Thursday edition - February 15, 2007



Bush aims tough words at Iran about role in Iraq
Seattle Times - 2-15-07
WASHINGTON - President Bush on Wednesday accused Iran of contributing to US deaths in Iraq and said, "I intend to do something about it.

Bush defends Iraq policy in face of congressional resolution
San Jose Mercury News - 2-15-07
WASHINGTON - President Bush, facing a congressional vote of protest over his escalation of military force in Iraq, confronted a growing challenge to his presidency with complaints Wednesday that members of Congress are ...

N. Korea: Diplomacy Comes With Rhetoric
CBS News - 2-15-07
(CBS/AP) North Korea's No. 2 leader on Thursday ordered all soldiers and people to maintain a war mobilization posture to counter the threat of a US attack.


Bush's press conference yesterday stayed the course.



Al-Sadr still in Iraq; spotted at Baghdad Wal*Mart - Grant Gerver,


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Internet al-Qaida Threat


An Internet message by an al-Qaida-affiliated group calling for terrorist attacks on U.S. oil suppliers — particularly Mexico, Canada and Venezuela — set off alarm bells here Wednesday as experts debated how seriously to take the threat...In Washington, Homeland Security Department spokesman Kirk Whitworth dismissed the threat.



By Don Davis


Disturbing News



Listening to the President's speech gave me a warm fuzzy feeling in all the wrong places. - Grant Gerver,


Republican Shenanigans


"Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced he's running for president. If he wins, he'd be the first Mormon president. Apparently, Romney is planning on winning the soccer mom vote by marrying all of them." --Conan O'Brien





Rock-The-Voter News


Another Bush Miracle: Aphgoneistan - Grant Gerver,



Biz-Tech News


Justice Kennedy: Give Us More Money Or You Can Interpret The God-Damned Constitution Yourself





Bush-Prison-Torture News

From the All Hat No Cattle Blog


I have been dropping in on your site nearly every weekday, and this was only the second time I have donated. I finally decided if I like your site and want it to be here, I should show a sign of support.

There are so many internet sites that ask for donations, it’s a matter of prioritizing for me and just supporting my favorites, and I hope enough people will come around for you.

Try posting what it costs to run the website, and tell people how much more you want. Tell them how much time you spend working at it. I don’t think you need to be hungry and poor in order to want some reciprocation for your work. Some people will donate; some won’t, just like some people will decently tip a good waiter and some never bother to give anybody a penny voluntarily, speaking of those who can afford to donate.

My only complaint with your site had been making fun of the President’s daughters. It is not their fault Bush is their father nor is it their fault if they seem to have a weakness with alcohol, and I found it unfair and unfunny. Other than that I find your humor first-class and well worth sending in a donation when I see the donation drive on the site.

Ya gotta be thick-skinned, though, Lisa! Don’t let the negative posters bother you. I predict your donations will improve.


Lisa C.


Thank you for writing and your support.


AHNC is a full time job for me and I fly this baby solo. I have set my quarterly goal at $3000. If I meet that each quarter I will reap a whopping $12,000 a year, which amounts to minimum wage. L Fortunately, my living expenses are low and my loyalty to my viewers and country is high.


I appreciated your suggestions and it sparked this graphic which I will run (Thank you Lisa C!!!)


I have a son in college and I have no problem with college kids being college kids but the Bush twins seemed to go out of their way to make asses of themselves, don't they know their dad is president? Now that they are adults, if they want a private life they should stay out of the public eye. And Jeb Bush's three children all have police records from forging prescriptions to public fornication. All wonderful comedy material! In fact, below is one of my personal favorite graphics is of the Bush Twins.





"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." - H.L. Mencken



Go-F***-Yourself News


Great Britain became the first country in the world Saturday to legalize the sale of Viagra over-the-counter, and just in time for Valentine's Day. The formula is a little different over there. All you get is a stiff upper lip. - Argus Hamilton

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Aurora Borealis in Cleary Summit, Alaska. Photo/Chuck Johnson/NASA