Thursday edition - March 1, 2007




Walter Reed patients told to keep quiet

Army Times -  Feb 28, 2007

Soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Medical Hold Unit say they have been told they will wake up at 6 a.m. every morning and have their rooms ready for inspection at 7 a.m., and that they must not speak to the media.

“Some soldiers believe this is a form of punishment for the trouble soldiers caused by talking to the media,” one Medical Hold Unit soldier said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

It is unusual for soldiers to have daily inspections after Basic Training...

Personal incomes, consumer spending rise
BusinessWeek - 3-1-07
The Commerce Department reported Thursday that personal incomes rose by 1 percent in January while consumer spending was up by 0.5 percent.

`Senior administration official' sounds a lot like Dick Cheney
San Jose Mercury News -3-1-07
It wasn't hard to figure out who was doing the talking when the White House released a transcript of a question-and-answer session this week aboard Air Force 2, Vice President Dick Cheney's plane. One big clue: The unnamed official used the pronoun "I" ...


SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE should be the motto of this administration.



"How many of you have money in the stock market? Not anymore. ... At one point today, the market was down over 500 points. ... The drop started after the attempted assassination on Vice President Dick Cheney. See that's when the investors realized that if anything happened to him, President Bush would be in charge." --Jay Leno





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


“And a juror in the Scooter Libby trial has been dismissed by the judge after the juror was exposed to information about the case outside of the courtroom. How did this happen? I mean, the news channels talk about nothing but Anna Nicole and Britney Spears for the last two weeks. What channel was this guy watching? I’d love to have some information. I can’t find that channel on my TV.” - Jay Leno



By Don Davis


Disturbing News



"I was just backstage with Jack Nicholson and Vice President Gore drinking. I don't think he's running for president." --George Clooney, at the Oscars





Republican Shenanigans

"Today in Afghanistan, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the main gate of the Army base where Vice President Cheney was staying. Cheney says he's fine. He's says the guy was either sent by the Taliban or by the American Bar Association in retaliation for that lawyer he shot in the face." --
Jay Leno


Rock-The-Voter News



Always a huge fan, President Bush will attend Anna Nicole's funeral if it happens before he leaves office. - Grant "Brad" Gerver,





Biz-Tech News



Overheard at the White House: "It's gonna take boatloads of Medals of Freedom to get us outa' this war."

- Grant "Brad" Gerver,






Bush-Prison-Torture News




Go-F***-Yourself News


"According to a report by this genealogist, Al Sharpton's ancestors were slaves once owned by Strom Thurmond's relatives. Now Al Sharpton wants a DNA test to see if they are related. And you know, somehow, this is going to end up that Strom Thurmond is the the father of Anna Nicole's baby." --Jay Leno



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Odd News


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Peace. Imagine that.