Weekend edition:  February 15-16 2003

Homeland Security protecting the Washington Monument

Duct (tape) and cover?' Ha! Ha!
Arizona Republic, AZ - 2-15-03
... on Earth. And the best we can come up with, in the event of attack,
is to arm ourselves with duct tape and plastic? Ever since that ...
Terror checklist: Stores sell out - Melbourne Herald Sun

Unraveling Duct Tape, Warts and All
New York Times - 2-15-03
As hardware stores around the country experienced runs on duct tape, Glen Anderson,
the council's executive vice president, voiced mixed feelings about the ...

Big Dog Speaks in Austin, Texas - Thousands of devoted Democrats and a few rebellious Republicans waited in line for hours to see the former President speak.  After his speech, he went back up and took questions from UT students for about an hour. Can you imagine Bush taking questions from anyone for an hour?

Liz Carpenter introduced Clinton, saying she was thrilled to have a former president "and one who doesn't need duct tape to hold us together."

Before Clinton entered, characteristically running late, boisterous audience members launched a wave and chanted as if at a football game.



"We want Bill! We want Bill! We want Bill!"

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Viewer Mail:  I had the incredible privilege of seeing Bill Clinton speak on Wednesday (after camping out all night for tickets!), and he was introduced by Liz Carpenter as a President who didn't need duct tape to hold us together! She got that darn straight!!

Keep up the good work!!

--Andrea M.

Thanks Andrea.

While researching the media coverage of Bill Clinton's speech at the Erwin Center I found conflicting news reports.  What a surprise.

Here is one discrepancy  "His speech lasted just over an hour and was followed by a brief question and answer session." - The Daily Texan

According to the other article which stated Clinton answered questions for almost an hour, I can only assume that the reporter who wrote the article for the Daily Texan was so enamored by Clinton that time must have flown by for him.

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Desperate Times : Duck and Cover

...the Bush Regime has once again trotted out another Osama bin Laden audio tape in a comical attempt to try and connect Iraq to Al Qaeda. This blatant propaganda trick is designed to manipulate the American people into supporting an attack on Iraq.

Viewer Email:

The republicans have started a recall to oust our Gov. Davis in Ca. The recall is now the number one topic on conservative radio programs. As you well know, the conservatives own the airwaves.  I think the fact that the media never reports the misdeeds of republicans is going to continue to hurt us until we can get our side out there. I do not see that happening any time soon. I hope I am wrong.

My stepson works for Lockheed. In 1982 he us told about a visit from Jeanne Fitzpatrick. She was addressing a large group at Lockheed when someone in the audience complained about the liberal media, and asked what she could do about it. She informed the audience "We are buying the media". Little did I know they would do such a good job of taking it over.

Thank goodness for websites like yours. It is the only way we have to get our message out.
D and M

Our website is duct taped to prevent future terror attacks.  Thanks for your email.