March 10,  2003

Nashville Woman Fired for Anti-War Letter
A woman was fired from her job at Jones Media after replying to an e-mail written by country singer Charlie Daniels

   Tamara Saviano worked for Jones Media Networks and Great American Country on Music row for three years. She was fired last Friday for responding to an e-mail written by Charlie Daniels.
   In his e-mail, Daniels blasted Hollywood and the media for protesting a possible war with Iraq. His publicist, Kirk Webster sent the e-mail to people in the music and media industry.
   When Saviano got the letter at her personal e-mail address, she wrote Webster and Daniels back outlining her anti-war beliefs.
   Webster says Charlie Daniels had nothing to do with Saviano’s firing.
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The Devil went down to Texas

(Sung to the Tune of The Devil Went Down to Georgia)

The Devil went down to Texas
A favorite place for him
It has a douche like Charlie D.,
and the big old death pena'ty...

Its governor is squatting
In Wash. DC they say,
While his has-been friend old Charlie D.
Has plenty of stuff to say

Well you see old Charlie never served
In the service that he loves
But he wants your kid to get Saddam
And doesn't like no doves

When the killin' starts, old Charlie D.
Will be sittin' by the tube
Stuffin' his face and cheerin' on
Those dying for this rube

He'll write another letter Callin' Sean Penn a traitor
But him and Shrub will never 'splain
why Saddam couldn't wait til later...

Fire on the mountain run boy run
Charlie don't care if they kill your son
Stuffin' his fat face, wavin' the flag
Another chickenhawk in a big ole chair...

Thanks to JFW
Costa Mesa, CA

As a Democrat I feel Charlie Daniels has the right to express his pro war views -- this is America, right? The Constitution doesn't protect people from making fools of themselves like good ole boy Charlie. I just love these right wing chickenhawks beating the war drum or in Charlie's case plucking the chickenhawk guitar. It made today's cartoon an easy choice.

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The "It's not my fault" Governor

Raid on housing funds Spare a state program that helps low-income residents

  Jeb Bush's desired legacy as a "compassionate conservative" governor will end up a few pages short if he's allowed to complete a raid on trust funds set up a decade ago to provide money for affordable housing programs.
Bad timing on trust fund diversions?
Worries surface that efforts to get federal gas tax funds will be hampered
Noelle Haner-Dorr Staff Writer
TALLAHASSEE — It's a little like robbing Peter to pay Paul — and Mary.
   That's the way Gov. Jeb Bush's $54 billion budget proposal to divert more than $1 billion from Florida's Transportation Trust Fund over the next five years has been characterized by many transportation advocates.
Orlando Business Journal
Direct Democracy Challenged in Florida
The Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE -- The debate goes all the way back to Plato and was a central issue in the founding of the United States as a subject of one of James Madison's Federalist Papers.
   Should policy decisions be left entirely up to the people at large, or should their elected representatives study the issues, hear from all the sides and then make a decision?

The Ledger_Lakeland Florida

The Bush pardons
Now this is Rich: They include a Watergate felon, a Cuban exile terrorist and a Pakistani heroin smuggler. But where was the outrage then?
By Joe Conason
- - - - - - - - - -
February 27, 2001 | Hearing all the indignant noise about the Clinton pardons, the average citizen might understandably think that the granting of presidential clemency had never been tainted by campaign contributions, political connections or insider access. That mistaken perception, promoted by lazy journalists and partisan pundits, is being exploited by Republicans on Capitol Hill (who are never, ever influenced by rich donors). Read entire article

The "I was outta the loop" Vice President  and the "No New Taxes!" President