Wednesday edition - March 1, 2006


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Poll of troops signals most hope US leaves Iraq soon
USA Today - 3-1-06
The US should pull out of Iraq "within the next year," said 72% of the 944 US military personnel in Iraq who were surveyed for a LeMoyne University/Zogby ...

Iraqi Asks US to Step Back From Talks
Los Angeles Times, CA -
As the foreign minister urges a 'less visible' role in negotiations on the new government, a surge in attacks ends a lull in the violence.

Despite polls, Bush says he has 'capital'
President Bush said in a Tuesday interview that he wasn't concerned about his low approval ratings, and he discussed how he told Vice President Dick "share it with the American ...

Support our troops, they want to come home.

On Wednesday, President Bush will fly to India. See, last week he met with American workers. This week he will go to India and visit their old jobs. -- Jay Leno

Bush Arrives In India


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



“You know who's in charge of all the US ports? Neither does President Bush.”-- Jay Leno



The War President Continues To Enjoy Himself


President Bush, mimics the form of a cross-country skier, as he walks across the runway following his arrival.



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Disturbing News



Our studly president vows to capture Bin Laden "even if me and Dick has to take our shotguns and bring this evil-doer to justice ourself." -- Grant Gerver



Vast Right Wing Journalism


There is one thing that Tucker Carlson has failed to mention: That his father, Richard Carlson, is on the advisory committee of the Libby Legal Defense Trust, the GOP-heavy-hitter-laden group that has so far raised $2 million.





Republican Shenanigans




Goomba Justice


Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales appeared to suggest yesterday that the Bush administration's warrantless domestic surveillance operations may extend beyond the outlines that the president acknowledged in mid-December.

In a letter yesterday to senators in which he asked to clarify his Feb. 6 testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Gonzales also seemed to imply that the administration's original
legal justification for the program was not as clear-cut as he indicated three weeks ago.



Couldn't it be argued that United Arab Emirates had more ties to 9/11 than Iraq? In that case, maybe the new Democratic Iraqi government, partner in the war on terror, should be allowed to bid on our port operations.-- Zing!



Rock-The-Voter News




When in India... Ever the charmer, the president casually mentions how much he enjoys "cowboys 'n Indians" movies. -- Grant Gerver



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Bush Says Osama Helped Get Him Elected


President Bush said his 2004 re-election victory over Sen. John Kerry was inadvertently aided by Osama bin Laden, The Washington Examiner newspaper reported Tuesday.





Good News




Jeb Bush Is Doin' A Heckuva Job For Carnival Cruise Line


Congressman Henry Waxman of California said in a letter that he called on Florida Governor Jeb Bush to explain his role in the award of what Waxman termed the "lucrative contract" for house Hurricane Katrina victims on Carnival Cruise ships...The contract was given to Carnival without a full competitive bid process.


Biz-Tech News




Guantanamo Vampires


Confronting the defendants at the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals with the evidence against them will be like dragging vampires into the sunlight the chief prosecutor said on Tuesday.


Bush-Prison-Torture News




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More Torture: Watching Condi Work Out


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a woman who meets with princes and prime ministers but never misses a date with her personal trainer.

She's learned that it takes work to stay in shape -- both mentally and physically.

This past weekend, Rice invited News4's Barbara Harrison for a workout at the State Department gym


Go-F*ck-Yourself News




"Looks like some kind of civil war brewing in Iraq. Well, who could have seen that coming? That came out of left field, huh? They say it is total chaos over there. People are roaming the streets with guns. It's like everyone is Dick Cheney now." --Jay Leno


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US Mail:  Lisa Casey - PO Box 88 - Ashford, AL 36312


Happy Retirement to my friend and favorite Republican



Odd News




Taronga Zoo keeper Matt Kettle keeps below the massive wings of a two-year-old juvenile Andean Condor named Lesley during a training session for the big bird in a Sydney park Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2006. Lesley is training in preparation for her to take part in the zoo's Free Flight Bird Show. Condors grow to have wing spans over 3 meters (10 feet) making them the largest bird of prey. (Photo/Rick Rycroft)