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'Liberal bias?' IU professors find network TV election coverage favors Republicans
Indiana University, IN - 2-25-09
 A visual analysis of television presidential campaign coverage from 1992 to 2004 suggests that the three television broadcast networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- favored Republicans in each election, according to two Indiana University professors in a new book.

GOP leaders say Obama's plan is irresponsible
The Associated Press - 2-25-09
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican leaders continued their attacks on President Barack Obama's handling of the economy Tuesday, calling it irresponsible and...

Iraq welcomes faster US withdrawal reports
The Associated Press - 2-25-09
BAGHDAD (AP) - Iraq's government welcomed reports Wednesday of a US combat troop withdrawal next year and said Iraqi forces would be ready to take full responsibility for security...


I wonder what Edward R. Murrow would think of the "journalism" at Fox News and the likes of Joe Scarborough who claim to be journalists. I dare to guess he would call it yellow journalism.



Stop pretending that other governments have nothing to teach us. From those socialists in Sweden, we can learn how to fix a banking crisis. And from our friends in China, we can learn how to punish the jerks who caused it. - Bill Maher



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush



As predicted, former President George W. Bush is embarking on a speaking tour. You can’t make stuff up like this. – Will Durst




Comments On Gov. Jindal's Response to President Obama's Speech



Great. The Republicans have found a new moron to replace the previous one.





Jindal and the GOP continue to be tone deaf, dumb and blind. Jindal chose Katrina as his main point, which was a true failure of the GOP and Bush. Then he chose to speak about Harry Lee who was the sheriff of Jefferson Parish which is just across the bridge from New Orleans neighborhood where people were fleeing from Katrina's flooding. Sheriff Lee and his police force kept blacks from crossing the bridge to safety. This is the same Sheriff who used racial profiling and whose police used targets of black men for shooting practice. Oh yeah - Jindal is what GOP thinks is their best and brightest. The voters spoke in Nov 2008 and rejected the tenets of the GOP and their greed and two-facedness. Hey maybe Jindal is supposed to make Palin look "good"! Who would have thought.





The republicans deserve to have Piyush Jindal. He will be the one who seals their fate as the obstructionist party. Jindal's a creepy liar and that seems to be what the right likes. Thank God their party is through.




Wow, Jindal and the Republicans are shape-shifting terminators...for 8 years they are big government, record-breaking deficit spenders and in 4 weeks, they are small government fiscal conservatives. Amazing.




What was up with the sing-song Mr. Rogers delivery? That was Jindal's green screen moment. Awful. I'd rather listen the crazy lady from Alaska. At least she gives good speech.



So much for Jindal, who sounded like Mister Rogers on crack. The Caribou Barbie Express is looking unstoppable for the GOP nomination.




This speech was a moment in American history that made the docking of the Hindenburg look good.




Okay, the Palin thing didn’t work out. The Jindal thing didn’t work out.

Who will the Republicans trot out next?




Source: Matthews says 'Oh God' before Jindal spoke AP



I forced myself to imagine the last time I saw W "speak" in the House Chamber. It's a whole new universe there now. I hope like hell he watched. - Grant "Bud" Gerver



Disturbing News


Shame On Iowa

Iowa's social-services agency acknowledged Tuesday that it looked into a company's treatment of its mentally disabled meatpacking workers as early as the 1970s, but decided it lacked the jurisdiction or enough evidence to act.

State officials say the 21 Texas men lived for decades in a battered house in the tiny eastern Iowa town of Atalissa and were paid little for their work. The fire marshal closed the living quarters Feb. 7, the men were placed in state custody and a state agency is considering criminal charges.

