February 4  2002


Blair battles "poodle" jibes
... Tony Blair is no more than George Bush's poodle.". It is a jibe that
stings the prime minister and which he is desperate to nail. ...

       Anglosphere: A poodle with teeth - United Press International
       'Poodle' Blair: A Dog of War - Newsday
       Bush and Blair: Politicians with blood on their hands - Daily Times


We shall fight them on the cliches...
Guardian, UK - 14 hours ago
I felt that Tony Blair declared war yesterday. ... Iain Duncan Smith - unfair to call
him the poodle's poodle, but tempting all the same - rose to agree. ...


'Poodle' Blair: A Dog of War
Newsday - 02 Feb 2003
With biting British condescension, that's what Tony Blair's critics at ... percent of
Brits are telling pollsters that Blair ... The poodle rep has spread so far, even ...


Powell: no 'smoking gun'
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 2-4-03
... In Europe, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who met George W. Bush at Camp David
last Friday, maintained the pressure on his European neighbours over Iraq. ...


Blair risking all in 'final phase'
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia 2-4-03
ANY doubts that British Prime Minister Tony Blair was ... second resolution and that US
President George W. Bush ... year history of the disarmament of Iraq," Mr Blair ...


UN Inspects Iraq; US Pressure Mounts
Austin American Statesman, TX 2-4-03
... Bush, repeatedly signaling impatience with the UN inspection process, has threatened
a military attack on Iraq if, in ... Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair ...