TGIF/Weekend edition - February 23-25, 2007





Travel firm offers trips to CIA prison that Polish authorities deny exists

AFP - 2-23-07

 WARSAW (AFP) - A Polish travel firm said Thursday it was giving tourists a chance to follow in the footsteps of CIA agents and terror suspects near an alleged US detention centre in Poland's lakeland -- which the authorities deny exists.

Democrats Move to Limit Bush's Authority
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 2-23-07
 - Four years ago, Congress passed legislation authorizing President Bush to go to ...

Guard Troops May Face Early Return To Iraq
CBS 42, TX - 2-23-07
Some National Guard units that had been deployed to Iraq will be redeployed sooner than expected, due to a shift in Pentagon plans to accommodate ...


America will shop till it drops for the war effort. HooRah!



"Denmark and Lithuania have also announced that they're pulling their troops from Iraq. Actually, it's just one guy who's half Danish and half Lithuanian. " --Conan O'Brien

The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


"Lots of people giving up things for Lent. Tony Blair is giving up the war in Iraq." --Jay Leno



Bush Doesn't Take Pelosi's Phone Call


Vice President Dick Cheney refused Friday to take back his charge that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's opposition to President Bush's Iraq war buildup is playing into the hands of the al-Qaida terrorist network...the California Democrat accused the vice president of questioning her patriotism, saying she was going to call President Bush directly with her complaint...She ended up talking with White House chief of staff Josh Bolten instead of Bush.




"Vice President Dick Cheney was in Japan. He stepped off the airplane in Tokyo and flashed that winning sneer. ... Right now he's in Australia. And just for fun, he shot a koala bear." --David Letterman


Republican Shenanigans



"The House passed a non-binding resolution against the surge. Bush says he can't wait to get it to his imaginary desk and veto it with his air pen. He said, 'I've got my own non-binding resolution. It's called the United States Constitution.'" --Bill Maher


Rock-The-Voter News




Biz-Tech News


“Speaking of the President, earlier today, President Bush spoke on the phone with the prime minister of Australia. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, when the prime minister told him it was tomorrow in Australia, Bush’s head exploded.” - Conan O'Brien

Bush-Prison-Torture News


Go-F***-Yourself News



What a month - Astronaut in diapers, Anna Nicole circus, bald Britney. . . . Good Lord, what's next?


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Odd News



In this photo released by Hitachi, Ltd., new radio frequency identification, or RFID, chips are placed next to a human hair (that's running horizontally) for comparison in Tokyo, Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007. Smart tags, or computer chips used for tracking items by relaying information wirelessly, are getting so tiny lately, the latest, billed as the world's smallest, is as invisible as a speck of dust. RFID chips looks like powder, measuring just 0.05 millimeters (0.002 inches) by 0.05 millimeters (0.002 inches), and are thin enough to be embedded in pieces of paper, company spokesman said Thursday, Feb. 22, 2007.(Photo/Hitachi, Ltd.)