February 26,  2004  Thursday

Geritol rage
CNN International, World - 2-26-04
... As he puts it, Greenspan urges cutting benefits "to pay for President Bush's massive tax breaks for millionaires -- which have turned record budget surpluses into deficits." ...

Fed chief stirs up storm with call for benefit cuts
Guardian, UK - 2-26-04
... Greenspan is right to call attention to the record-shattering deficit under Bush ... Bush's tax cuts on unearned wealth while cutting social security benefits that ...
To Trim Deficit, Greenspan Urges Social Security and Medicare ...
New York Times - 2-26-04
... is necessary for prudent policy," Mr. Greenspan said. Though President Bush has also called for a fundamental overhaul of Social Security and Medicare, Mr ...

Bush is giving our retirement to the Iraqis, sending a man to Mars and tax cuts for rich Americans. Just smile, be happy right wingers, we're all in the same boat.


Mea Culpa for being late posting today's edition. I have been trying to get my scanner to work so I could post that titillating picture.  No luck.  Maybe tomorrow?


'Doonesbury' Offers $10,000 for Proof Bush Served

Reuters -2-26-04

President Bush has an unlikely ally in his effort to show that he did his National Guard

duty during the Vietnam War: the often political and frequently irreverent "Doonesbury" comic strip.




Did you know that

Alan Greenspan is married to Andrea Mitchell, NBC reporter?




While Social Security and Medicare are being raped Congress is doing this...


House passes unborn victims legislation
Newsday, NY -2-26-04
... That bill passed the House 417-0 but didn't move in the Senate. The House has also
twice before, in 1999 and 2001, passed unborn victims bills, but in ...

How about caring about those that are already born first?

"President Bush is out of control. Now he says he doesn't even want gays to plan weddings." —Craig Kilborn

Mars Rover Update

U.S. Air Force Plans for Future War in Space


        NEWS FLASH!


        Recently intercepted communications between al-Qaida and the Romulean Empire indicate a massive terror attack is in the planning.  The Romuleans, long known to be exporters of terror, have been sending massive amounts of weapons of mass destruction to a hidden base on the far side of our moon. 

        Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield is quoted as saying "We know where they are.  They're in an area between two lunar craters near the moon's south pole."

        The White House Press office offered this statement.  "We know for a fact that the weapons are there."

        British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw stated, "The moon's removal is necessary to eradicate from these weapons."

        Fortunately the US Air Force has the situation well in hand.  Among a roster of projected Air Force space projects:

        These are three of at least a dozen programs the Air Force in conjunction with Halliburton (of course) are working to finalize before the attacks can commence.

        Naturally liberals are all up in arms about the destruction of the moon but given the threat of the instant annihilation of New York, Washington and Winnamucca Nevada, the Bush administration feels this is a small price to pay.

        Drawbacks to the plan are, of course, unavoidable.  One outcome that will prove unfortunate is that surfing in Costa Rica will cease to exist.



Damn and I just bought a new surf board!

"President Bush's longtime dog, Spot, died. Yeah, it's a shame.... It's really sad because Spot won't live to see a second Bush term, but then, who will?" —David Letterman

Disturbing News


Howard Stern Dropped from Clear Channel Stations

Reuters - Wed Feb 25,11:24 PM ET

Radio station giant Clear Channel Communications Inc. said on Wednesday it was dumping

nationally syndicated shock jock Howard Stern from its stations under a new "zero tolerance"

policy toward indecency.


Price of flying first class going down

USATODAY.com - Tue Feb 24, 6:39 AM ET

Airfare wars have moved to the front of the cabin as airlines slash prices for domestic first-class seats.


S.D. Sen. Johnson Diagnosed With Cancer

AP - Wed Feb 25,12:47 PM ET

Sen. Tim Johnson said Wednesday he has prostate cancer and will undergo surgery next week to have his prostate removed.


U.N. Says Any British Spying on Annan Illegal

Reuters -2-26-04

Any British spying on United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan would be illegal, a U.N. representative

 said on Thursday in response to an allegation that Britain bugged the U.N. boss in the run-up to the Iraq war..


Israeli Nuclear Arsenal a Mystery to UN Watchdog

Reuters - Wed Feb 25, 3:47 PM ET

The extent of Israel's atomic weapons program is a mystery to the United Nations nuclear watchdog,

the agency's chief said in an interview broadcast on Wednesday.


Court Shields Postal Service From Suits

AP - Wed Feb 25, 6:03 PM ET

Suing the U.S. Postal Service just got harder.


Bennett lends voice to 'Morning' radio
USA Today - 2-26-04
Bill Bennett, who served as Ronald Reagan's Education secretary and President Bush's
first ... new gig: host of his own national morning drive-time talk radio show ...

   Another republican addict hosting a talk radio show!  When will it stop!!!  Have they no shame?

Maybe I shouldn't be so critical---he could be hosting a radio call-in show for Gambler's Anonymous.


"President Bush wants a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. A constitutional amendment! Oh yeah, like he knows what a constitutional amendment is! Come on!" 
David Letterman

There should be a constitutional amendment banning any Bush from ever holding office again.

`Heads should roll' over Iraq
Toronto Star, Canada - Feb 18, 2004
... I'd start with the head head," Perle said when asked which heads should roll ...

Graphic By OZ

Richard Perle's resignation letter
Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau, CA - 2-26-04
Thank you for finding time to see me on February 10. As I said then,
the meeting of the Defense Policy Board would be my last, after ...

I guess if you disagree with Bush you lose your job.  Perle has been O'Neilled.  I can't wait for Perle's book.

Anyone But Bush!


