Thursday edition - February 2, 2006

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Fitzgerald suggests White House may be missing records
San Diego Union Tribune, United States - 2-2-06
Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is raising the possibility that records sought in the CIA leak investigation could be missing because of an e-mail archiving problem at the White House.
The prosecutor in the criminal case against Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff said in a Jan. 23 letter that not all e-mail was archived in 2003, the year the Bush administration exposed the identity of undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame. 

Report: US lacks sufficient prep for catastrophic disasters
USA Today - 2-1-06
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff or another top official should have been a "central focal point" of the Bush administration's response to Hurricane Katrina, congressional investigators asserted Wednesday, saying the lack ...

Bush Urges Confidence in His Leadership
 Washington Post, United States - 2-2-06

... words, in uncertain times it's easy for people to lose confidence in the ... Bush said America's challenge is to stay ahead of competition without withdrawing ...


So the White House is destroying documents.  Isn't that what Nixon did right before he resigned?



"Bush is now urging all nations to cut off aid to Hamas and Palestine, including the $234 million we were going to send them. In fact, to make sure, Bush is putting FEMA in charge to make sure the money never gets there." --Jay Leno






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



"I have to say I was a little disappointed in Bush's speech. Not once did he apologize to Oprah for lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." --Jay Leno




If You Don't Have Anything to Hide, Release the Documents


The Bush administration is rebuffing requests from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee for its classified legal opinions on President Bush's domestic spying program, setting up a confrontation in advance of a hearing scheduled for next week, administration and Congressional officials said Wednesday.



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"I'm so demoralized, I want a candidate to come out of nowhere and have no conflicts. I want major campaign reform. I want Jesus to come back and throw the money lenders out." --Meryl Streep


Disturbing News






"President Bush gave his State of the Union address. ... Did you notice, a lot of Republican congressmen were not applauding President Bush. It's hard when you're wearing handcuffs." --Jay Leno


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Jeb Bush - Football Recruiter


"The governor of Florida is text messaging or calling a recruit," said an incredulous Peter Roby, director of the center for the study of sport in society at Northeastern University. "What the heck is he saying? He's saying that this is so important, that you are so important, that I am going to take time out of managing the state to call you.


Republican Shenanigans





"Condoleezza Rice said three or four days ago, 'We did not expect this Hamas victory.' [Pause.] Schmuck!" [Wild applause.] "Think of the billions we pay for the CIA. ... Put three guys on the ground, you'd see Hamas might win."  - Pete Hamill, New York Daily News



Rock-The-Voter News

"President Bush gave his state of the union address, or as they call it on ABC, 'dancing with the issues.'" -- Jay Leno

Good News


Back in the USSR Russia


Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin celebrated his 75th birthday Wednesday and took a shot at U.S. foreign policy, saying Washington is monopolizing world affairs and using force to get its way.

"Islam will not forgive the Americans for a long time - the fact that they destroyed a country like Iraq, and war continues there,"
Yeltsin told Channel One television.



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Hoping to lead by example, the President is helping Americans kick the habit: "Now that I've made my ill-gotten fortune in oil, I'm no longer addicted."-- Grant Gerver




Meetings Daily at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

Biz-Tech News



"President Bush talked about the need to work hard on the economy, to work hard on health care, and to fight nonstop against terrorism. Then he left to go on a long weekend at his ranch to watch the Super Bowl." -- Jay Leno



Another Bush/Abramoff Photo Found!



Bush-Prison-Torture News



"Actually, President Bush…was quite optimistic. He explained that this is a wonderful, prosperous time for the United States, that things are going very well for Americans -- with the possible exception of those few people who don't own an oil company, but it's going very well." -- Jay Leno


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Go-F*ck-Yourself News


George Bush's latest crusade: "Join me and Jesus in just saying NO to OIL!"-- Grant Gerver



Can't Walk and Chew Gum Pretzels at the Same Time


Bush has come around to the notion that a presidency can handle only one truly big thing at a time, and for now that thing is Iraq.




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Odd News




Kandula (L), a baby Sri Lankan elephant, holds his mother Shanthi's trunk at the National Zoo in Washington, November 8, 2005. An animal rights group appealed to the U.S. National Zoo in Washington to send its three remaining Asian elephants to an animal sanctuary and close its elephant exhibit. Photo by Jim Bourg