March 11  2003

Don't look for gas prices to dip, oil exec says

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
By Rick Haglund
Detroit Bureau

DETROIT -- Gasoline prices will likely remain high during the summer driving season, even if the crisis in Iraq is resolved quickly, a top oil industry executive said.

ConocoPhillips Co. Chairman Archie Dunham said Monday gasoline is likely to be in tight supply over the next few months because refiners are producing more fuel oil and less gasoline than they typically do in March.

"You could see crude oil prices drop from $40 (a barrel) to $20 after the war and you could not see, necessarily, a drop in gasoline prices," Dunham said following a speech to the Detroit Economic Club.
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 QUOTE from George W. Bush

"Natural gas is hemispheric. I like to call it hemispheric in nature because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods."—Austin, Texas, Dec. 20, 2000

Today's cartoon was inspired by the ever rising cost of gasoline and the fact that the self proclaimed "oilman" who is doing his darnedest to find oil with a pre-emptive strike on Iraq.  'Cause he sure couldn't find it when he was in the business.


The "It's not my fault" Governor



Hospital cuts hurt
Jacksonville Business Journal, FL - 3-11-03
... Jeb Bush. "The proposed Medicaid cuts will take $21 million out of the Shands
system, including $8.7 million from Shands Jacksonville," Rosenberg said. ...

Senators Bristle Over Plan To Raid Trust Funds
Published: Mar 11, 2003

TALLAHASSEE - Gov. Jeb Bush's desire to eliminate many of the state's 450 trust funds is running into trouble in the Senate.
Several senators on the Natural Resources Committee said Monday that they oppose shutting down environmental trust funds, which are dedicated funding sources for specific purposes.

Lisa Polak Edgar, deputy secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, told the committee the governor wants to abolish seven of the 28 trust funds that provide 95 percent of the agency's funding.

Bush wants the trust fund money moved into the general revenue fund where, critics say, it could be diverted to other purposes. Read entire article
Orlando Hospital may have violated state law

By Greg Groeller | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted March 11, 2003

Orlando Regional Medical Center may have violated state law by failing to give at least six months' notice before the planned April 1 shutdown of its Level 1 trauma center, Orange County Chairman Richard Crotty said Monday.

Crotty, in strongly worded letters to Orlando Regional and the Florida Department of Health, demanded that the hospital abide by the law and that the state agency enforce it. Read article

Raiding your funeral fund

© St. Petersburg Times
published March 11, 2003

If you have already paid for your funeral and can still read this, may your remaining days be long and happy. But are you sure you'll get what you paid for?

...But it seems that the trust fund is almost too solvent for its own good. The Legislature raided it for $250,000 last year to help plug holes in the general revenue budget. Now, Gov. Jeb Bush wants virtually all that's left, some $5.3-million. It's unclear how, or even whether, the state would continue to guarantee pre-need funerals after that. Read entire editorial

Compassionate Conservative EMAIL:

From: Marsha Gaul

Subject: good job...


One question...when you were helping all those poor souls in the maxim security prison...what were you doing for the victims of their crimes? Hmmm???? Probably about the same as aiding and abetting the enemy in Sadam. A liberal through and through...pat yourself on the back. Good go girl...


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha...don't you have spell check? maxim? in Sadam? I guess you meant in Iraq?

Aid and abet the enemy?  Not me, Papa Bush was the one who did that back in the 80's by giving Saddam weapons of mass destruction.

Your compassionate conservatism is so telling, that I am compelled to answer your question.  I did teach in a maximum security prison -- my goal was to teach inmates to return to society educated so they would not continue to commit crimes.  If that goal was accomplished in all prisons -- there would be fewer future victims.

That is what I was doing for victims of crime -- my pre-emptive strike.  I know you love pre-emptive strikes.

I accept your apology for misunderestimating me.




"It was reported that two of Osama bin Laden's sons were apprehended in Afghanistan, but President Bush is not gloating, he said he knows how embarrassing it is when your kids get arrested." —Bill Maher