February 17,  2004  Tuesday

US Sees Al-Qaeda Everywhere

Inter Press Service World – 2-17-04

…Powell claimed Zarqawi and Ansar al Islam were Saddam Hussein's link to al- Qaeda. The ”evidence” behind Powell's assertions proved as empty as that on WMDs.

Powell provided a satellite picture of the alleged terror camp. A number of journalists went immediately to the place but found only a radio station and living areas….


President Pardons Former Texas Mayor

AP - Mon Feb 16, 4:06 PM ET

President Bush pardoned a former mayor of Plano, Texas, who pleaded guilty to bank fraud in 1996, the Justice Department announced Monday....

Censor 'Scooby-Doo'? Words fail

By Dan Moffett, Palm Beach Post Editorial Writer
Sunday, February 8, 2004

…The department made its decisions based on the recommendations of a five-member panel. Who the five members are, only the government seems to know, and it isn't saying. But the shows they censored suggest a perspective that is Talibanesque….

"A triple amputee and Vietnam veteran, Cleland is making the rounds on talk TV, basking in the affection of liberals who have suddenly become jock-sniffers for war veterans, and working himself into a lather about President Bush's military service." -Ann Coulter, click here for the column  she gets paid for denigrating Vietnam Veterans

Let the games begin.  Ann "assaulting" amputees?  The right is sounding desperate.

Rumormonger News

Littwin: News outlets regurgitate Kerry 'story'
Rocky Mountain News, CO – 2-17-04
... If you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't have the Drudge Report bookmarked
and you don't listen to Rush Limbaugh and you decided against taking the ...

Sparks fly in e-voting debate
MSNBC - 2-17-04

.."If you think I sound negative here, you don't understand how difficult it is to build secure computer systems," Neumann said at a Sunday symposium. "In some sense, the electronic voting problem is the paradigmatic 'hard problem.'"...

"We don't need a president who just says, 'Gentlemen, start your engines.' We need a president who says, 'America, let's start our economy and put people back to work.'" - Sen. John Kerry, who wrapped up his campaign for Tuesday's pivotal Wisconsin presidential primary. Kerry on Monday labeled President Bush missing in action on the economy.





W. Va. May Regulate Tongue-Splitting

Mon Feb 16,11:26 AM ET

A House of Delegates leader has introduced a bill that would make it more difficult for people to speak with forked tongues.

Harrods sues over "Enron" article

Mon Feb 16,11:28 AM ET

Luxury department store Harrods has launched a High Court action against Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, accusing it of libel after it ran a story triggered by an April Fool's hoax.


A penny - or a euro - for Spanish thoughts on weapons of mass destruction

Mon Feb 16, 2:32 PM ET

Daring to ask about the thorny issue of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction earned a Spanish reporter a euro from Spanish Defence Minister Federico Trillo by way of cryptic response.


Hawaii May Let Dogs Dine With People


Cpl. Rita Levergood and her husband disagree whether four-legged members of their family should be able to join them out to dinner. The state, however, is clear: It's against the law.


Maternal Love Affects Brain Like Romance - Study

Reuters - Fri Feb 13, 3:32 PM ET

Love may indeed be blind, whether it is love for a newborn or its father, British researchers reported on Friday.



``It's a great night and I'll tell you why. The entire balcony here in the Ed Sullivan theater is full of guys who swear they were in the National Guard with George Bush.'' - David Letterman





“President Bush gave 3 trillion of your tax dollars to his buddies---yet he didn’t have enough money to inspect cargo containers that come into this country.” – Howard Dean





There are two new items on "DumbandDubya" that I want to call your
attention to...
1) PATRIOT ACTors. An comprehensive "Flash" chart of quotes from
actors, directors, writers and musicians about the Iraq war. The chart
makes it easy to see the disparity between the many anti-war voices and
the few Iraq war supporters. All quotes are linked to their sources.
This page is a tribute to the actors who were brave and patriotic in
speaking out in the face of bullying from the extreme right. Direct
link to page at:

2) On the lighter side, we've uncovered another photo of John Kerry
cavorting with Jane Fonda. It's posted on the dumbanddubya main page

I hope you enjoy these new pieces. If so, please consider linking to or
mentioning them on your site!




Thanks for writing Mark. Enjoyed your work very much. Fun and educational!





John Edwards and the No. 2 Slot
NPR - 2-16-04
16, 2004 -- One reason people think John Edwards has native political talent
is that he comes up with little ways to hit voters where they live without ...


Help Wipe the Smirk off Bush’s Face.


Presidential Election Talking Points for

 All Concerned Americans

(Abbreviated Version, February 16, 2004)


***For the fully-sourced 24-page free version of these

 Talking Points, please email uxorpress@usa.com .


A public service project initiated by Bob Zimmerman, author of:

The American Challenge: Twenty-One Winning Strategies for the 21st Century.

www.TheAmericanChallenge.com, or BobZimmerman@usa.com.