You know, the ones who took bailout money and bought private jets made out of rubies and veal. This is Dick Fuld of Lehman Brothers. [slide of Fuld] What a "dick" Fuld. He personally made $500 million in sub-prime mortgages, and he gets to keep it while you and I pay off his bad bets. [slide of Madoff] This is Bernie Madoff. Bernie stole $50 billion, mostly from other Jews. For Jews, this was the worst pyramid scheme since the actual pyramids. - Bill Maher


Republican-Shenanigans News


Republicans Just Can't Stop Hurling Hate


Utah Senate Democrats on Tuesday called for the ouster of a GOP lawmaker from two additional key committee posts because of his anti-gay comments.



Michelle Obama wears sleeveless outfits all the time, giving the rest of America an inferiority complex about its flabby upper arms. - Wonkette


Rock-The-Voter News




"The whole cast of Slumdog Millionaire came out to see the show. Slumdog won Best Picture... in fact, they're saying the only way it could have possibly lost is if it had picked Sarah Palin as a running mate." - Jimmy Kimmell



Subject: People are stealing your art



I work for a graphic art company and search the web to get ideas. You always inspire me.

Here's a list of websites that use your art/toons and remove your signature. That galls me and it is illegal. I hope you notify these bozos.

Keep up the great work.



Thanks Sami.


I didn't post the 5 websites you need making enemies in the Democratic website arena. Two of the sites you listed have responded to my concerns and said they will give me credit (to this date they haven't) One website who uses my toons several times a week didn't even bother responding, but that is typical, I have complained to him several times before and I guess he's just too busy to care.<--- I'm being kind in my comments.


I am happy to allow the use of my toons, it brings traffic to AHNC. I have a liberal policy where I allow people to use my toons. See my Copyright Notice. But to remove my signature is wrong and illegal.


What's sad is when Democrats start ripping off other Democrats. I thought the Republicans had cornered that market but obviously I was wrong.



Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News



Even Sully Is Suffering


The veteran pilot who successfully ditched Flight 1549 in the Hudson River last month told the House aviation subcommittee Tuesday that harsh pay cuts are driving experienced pilots from the cockpit....Sullenberger testified that his pay has been cut 40 percent in recent years and his pension has been terminated and replaced with a promise "worth pennies on the dollar"


"The Academy hired new producers for the show this year and they did things a little bit differently... Instead of the usual gold statuettes, each of tonight's winners went home with an octuplet."- Jimmy Kimmell




Bush-Prison-Torture News


"[The free market] is free in the same way a reality show is real."— Bill Maher


We all have to tighten our belts. And, to start, John Boehner has to cut back on the bronzer. John Boehner is from Cincinnati. He works in Washington, D.C. It's February. Why the hell is he this color?! Are you playing the part of the loyal opposition, or Othello?- Bill Maher


Go-F**k-Yourself News




I do not spoil my dogs. Doesn't every Shih Tzu get an allowance?- Grant "Bud" Gerver, Bumper Sticker Division



Subject: Money




I don't know another political comedy website that has the enormous content and quality that yours has. There are many comedy sites out there for us Dems but most are angry and filled with typos and the f word, which becomes real ineffective real fast, at least for me. All the years I have inhaled your site for sanity you have kept your site above the fray and for that I thank you.

You are classy and so is your website and I am better off for it. And better informed.

I just sent $10 through paypal for my monthly contribution. If just 200 people do what I do you wouldn't have to live below the poverty level and worry about your living/website expenses.

Come on people, if it wasn't for Lisa we'd have a Republican in the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love and peace,



Thank you so much for writing. And for your loyalty.


I do refuse to take credit for keeping a Republican out of the White House though.


It is scary being on the edge financially but I guess the tens of thousands that view my website don't feel the way you do. Maybe I should start cursing? Think that would help? Because I must be doing something wrong.





From Monday 2-23-09



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Odd News




NASA Spitzer Space Telescope artist's conception shows a binary-star system, called HD 113766, where astronomers suspect a rocky Earth-like planet is forming around one of the stars. NASA is preparing to launch next month the Kepler spacecraft with a new space telescope that for the first time will be capable of detecting Earth-like planets outside our solar system, project managers said.







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