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Shelby comments draw fire nationally
Cullman Times Online, AL - 2-24-09
Richard Shelby made in Cullman recently concerning a rumor that President Barack Obama is not a natural born United States citizen garnered national


 Rupert Murdoch apologizes for chimp cartoon
CNN International -2-24-09
NEW YORK (CNN) -- The chairman of the New York Post, Rupert Murdoch, personally apologized Tuesday for an editorial cartoon published by the newspaper that..

Bunning says Justice Ginsburg won't recover, then apologizes
USA Today - 2-24-09
Over the weekend, Kentucky Republican Sen. Jim Bunning predicted that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg likely would be dead from pancreatic cancer


Geez, in a week's time, Republicans, self proclaimed "compassionate conservatives", have managed to slam our first black president, a Jewish female Justice and a chimpanzee. I wonder what their message is?



The Dow Jones Diet®: lose your ass right along with the Stock Market.- Grant "Bud" Gerver



The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush

US To Pay For What Israel Destroyed


United States aid for the Gaza Strip's reconstruction will likely top $900 million, an official said, as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prepared to make her first Mideast trip as America's top diplomat.


"It is our first show back since the Obama administration. Or, as Rush Limbaugh calls it, 'End Times.'" --Bill Maher




Disturbing News

Cover Your Ears, Quick!


President George W. Bush is hitting the speakers' circuit, as is former First Lady Laura Bush.




Why Family Planning Is A Good Thing


Publicly funded family planning prevents nearly 2 million unintended pregnancies and more than 800,000 abortions in the United States each year, saving billions of dollars, according to new research intended to counter conservative objections to expanding the program.


"These banks are hurting. I opened a new account, and the lady asked me for a toaster." --Bill Maher


Republican-Shenanigans News




Gay Bashing, A Republican Pastime Continues


The fallout from the anti-gay comments of Sen. Chris Buttars continues as Senate Republicans met behind closed doors for more than two hours Monday to air their concerns and views about the remarks.

Buttars has been under fire for a week, after he told a documentary filmmaker that gays pose the greatest internal threat to the country, lack morals, are demanding special rights and engage in disgusting sexual practices.



"The whole cast of 'Slumdog Millionaire' came out to see the Oscars. 'Slumdog' won best picture, which everyone seemed to know was going to happen. It was the big favorite going in. They're saying the only way it could have possibly lost is if it had picked Sarah Palin as a running mate." --Jimmy Kimmel


Rock-The-Voter News



Obama To Ax Bush Helicopter Order?


The prospects for building a new fleet of high-tech presidential helicopters darkened yesterday, after the new commander in chief called the costly Bush administration effort an example of military procurement "gone amok" and said he thinks the existing White House helicopter fleet "seems perfectly adequate."


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The Obama administration is asking for two more weeks to weigh in on whether former Bush White House officials must testify before Congress about the firings of nine U.S. attorneys.

The request comes after an attorney for former Bush political adviser Karl Rove asked the White House to referee his clash with the House of Representatives over Bush's claim of executive privilege in the matter.



Some economists feel that the stock market has hit bottom around 7,000, and in any case will not keep losing 200-300 points a day for very long. Well, no more than a month for sure. - Laugh Lines


Bush-Prison-Torture News


"But what a task this guy has. He's got, on the one hand, to tell the people the truth. And on the other hand, try to lift our morale. Bill Clinton said today, you know, come on, lift morale, get out there and sell the hope thing, you know, that hope s**t you've got. And both sides of the aisle are saying this. We have finally found something Democrats and Republicans agree that the president needs to do: lie." --Bill Maher

 Alp-Sized Mountain Range Under Antarctica


Jagged mountains the size of the Alps have been found entombed in Antarctica's ice, giving new clues about the vast ice sheet that will raise world sea levels if even a fraction of it melts, scientists said on Tuesday.









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Zoo keeper Bobby-Jo Vial holds two recently born Meerkat pups during a media debut at Taronga zoo in Sydney February 20, 2009. The pups are now four weeks of age, weigh 184 grams each and doing exceptionally well, Vial said.
Photo/Daniel Munoz