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Arab role in running US ports under fire
Chicago Tribune, United States - 2-20-06
Lawmakers from both political parties, including the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee ...


Facing Pressure, White House Seeks Approval for Spying
New York Times, United States - 2-20-06
After two months of insisting that President Bush did not need court approval to authorize the wiretapping of calls between the United States and suspected ...

Catch me if you can, says Osama
Times of India, India - 2-20-06
CARIO: In an audiotape posted on a militant Web site on Monday, a voice purporting to be that of Osama bin Laden vowed never to be captured alive and declared ...



We can't catch Osama with unlimited spying powers and the best military in the world but we can let a company in a terrorist friendly country take over our ports.  It's official -- the entire Bush administration is drunk -- it explains everything!




Dick Cheney now says he can't blame the shooting on the guy who got shot. That's because he tried that for the first three days and it didn't work. -- Jay Leno



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


White House protocol: The BUCK stops NOWHERE (or at Saddam).  - Grant Gerver



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No Wonder Bush Wants the United Arab Emirates to Run Our Ports


The UAE is a drug transshipment point for traffickers given its proximity to Southwest Asian drug producing countries; the UAE's position as a major financial center makes it vulnerable to money laundering; anti-money-laundering controls improving -- CIA Website



WASHINGTON (IWR News Satire) - Protests erupted across Japan today as Dick "Deadeye" Cheney continued his shooting spree over the weekend by blasting the Japanese folk hero Booska in the front yard of the Vice President's residence.  Booska survived the attack and currently is in stable condition at the Bethesda Medical Center.  Mary Matalin said Mr. Cheney will issue an apology in about four days on Fox News after his blood-alcohol levels return to normal.



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"I have to admit that I turned away from the Olympics... Fox had a more exciting sporting event on: Softball with Dick Cheney and Britt Hume." --Jay Leno

Disturbing News


Bush Crusades


As tempers flare and people die in other countries over controversial cartoons of Muhammad, about 150 people gathered at the Islamic Center in South Charleston for calm discussion about what the cartoons and the uproar means.

It’s not the cartoon as much as the feeling that Islam is under siege that set off the firestorm, said Imam Mohammad Jamal Daoudi of the Islamic Center of West Virginia.

“Muslims all over the world feel that Islam is under attack,” he said. “It’s not the cartoon itself.”


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Republican Shenanigans


Dick Cheney's Indicted Aide Update


A federal prosecutor argues Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, is trying to sabotage the criminal case against him by insisting through his lawyers that he be given sensitive government documents for his defense.





Kids, This Is A Brain On Drugs


Rush Limbaugh has had to back away from part of his criticism over the way the Democrats handled an Ohio Senate race.

When Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett was forced out of the Democratic primary, Limbaugh criticized the New York Times for not saying that the party's preferred candidate is black.

He later found out from e-mails that the candidate -- Congressman Sherrod Brown -- is, in fact, white.


Rock-The-Voter News



Dreaded Secret Service Detail


President Bush tried his own version of winter sports this weekend - two bike rides in subfreezing temperatures - after watching some of the olympics...



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Good News




Cheney Aide Gets Testy


She was on the Don Imus radio program the next morning, and promptly got into a heated argument about Mr. Cheney with the host.

"He didn't shoot Harry on purpose, but you're handling this horribly and you're just trying to spin me," Mr. Imus said, adding that he wanted to know why the vice president had a beer at the ranch at lunch, as Mr. Cheney told Fox News.

"What are you, his nanny?" Ms. Matalin shot back.







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Biz-Tech News



"Dick Cheney gave an interview to Fox News. Some are accusing Fox of giving softball questions. My answer to that is, 'Well, does a vice president shoot in the woods?'" --David Letterman



Bush-Prison-Torture News

Go-F*ck-Yourself News



"Evil Democrat Empire? I got news for you, if we're going to do the Star Wars analogy, the Democrats are, at best, Ewoks." --Jon Stewart, on a Republican spoof video comparing Democrats to the evil Empire in Star Wars



I hope you had a good time today.


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Odd News



Composite of an artists rendering and photograph showing an "aerial gondola" transportation system linking lower Manhattan and Governors Island (R) in New York city, presented at a press conference 15 February 2006. New York has formally solicited "visionary" proposals for developing Governors Island. (Photo by Governors Island)