February 16,  2004 Moanday


Founding father

Daytona 500 and Nascar President

France Sr.'s diverse interests went beyond stock cars

By Mike Fish, CNNSI.com 2-14-2002

...France, who died in 1992, was chairman of the Florida delegation to the 1972 Democratic National Convention and head of the state's George Wallace for President committee. When Wallace failed to secure the party's nomination, France surfaced as national vice chairman of Democrats for Nixon.

Nixon was appreciative enough that a couple of years later, on Valentine's Day 1974, his office requested an expedited background check of France...


Election year results in 500 taking a political turn
USA Today - 2-16-04

...The powerful France family, which controls NASCAR, appears to be a strong supporter of Republican presidents and presidential candidates...

They Came to See a Race, Not a Photo-Op
Capitol Hill Blue, VA - 2-16-04
... George W. Bush, the photo op President, on the campaign trail, seeking the support of 75 million NASCAR fans. ... Bush’s visit to Daytona came 20 years ...

So Bush is keeping company with an George Wallace for president politico.  Isn't it nice to have friends to provide you with a photo-op.  I guess Bush has learned his lesson about landing on aircraft carriers.


George jumps into bed with Laura one night. She yells "Christ, your feet are cold!"

The President replies, "That's OK, honey. Just call me George when we're in bed."

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Have you been to www.buckfush.com lately?


Hi -

I started a new political blog that examines the patridiots of our world who are trying to destroy America.  I call the blog Patridiot Watch, and it is at http://www.dems2000.net  .

My background is that I am a former local reporter, wrote a column for two years for PoliticsNJ.com at http://www.politicsnj.com/nathan  and currently serve as a Councilman in North Plainfield, NJ.

Thanks for your consideration.


Patridiot Watch - http://www.dems2000.net  - A political blog examining the idiots who hide behind jingoistic "patriotism" as they try to dismantle the very freedoms and rights that make America the greatest country on Earth.

Thank you for writing. I would be honored to put your link up. Keep up the great work, Mr. Councilman!



Navy Jet Fighter Is for Sale on EBay


You can now have your very own Navy F/A-18A Hornet jet fighter — but some assembly may be required.


Jail Teacher Uses Drug Units in Problems

Fri Feb 13,11:43 AM ET


Canada condemns "racist" TV show

Reuters - Fri Feb 13,11:44 PM ET

Canada's government has condemned a show by U.S. late-night television host Conan O'Brien that insulted people in French-speaking Quebec and seemed to suggest everyone in the province was homosexual.


Bush Courts 'NASCAR Dads' at Daytona 500

Reuters - Sun Feb 15,10:05 PM ET

President Bush on Sunday traveled to Florida to kick off the Daytona 500 stock-car race and court "NASCAR dads" -- a key voting group in the 2004 campaign.


Republicans Visit Civil Rights Sites

AP - Sat Feb 14, 2:42 AM ET

Following a pledge to reach out to black voters, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist led a largely Republican group of senators through the South as they visited sites important to the 1960s civil rights movement.


Clinton busy writing own job description

USATODAY.com – 2-16-04

Three black SUVs roar up to the corner of 125th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard, in the heart of Harlem. People walking by stop and look. The car doors fly open, and men in suits jump out. Something is happening, but no one is sure what.







Disturbing news

Muslim Chaplain's Case Sparks Questions

AP - Mon Feb 16, 1:36 AM ET

James Yee, a Muslim chaplain in the Army, spent 76 days in a prison cell while authorities tried to build a capital espionage case against him. Now he is free, the most serious allegations replaced by lesser ones like adultery and possession of pornography,


Student Group Offers Whites-Only Award

AP - Sun Feb 15, 8:47 PM ET

A student group at Roger Williams University is offering a new scholarship for which only white students are eligible, a move they say is designed to protest affirmative action.


Feds Enforcing Cuba Travel Restrictions

AP - Mon Feb 9,11:40 AM ET

The Bush administration on Monday identified 10 foreign companies — most of which are involved in the travel business — that it believes are linked to Cuba and thus are forbidden from doing business in the United States.


Panel OKs Bush Plan to Shut VA Hospitals

AP - Fri Feb 13, 3:20 PM ET

Veterans hospitals in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Mississippi should be shut down, but the administration should scrap plans to close facilities in New York, Kentucky and California, an advisory commission said Friday.


Kay: Bush Should Admit Error on Iraq WMD

AP - Fri Feb 13, 3:50 PM ET

Former U.S. weapons inspector David Kay is advising President Bush to acknowledge he was wrong about hidden storehouses of weapons in Iraq and move ahead with overhauling the intelligence process.


RNC Joined By NASCAR Favorites During Voter Registration Drive at Daytona 500

Sat Feb 14, 1:17 PM ET

Republican National Committee volunteers flooded the Daytona International Speedway today in an unprecedented grassroots effort to register new voters during the Daytona 500. NASCAR drivers Rusty Wallace, Bill Elliott and team owner Chip Ganassi stopped by the RNC's huge "Race to Victory" motor coach to energize volunteers and encourage NASCAR fans to register to vote and support the Republican Party's positive agenda for America.

Paper: Glitch Identifies Amazon Reviewers

AP - Sat Feb 14, 9:16 AM ET

Many sign their names. Many don't. They're the book reviewers on Amazon.com who use such words as "masterful," "page-turner" and "tear-jerker." But the ones who sign their critiques only as "a reader from (fill in the city)" lost their anonymity this week when their identities were revealed on Amazon.com's Canadian Web site.



 Fri Feb 13, 8:03 PM ET

By Cynthia Tucker

By the time NBC's Tim Russert finished interviewing President Bush (news - web sites) last Sunday, viewers were either frightened or flabbergasted or both.