The Bush Record Exposed: Nothing but Lies, Deceptions, and Crimes against Humanity


1.               Bush knows: He failed to fulfill his wartime military obligation.

               - Source: New York Times editorial, February 12, 2004 and many others.

2.               Bush Encourages Sending (Outsourcing) American Jobs Overseas:

3.               The Bush War of Terror is judged “unfocused,” and the Bush decision to

               invade Iraq is dubbed a disastrous “strategic error.”

               - Source: U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, December 2003.

4.               Bush and Cheney knew: They deliberately and repeatedly lied to us about

               9/11; they were told 9/11 was imminent; and, instead of protecting us, they

               slept at the helm; the record shows they should have prevented 9/11.

5.               Bush knew: He deliberately and repeatedly lied to us about Iraqi WMD.

6.               Bush is intentionally driving middle-America into bankruptcy.

7.               Bush and Cheney seek to place WMD in space and on Mars.

8.               Bush lied to us and then used our soldiers as re-election propaganda props.

9.               Bush refuses to cooperate with the official 9/11 investigating commission.

10.            Bush actions upon learning of the 9/11 attack are highly suspect.

11.            Bush deliberately stonewalls the families of the victims of 9/11.

12.            Bush and Cheney concern for America’s national security and claims about

                exporting democracy to Iraq are entirely bogus.

13.            Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill says Bush is a failed president.

14.            Bush is obstructing justice in the criminal investigation of the White House.

15.            Bush and Cheney are neocons with an anti-democratic, fascist agenda.

16.            Bush policies and programs favor only wealthy special interest groups.

17.            Bush seeks to fool seniors and to destroy Social Security and Medicare.

18.            Bush is anti-choice,  anti-women’s rights, anti-civil rights, anti-human rights,

               anti-worker rights; his approach to the environment and gays is disdain.

19.            Bush is pursuing an ugly policy of economic class warfare.

20.            Bush has repeatedly looted the U.S. Treasury to enrich his wealthy friends.

21.            Bush tax cuts are nothing but an ugly scam on working families and retirees.

22.            Bush, with a smirk on his face, is waging war on America’s children.

23.            Bush is contributing to the spread of AIDS amongst our youth.

24.            Bush has failed to provide promised federal funding to fight global AIDS.

25.            Bush is deliberately waging war on the environment.

26.            Bush and Cheney’s foreign policy is deliberately creating global instability.

27.            Bush and Cheney deliberately spread hatred, fear, and loathing in America.

28.            Bush is deliberately rescinding the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

29.            Bush and Cheney war talk is nothing but schoolyard bullyboy arrogance.

30.            Bush has failed to capture Osama bin Laden and defeat al Qaeda.

31.            Bush and Cheney immediately after 9/11 helped the bin Laden family and

                about 140 other Saudi financiers of terror flee America.

32.            Bush deliberately undercuts our soldiers and veterans by slashing veteran’s

               benefits and by treating our soldiers as slaves.

33.            Bush is highly antagonistic to working people and their unions.

34.            Bush elective wars are ungodly and un-Christian.

35.            Bush is deliberately starving state and local governments.

36.            Bush favors political fundraising over attending the funerals of the

               soldiers who died fighting his false war in Iraq.

37.            Bush as lord high executioner and mass-murderer.

38.            Bush anti-science policies are retarding scientific research.

39.            Bush stole one election; is he planning to steal another?

40.            Bush has lost his self-proclaimed global war of terror.

41.            Bush war spending is counterproductive and bankrupting America.

42.            Bush will say and do anything to avoid defeat in 2004.

43.            Bush and Ashcroft seek to crush dissent in America # 1 (USA Patriot Act).

44.            Bush and Ashcroft seek to crush dissent in America # 2 (First Amendment).

45.            Bush sends U.S. reserve units into action without proper equipment.

46.            Bush has appointed a cabinet of, by, and for the wealthy.

47.            Bush spends big for bombs while slashing vital programs for the needy.

48.            Bush denies access to necessary medical care to millions of Americans.

49.            Bush is deliberately destroying America’s middle-income families.

50.            Bush wants full control of what is left of our free press.

51.            Bush has set out to destroy the separation of church and state.

52.            Bush and Cheney may be tried as war criminals.

53.            Bush and Ashcroft have failed to prosecute most giant corporate crime.

54.            Bush has an energy bill that only energizes energy company profits.

55.            Bush and Rove rigged the California gubernatorial recall election.

56.            Bush, a rugged individualist, or a military deserter, and a spoiled brat?

57.            Bush and Cheney prefer rebuilding Iraq to rebuilding America.

58.            Bush friends stuff their pockets with staggering war profits.

59.            Bush appoints judges for the sole purpose of furthering neocon interests.

60.            Bush White House secrecy exceeds all reasonable bounds.

61.      Bush is the worst ad lib president in history.

Disturbing News


Britain fires early salvo in GM foods row

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Britain fired a shot across the bows of the United States over genetically-modified food as environment ministers from around 70 countries prepared to meet on preserving the diversity of life on earth.


