March 13  2003

'The UN is empty and cynical'
Guardian, UK - 3-13-03
... Mr Bush's threat to make the UN irrelevant is a reckless and arrogant
diplomatic act. In the midst of rapid globalisation, we need ...

Peace movement is not only liberals
Daily Trojan Online - 04 Mar 2003
... George W. Bush has always claimed to be a "uniter, not a divider." In this instance, he is right: He has united all sorts of disparate elements, former enemies ...
Going it alone: self-defeating arrogance
Oregonian, OR - 3-13-03
What is increasingly unnerving, however, is President Bush's inability to articulate the case for war in anything but a pre-scripted news conference with the ...
The glorious Bush program: sign me up!
Buying friends, bullying allies, and bombing everyone else
AUSTIN, Texas -- OK, sign me up for the Bush program. I'm aboard. Who else can we insult, offend, bribe, blackmail, threaten, intimidate, wiretap or otherwise infuriate?

Today's cartoon was inspired by a viewer's email which simply stated "All Hat No Cattle All Bull S---, that's  DUBya."

What's next?   Shooting the messengers?

AP protests government seizure of package sent from one reporter to another
WASHINGTON (AP)  Government agencies opened a package mailed between two Associated Press reporters last September and seized a copy of an eight-year-old unclassified FBI lab report without obtaining a warrant or notifying the news agency.
The Customs Service intercepted a package sent via Federal Express from the Associated Press bureau in Manila to the AP office in Washington, and turned the contents over to the FBI.

When is the funeral service for the first amendment?

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"I'd Like To Forget"

I'd like to forget the election of 2000, otherwise known as the Supreme Court Justices' Family Full-Employment Act (SCJFFEA)

I'd like to forget that the same arrogance displayed today by the Bush Bullies to the world-at-large also existed when they ignored terrorist security warnings by the outgoing Clinton administration.

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One night, George W. Bush was awakened in the White House by the ghost of George Washington.

George W. asked the ghost, "Mr. Washington, sir, what is the best thing I can do to help the American people?"

"Set an honest and honorable example, George W., just as I did."

The following evening, the ghost of Thomas Jefferson appeared before Bush in the dark bedroom.

"Mr. Jefferson, sir," George W. asked, "what is the best thing I can do to help the American people?"

"Preserve the land for future generations and stay out of foreign affairs."

Bush wasn't sleeping well the next night, and saw yet another figure moving in the shadows. It was the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. "Mr. Lincoln, sir, what is the best thing I can do to help the American people?" George W. asked.

"Go see a play."

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