February 7  2003


Blix says Iraq appears to be 'making an effort'
VIENNA, Austria (CNN) -- Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix said Friday he's
seeing additional cooperation from Baghdad ahead of a weekend visit to Iraq. ...

       UN's Blix Sees New Iraqi Cooperation, Wants More 


UN'S Blix Sees New Iraqi Cooperation, Wants More
Reuters, UK 
... to previous banned weapons programs. UN arms inspections chief Hans Blix
gave Iraq's move a cautious welcome. "We want to see disarmament ...


Diplomacy, sanctions have failed with Iraq: Rumsfeld
Hindustan Times, India 
... Chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix said in Vienna on Friday Iraq appeared to be cooperating
with UN teams in the country hunting banned weapons but it had to do ...

Some pictures are worth a thousand words...

While the Bush Inc. War on Iraq heats up, the search for bin Laden grows cold, as cold as the economy. Bill Clinton knew what the hell what he was doing.  The chart below screams that fact.

Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 gave tax cuts to the rich and ran high deficits with heavy military spending (mainly on hardware not humans).

Clinton spread the wealth among other departments other than the military, cut spending and re-taxed the rich. That's simple economics -- see the chart below


Almost three-quarters of U.S. states, led by California, face the grim task of plugging budget gaps next year, even as the sour U.S. economy digs this year's fiscal ditches ever deeper, fresh data showed on February 4, 2003. The National Conference of State Legislatures said a survey of legislative fiscal directors showed at least 36 states would have to cover a collective shortfall of some $68.5 billion as they prepare their 2004 spending plans. (Reuters Graphic)


President Clinton gave us a wonderful economy, tried to make peace in the world, all the while being hounded by Ken Starr, the FBI,  and 98% of the republican party. Now we have Bush 2, Texas-tough talking his way into a war with Iraq while bin Laden is glad the heat is off him -- North Korea is pronouncing the word  nuclear better than Bush --  and the media is virtually absent from any war anywhere the US may be holding on any given day.


Geez, and we're supposed to back this Bush Inc. War?