February 2  2003

"The conquest of space is worth the risk of life."
Gus Grissom - Apollo Astronaut

The above photograph was taken aboard the space shuttle Columbia on 1-29-03.

A New Commitment to Space
Washington Post, DC - Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)
Gus Grissom understood that peril 36 years ago when -- shortly before he and two
fellow astronauts died in the Apollo fire -- he said: "The conquest of space ...

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The Space Shuttle Must Be Stopped
... That core problem is the space shuttle itself. For 20 years, the American
space program has been wedded to a space-shuttle system ...

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NASA Grounds Space Shuttle Fleet
Voice of America 
The US space agency NASA has suspended all manned space flights until it finds out
why shuttle Columbia broke apart in the sky high above the state of Texas ...

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Farewell brave explorers.

A video image of a helmet that dropped into a yard in Norwood Community, Texas from the space shuttle Columbia is seen Feb. 1, 2003