NASA Needs a Better Shuttle Plan, Auditor Says

Reuters - Fri Feb 13, 3:49 PM ET

NASA may be aiming for the moon and even Mars but it has not yet laid the groundwork for modernizing the aging space shuttle fleet, a government report said on Friday.


Former IBM officials sentenced to jail for bribery

AFP- 2-17-04

A former top executive of IBM Korea was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his part in South Korea's biggest corruption scandal involving a foreign-owned firm, officials said.


Bush to Meet With National Guard Members

AP - Tue Feb 17, 2:00 AM ET

After trying to quell stories about his Vietnam-era military record, President Bush is seeking to move beyond it by meeting with National Guard members in Louisiana.


Cheney Presses Congress to Keep Tax Cuts

AP - Mon Feb 16,10:55 PM ET

Congress should make President Bush's tax cuts permanent and give judicial nominees the vote they deserve, Vice President Dick Cheney said at a $1,000-a-plate fund-raising luncheon Monday.


Administration hides reality of war
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - Feb 4, 2004
... Unlike most of his predecessors, President Bush has yet to attend a funeral for ... fruits
of war, they have done a grave disservice to a soldier's ...







A combination photograph shows a historic image taken in 1928 (top) of the Upsala Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina, contrasted with a 2004 photograph (bottom) with a similar view of the Glacier. The pictures illustrate the extent to which climate change has caused the ice to melt away this century. Greenpeace campaigner Joris Thijssen, said: 'Rising temperatures are causing glaciers to melt all over the world. Here in Patagonia, they are disappearing at a rate of 42 cubic kilometers every year - faster than anywhere else on Earth. In both (1928 AND 2004) the composition is made from three separate viewpoints to form a panoramic image. (Greenpeace/Beltra *COMPOSITE IMAGE* GREENPEACE HANDOUT- OK FOR ONLINE REPRO)

New British invasion -- but this one sings of global warming
MSNBC - 2-17-04

... The issue clearly is that the British government has taken a major step" toward reducing emissions tied to global warming while the Bush administration has not ...

       UK Attacks US Over Global Warming Policies - ShortNews.com
       Britain Talks Tough to Bush on Kyoto Common Dreams
       US warned over climate change - Green Consumer Guide



Duck Blind Trust
Washington Post, DC – 2-7-04
... hunters object to is that Scalia agreed to hear a case in which Cheney ... The Supreme
Court hearing had nothing to do with shooting fowl and Scalia ... Good shot, Dick ..


Compassionate Conservative Quotations

"We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed too."
-Ann Coulter, at the Conservative Political Action Conference

"Many of the writers who worship at the shrine of the free market would be lost if any of them were ever forced to earn their living working for it."
-Richard Mellon Scaife

Wisconsin Primary Today!

Wisconsin Primary: Kerry Confident, Edwards Steadfast, Dean ...
KXAN-TV, TX - 2 hours ago
Milwaukee -- The three leading Democratic candidates enter Tuesday's
Wisconsin primary in varying moods. Front-runner John Kerry ...

       Kerry Confident Of Wisconsin Primary Win - WDRB
Kerry Holds Big Lead in Wisconsin Primary - Reuters
Wisconsin Primary Important for Kerry, Dean - FOX News


Subject: eh?


Check out this site: http://corpus-callosum.blogspot.com/2004_01_01_corpus-callosum_archive.html#107533447761570611
"What is a flip-flop? A flip-flop is reported when some underpaid or unpaid staffers dig through old reports, trying to find some damaging material on he opposition candidate. If they look hard enough, they eventually will find that the candidate took a particular position on a topic at one point in time, then later stated that had a different position. A flip-flop is usually reported without any particular analysis of the issues....Mr. Bush's positions on CO2 emissions did not exactly flip-flop. It was more of a flippedy-do-floppedy-da-floop..."


Bush is giving our tax money to corporations so they can pollute our air,  sounds fair.

Hack, cough, snarflr, wheeeeze........

Warning:  Wet T-Shirt

scroll down














"Debating her on her 'ideas' does about as much good as kicking a retarded puppy."
-Salon.com writer Charles Taylor on Ann Coulter

This image released February 12, 2004 from the Opportunity rover shows an extreme close-up of round, blueberry-shaped formations in the Martian soil near a part of the rock outcrop at Meridiani Planum called Stone Mountain. Scientists are studying these curious formations for clues about the soil's formation. (Handout/NASA )

"[Shows like The O'Reilly Factor] are little more than a form of professional wrestling aimed at the parents of the kids who watch actual professional wrestling."
-Charles P. Pierce




The rangefinder (L) of Nazi pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee sits on the floor of the Plate River seven kilometers from the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, after being separated from the ship when it was scuttled and sunk by its commander on December 17, 1939, as seen in this computer-generated image made from sonar data late in 2003. The Graf Spee Project, a plan to recover the entire ship piece-by-piece over the next few years to make a museum, will try again on February 11, 2004, to recover the rangefinder after a failed attempt on February 9. (Handout/Thomas Schmid-Graf Spee Project)