Frightened because Bush -- announcing himself a "war president" -- used variations of the words "war," "terror," "kill" and "danger" more than 70 times in an interview that lasted less than an hour. It prompted memories of Cold War school drills and hiding beneath the desk.


Bush stance led mayor to back gay marriages
Miami Herald -
When President Bush told the nation he opposed marriage for gays and lesbians, San Francisco's new mayor decided it was time to let his opinion be known, too.


Bush Goes After 'NASCAR Dads' in Reelection Effort

Reuters - Fri Feb 13, 4:27 PM ET

President Bush will woo this year's political in-group, "NASCAR dads," with a visit to Florida on Sunday to attend the Daytona 500,


AP: How the White House Shelved MTBE Ban

AP -

The Bush administration quietly shelved a proposal to ban a gasoline additive that contaminates drinking water in many communities, helping an industry that has donated more than $1 million Republicans


Hans Blix Calls Bush and Blair 'Salesmen'
AP - Sun Feb 15,12:17 PM ET


Bush Calls for End to Arms Trafficking

AP - Sun Feb 15,12:10 AM ET

President Bush on Saturday called the leaders of Russia and Italy to discuss how to check the spread of dangerous weapons and keep them away from terrorists.


Libyan arms designs traced back to China

The bomb designs and other papers turned over by Libya have yielded dramatic evidence of China's long-suspected role in transferring nuclear know-how to Pakistan in the early 1980s, they said. The Chinese designs were later resold to Libya by a Pakistani…


Bush Plans to Focus on Fuel Ban to End Spread of A-Bombs
New York Times - Feb 11, 2004
... by Abdul Qadeer Khan, developer of Pakistan's ... declared it was making nuclear arms.
Dr. Khan's network secretly sold equipment ... Britain, France, Russia and China ...






Here's your weekly dose of antiwar satire: www.unclebam.com

(Spoofing, "I am a WAR pResident".)






Subject: smoke and mirrors

While I'm certain I'm not being very original I worry that the focus on the Bush/Guard issue is taking away from the real issues and that it will benefit Bush in the long run. Americans seem to best focus on the mundane and the lesser of important issues. Give them a scandal and they all but drool over their TVs. (The Janet/Breast issue as an example.)
Bush and his team like to work in small increments. Step one is to ignore, step two to question the questioner, step three to deny (whatever the issue is) and step four is to start the slow process of releasing the "facts" as Bush or his team want them released and seen. Of course the side step of responsibility and reworking the first three steps (ignore, question and deny) are never stopped. Responsibility is shifted and team members continue to ignore, question and deny.
This leads to public confusion, apathy (in too many cases) and the unwavering of the "true" supporters. While we can ignore the true supporters the confusion and the eventual apathy are of great concern. And all this about an issue over thirty years old. An issue which can be deflected in many ways, for example the 'youthful indiscretion method', the 'Clinton apologetic method' or the 'it doesn't matter method' (which is surprisingly effective among the fence sitters).
The real issues, the illegal wars, the truth behind terrorism, the mistaken and disastrous economic moves, the erosion of freedom, the secrecy and deception of the executive branch of government to suborn the legislative and judicial branches, the rape of the environment and a complete disregard for the people (except a few very wealthy) are lumped together with the AWOL/Deserter, the drunk driver and the drug abuser problems which are of no more importance than Clinton's sex life and his possible investment dealings.
While it is important that the truth and the details of Bush's military career come out it is too easy to falter in our focus on the current issues; issues that the Bush team will draw out one by one as slowly as possible in their desperation for the November election.
To be sure, your site has a plethora of links and a variety of topics so that it's possible to read and hear the real news. But too many other sites and the "mainstream media" are lost in the files of a long dead elephant.
John Grant

We must keep focused on President Flash In The Pan. The more Bush talks, the more our money walks.

The tabloid mentality of our cable news channels is based on advertising dollars.

We must keep the eye on the bush, not his flashy appearances at taxpayer's expense to boot!

Thanks for writing.  So good to hear from you again.



Graphic by OZ



Why Bush stopped flying remains a mystery

USATODAY.com 2-16-04

Officers who flew fighter-jet patrols in the early 1970s with George W. Bush describe him as a gung-ho warrior and a gifted pilot who was popular in his Texas Air National Guard unit.






Today in History – February 16

374 9th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
600 Pope Gregory the Great decrees saying "God bless You" is the correct response to a sneeze
1741 Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine (2nd US Magazine) begins publishing
1760 Native American hostages killed in Ft Prince George SC
1838 Kentucky passes law permitting women to attend school under conditions
1883 "Ladies Home Journal" begins publication
1887 1st newspaper convention (Rochester NY)
1900 1st Chinese daily newspaper in US publishes 1st issue (Chung Sai Yat Po-San Francisco)
1914 1st airplane flight from to Los Angeles from San Francisco
1933 Catholic newspaper Germania warns against Nazis/communists
1948 Miranda, famous moon of Uranus, photographed for 1st time
1948 1st newsreel telecast, "20th Century Fox-Movietone News" shown on NBC
1950 Longest-running prime-time game show, "What's My Line" begins on CBS
1950 Writers fail to elect anyone to Baseball's Hall of Fame
1956 Britain abolishes the death penalty
1959 Fidel Castro named himself Cuba's premier after overthrowing Batista
1961 China uses it's 1st nuclear reactor
1968 Country's 1st 911 phone system went into service in Haleyville AL



Short issue today.  The flu is back.












The Zal Patera region of Jupiter's volcanic moon is shown in this image taken by NASA 's Galileo spacecraft on July 3, 1999. Space scientists hope that in the upcoming generations probes can be sent to explore the oceans of the large, icy satellites orbiting the outer planets. (NASA, HO)



Peace and flu relief.