Subject: WTC victims

This is truly incredible! Please take a look. When the quilt comes up, click on it to enlarge it, and then click again and again -- each time it gets larger. When you make it big, you will see the faces of people who died at the World Trade Center. Lois Jarvis of Madison, Wisconsin made this beautiful quilt. Imagine the amount of work and planning that had to go into this. It is a labor of great love. Please look.



Wednesday, February 25, 2004

See The Movie, Buy The Nail
Jesus died for your sins -- and also to sell you a really bitchin' "Passion" coffee mug

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

You, yes you, can right now purchase a truly stylin' sepia-toned "Passion of the Christ" cross-adorned coffee mug, an exact replica of the one Jesus Himself used every morning at the Jerusalem Starbucks.

You can buy "witnessing tools,"...

Didn't Jesus throw out the moneychangers from the Temple hours before he was crucified?



Wow..Thanks for the 'heads up' about Zonealarm.
I went to the site and updated my version..thanks to you.



You are very welcome.

Hey Lisa,
I am sending you some information that a member of my "neighbors for peace" group sent out just now. As I haven't had a chance to read AHNC yet today, you may already have this. . . . .

The British Ministry of Defense has issued cards to troops deployed to Iraq warning that they may have exposed to depleted uranium dust and
offering uranium testing.

See http://www.traprockpeace.org/du_mod_warning_cards.html  for the text of the cards, downloadable photocopies of the cards (doc and pdf formats) as well as international commentary on the developing controversy.

Why are not Iraqi citizens warned of their exposure to uranium dust and
offered tests?
Why are US soldiers not so warned or offered such tests?
Why isn't the US cleaning up the environmental contamination?
Why is the US still using DU munitions?
Why is the US major media (as opposed to major media in other countries) mostly mum about depleted uranium use by the US military?

This in light of a January study that found US soldiers who are still
contaminated with depleted uranium 12 years after the end of Gulf War I.
http://currents.ucsc.edu/03-04/01-19/uranium.html  and news that a British veteran won a hotly contested disability appeal due to his contamination with DU. http://www.traprockpeace.org/schott_12feb04.html

The issue explained
Depleted uranium

In a groundbreaking policy change, the Ministry of Defense is set to announce that medical tests will be carried out on tens of thousands of Gulf and Balkan military veterans, to check for possible contamination caused by depleted uranium shells used by British and allied forces. Derek Brown explains
Click here: Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Depleted uranium

 One of several Iraqi Air Force jets buried by Saddam to prevent their being destroyed by us. They were found and dug up by U.S.

"We don't need to be raising taxes right now as the economy is beginning to recover. We've got plenty of money in Washington D.C.," George W. Bush said, making no mention of this year's projected half-trillion-dollar budget deficit.

Click here for full story


Yea, there's plenty of money in Washington D.C....all in the pockets of the republicans.





Man Nabbed for Jumping White House Fence

AP - Wed Feb 25, 6:08 PM ET

A man yelling "I'm a victim of terrorism" jumped a White House fence and ran across the

North Lawn on Wednesday before being caught by Secret Service officers.



Dog Is Found Alive Month After Boat Sinks

AP - Wed Feb 25, 2:23 PM ET

A Labrador retriever has been found alive on an isolated cove of a Southeast Alaska island

more than a month after its owner was given up for dead when his boat sank in rough seas


Oral Sex Shown to Be Linked to Mouth Cancer

Reuters - Wed Feb 25, 2:54 PM ET

Although the risk is small and it is more likely to result from heavy drinking and smoking, scientists

have uncovered evidence that oral sex can cause mouth cancer.



Nazi Items, Porn Found at Priest's Home

Wed Feb 25, 6:52 PM ET

A 64-year-old priest pleaded guilty Wednesday to criminal possession of $50,000 stolen from

his Long Island parish — cash police found at his apartment along with a pistol, pornography

and Nazi paraphernalia.


Six musicals in one night for a busy Jerry Hall in London

Wed Feb 25,12:06 PM ET

Model and actress Jerry Hall was claiming a place in the Guinness World Records after she

appeared in six musicals in London in a single night.


Two polar bears at Singapore Zoo turn green; blame it on algae

Tue Feb 24, 2:33 PM ET

SINGAPORE (AP) - It's not exactly a condition to be envied: Singapore Zoo's two polar bears have turned green.

Poet's Missing Cemetery Gate Found

Reuters 2-26-04

An ornate wrought-iron gate that guarded the New England cemetery plot of 19th-century American poet

Emily Dickinson has been found at an antique shop after being missing for two decades, a descendant

said on Wednesday.



Only deception since W's pResidential inception.
Fake WMD's and other sleaze.

Medicare collapse, coming lapse?
Integrity in short supply, makes one cry!
Corruption eruption!
Exploding debt, financial threat!

Angry unemployed, slowly destroyed!
No child left behind, W says, 'Ebrythang iz phine.'
Declining schools, because of these fools!

Speaks with God, how odd?
Mental case, brain in outer space?
Awol, W cannot recall!
Looney budget math, approaching financial bath?
Lowering tax rates for the rich, major hitch!
Eliminating service, makes many nervous!
Righteous Ashcroft, Constitution scoff!

Monetary disaster, advancing faster!
Entering decline, W thinks he is divine?
Nope, only a joke and a dope on a slippery slope!

Mark H. Wilson




Ming Dynasty ceramics aboard the 400-year-old Binh Thuan shipwreck are seen off the coast of Vietnam, in this undated handout photo. Christie's has announced that the company has been appointed to sell the early 17th Century ceramics from the wreck during an auction in Melbourne, Australia on March 1, 2, and 3, 2004. Featuring over 600 lots, the sale is expected to realize in excess of AUD$1 million ($672,699).(HO/Christie's)