February 27  2003

Bong Sellers released, now await hearing
Oregon Daily Emerald, OR - 2-26-03
... Why is it such a harsh reality when a kid gets his hands on a glass bong, but not
a harsh reality when a kid gets his hands on a glass bottle of whiskey?" he ...

Federal agents raid Eugene glass blowers - Oregon Daily Emerald
Two Eugene Men Arrested in Federal Drug Raid - KVAL

Feds Smoke Out Chong?
E! Online - 24 Feb 2003
... Chong, once one-half of the high-flying (literally) comedy team, Cheech & Chong, saw his Gardena, California, factory and Pacific Palisades home raided Monday by federal drug agents and other authorities, Los Angeles TV station NBC4 reported. ...

Operation Pipe Dreams Smokes Out Suspects Nationwide (WPLG Click10.com)
Attorney General John Ashcroft is praising the DEA for a nationwide drug sting, part of which happened in South Florida.
- Feb 25 9:11 AM ET

Glory be...We all know that bong confiscation is high on the list of worried Americans. I wonder how Attorney General John Ashcroft got this idea? Probably during one of his Pentecostal snake handling services.

And thank the lord that Tommy Chong got raided.  I feel so much safer now.

Judge Gives Warning to Jeb Bush's Girl
Associated Press

ORLANDO, Fla. - A judge gently chided Gov. Jeb Bush's daughter Friday for missing some court-ordered counseling sessions imposed after she violated drug rehabilitation requirements.

Noelle Bush turned up again in court, alone with her lawyer. We all know how busy Jeb is but where is her mother? 

EMAIL: RE: 50 Caliber Smith & Wesson

As a left leaning Libertarian who reads Bartcop regularly, and has NO
love lost for the selected fraud in office, Im curious WHY your panties
are in a bunch over this new pistol? I have had a concealed weapons
permit since 1981, and have owned a Desert Eagle AE50 for over 3 years.
It can kick the S&Ws ass....10" barrel and all. :) ... Its great fun to protest, but if our
government ever goes rogue, how will you defend yourself and protect
your family against it? Throw flowers at them? Why do I own a gun? Why
do I have car insurance? Im not planning on having an accident today,
just as Im not planning to be robbed, mugged, or if female, raped. When
evil & lawless people abide by the laws of the land, then I will put up
my pistols. But intelligent folks all know evil people dont abide by the
laws, thats why they are evil......and thats why there are victims.....
Robert Dier
Seattle, Wa.


I just think that a line needs to be drawn on which weapons are accessible to the mass public.


I'm a Democrat who believes in the right of gun ownership. I was just equating the cost of the Bush tax cut to the cost of that 50 caliber. And I do like to make fun of Bush. :-}}

Thanks for writing.

"I am a uniter not a divider, uh-huh, yes I am." 


North Korea Restarts Reactor, Neighbors Urge Calm
Yahoo News - 2-27-03
SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - North Korea (news - web sites) has restarted the reactor
at the heart of its suspected drive for nuclear weapons, further raising ...

       North Korea restarts nuclear reactor - Guardian
       Defying US, North Korea restarts reactor, officials say - Outlookindia.com
       US Offers Food Aid to North Korea but Cuts Amount - ABC News

Iraq Troops Said to Be Shifting Toward Baghdad
ABC News - 2-27-03
... Reuters) - Troops and equipment from an Iraqi Republican Guard division have begun
moving south toward Baghdad from their base near Mosul in northern Iraq, US ...

 "Has it really come to this? Is the omnipotent almighty United States superpower reduced to slinking from country to country, from capital to capital, like a Mafia enforcer, offering massive cash bribes to almost anyone, paid anywhere in the world, no questions asked?"