March 1-2  2003  Weekend Edition

N. Korea may soon start producing plutonium
Los Angeles Daily News, CA - 3-1-03
... experts on North Korea and intelligence officials have told President George W. Bush
that ... to coincide with the start of any military action against Iraq ...

"Did you know 'Iraq' is Arabic for 'Vietnam?'" óJay Leno

Important Breaking News for Compassionate Conservatives:

Ky. Bible College Gets 666 Prefix Removed

VANCLEVE, Ky. - After months of asking for a new telephone number, the Kentucky Mountain Bible College has finally dropped the 666 prefix that disturbed Christians who recognized it as the biblical mark of the beast.

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Bush keeps raising the bar as his Iraq position hardens

By Patrick E. Tyler, New York Times
WASHINGTON -- As opposition to war in Iraq stiffened in the United Nations Security Council, the Bush administration set a new standard Friday for avoiding war that could be out of reach for Saddam Hussein and, perhaps, the world body.

Dan Rather criticizes Bush request for rebuttal

March 1, 2003

NEW YORK--A White House request to give a response to a CBS interview with Saddam Hussein was not the administration's ''best moment,'' anchorman Dan Rather said Thursday.

Rather interviewed the Iraqi leader in Baghdad on Monday. The Bush administration sought to have a representative counter claims Wednesday on ''60 Minutes II,'' but couldn't reach an agreement with CBS.