capital with the Democrats who winced at censuring Bush.


Phototooning is hard, hard work!



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From Bob Witkowski - AtWitsEnd


Why Am I Still Amazed that..

1. Jack Abramoff still hasn't figured out that DC is one of the most anti-Semitic towns in America?
2. The Media still doesn't get it that John McCain is certifiable insane?
3. The DC Dems still have their heads so far up their collective rectus [yes, that's the proper Latin plural for rectum]
they need one large corrective navel lens with which to see out?



"Because of various security lapses, some senators are calling for a probe of the security at the offices of the Department of Homeland Security. The investigation will be conducted by the Department of Irony." --Amy Poehler


Rock-The-Voter News


Secret Location of the Alabama Mad Cow


A cow in Alabama has tested positive for mad cow disease, the Agriculture Department said Monday, confirming the third U.S. case of the brain-wasting ailment.


"We remain very confident in the safety of U.S. beef," said the department's chief veterinarian, John Clifford.

Authorities said the farm was under an informal quarantine but would not say where it was.



"Gale Norton, the woman who has been our secretary of the interior for the last five years, the one guarding our environment, you know, she's stepping down. She says she wants to spend more time strip-mining her family"--Bill Maher


Google explains the "failure" and "miserable failure"


If you do a Google search on the word [failure] or the phrase [miserable failure], the top result is currently the White House’s official biographical page for President Bush. We've received some complaints recently from users who assume that this reflects a political bias on our part.


Naughty Bush Photos




Biz-Tech News



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"Bush said today canceling [the ports deal] sends a bad message to the Arab world. You know, not like invading their countries, putting them on leashes, making them masturbate, but bad" --Bill Maher



Bush-Prison-Torture News






The Associated Press sued the Department of Defense on Monday for the release of records identifying all past and current detainees at a U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.



Go-F*ck-Yourself News




“Saddam Hussein's defense lawyers pointed out, today, we do not know what chemicals Saddam Hussein had. And it's true. We didn't even know what chemicals Barry Bonds had.” - Jay Leno



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Odd News




Tourists look at the rupture of the leading edge of the Perito Moreno glacier as the waters of Lake Argentino open a tunnel in the glacier, widening it until its collapse in a massive explosion of ice fragments and water, near the city of El Calafate in the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, southern Argentina, March 13, 2006. The Perito Moreno glacier, part of the Los Glaciares National Park, a World Heritage site, is unusual in that it is still growing forward at the accelerated rate of between 30 and 60 cm per day. Photo by ARGENTINA OUT /Horacio Cordoba