February 22-23  2003   Weekend Edition

Professor in terror indictments was a Bush supporter
Boston Globe, MA - 2-22-03
... He was a Bush supporter ... out the vote in the Muslim community in Florida, and now Bush's ... A
photograph taken during a campaign stop in the Tampa area shows George ...

Developing nations challenge Washington
CNN Asia, Asia - 2-22-03
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Reuters) -- The world's developing nations have called on Iraq to surrender any weapons of mass destruction but the countries that account for two-thirds of the United Nations said no to war.

US diplomacy with Turkey may also include hard cash
Daily Times, Pakistan - 2-22-03
... Even though US President George W. Bush’s administration has already included Turkey
it ... There is also a little bit of blackmail in the case of the ...


Mon dieu! An angry Frenchman takes offense to our French bashing
Tim Greening / The Times
Posted on February 22, 2003

...Many blame zis increase in French bashing on our government's refusal to support your president's push for military action in Iraq.
But we Frenchmen know zee real reason you hate us: Because we ingest wine, cheese, butter and cream sauces from zee moment we wake up to zee moment we go to bed and we never gain an ounce.
Guilty, as charged. So take zat, you McRib-chomping Hummer jockeys! Stick zat in your Twinkie and deep fry it!

VIEWER EMAIL: Would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic

Today, on the front of a local paper, the Metro, there's a photo of a guy in Beaufort, North Carolina who's crossed out the "French" in "French fries" on his luncheonette's sign and substituted "Freedom" fries.

Yeah, that'll show those froggies that they should never disagree with the Big, Bad, Almighty, Infallible US of A!!!!

Does this clown really believe that French fries have anything whatsoever to do with France? He probably believes DUMBya was legally elected in 2000.

I'm willing to bet that he's never been out of this country....or Beaufort, North Carolina, for that matter....in his entire flag-waving life. - Terry C.

Thanks Terry.  What I find the epitome of arrogance is the statement by George W. Bush, "Either yur with us or agin us." In other words you have no right to disagree -- that's arrogance -- a pre-emptive strike on liberty.

That is why I did today's Raelian Clone cartoon.

And now I'm going out to buy French products.

Defense Dept. Buys Gas Masks
Newsday - 2-22-03

Washington - The Defense Department has purchased 80,000 "escape masks" to protect employees and visitors against chemical and biological attacks and will begin distributing them next week to 20,000 civilian and uniformed employees at Pentagon headquarters, defense officials announced Thursday.

"Daddy, I liked it better when Bill Clinton was President."


BUSH GEAR - now available at your local Fundamentalist Christian Church (members only).

Gas masks hot sellers
Bennington Banner, VT - 2-22-03
ST. JOHNSBURY (AP) -- Northeastern Vermont may not be a likely terrorism target,
but that hasn't stopped one man from going into the gas mask business. ...


Safety video tackles terrorism
Palm Beach Post, FL - 2-22-03
... There are tips for picking out the right gas mask for your facial
structure. There are step-by-step instructions on how to make ...

Demand for military gear increases
News 14 Carolina, NC - 2-22-03
... However, the most sought after item is the gas mask. There are several different
types available to civilians. The most popular choice is the M-95. ...

The Profits of Doom
BusinessWeek - 20 Feb 2003
... his own expertise, Safer America also taps the insights of antiterrorism veterans
with experience in Israel ... The most popular item: the Millennium gas mask ...

“Our incompetent leaders who seem to spend every waking minute prancing and preening in front of conveniently-placed cameras and microphones scaring the living daylights out of real or alleged enemies, or worse, me.”