February 15  2003

Duct Tape: On a Roll
BusinessWeek - 2-14-03
On Feb. 11, Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge unveiled the Bush Administration's
simplest and most cost-effective weapon yet: duct tape. ...

       Not All Duct Tapes Are Created Equal; Firm Responds to Homeland ...  - Yahoo News

Duct Tape, Plastic Can Be Harder to Find
Newsday - 2-14-03
NEWARK, NJ -- Around the country, Americans afraid of a biological or chemical attack
have cleaned out some hardware stores of duct tape and plastic sheeting. ...

       Duct tape, plastic hard to find in some stores - Newsday
       Duct Tape, Plastic Can Be Harder to Find - ABC News
       Duct Tape, Plastic Harder to Find - Guardian
       Austin American Statesman - Kansas City Star - and more

Duct tape fantasies
Working for Change, CA - 2-14-03
... 278-279.). No amount of duct tape and plastic sheeting could have saved the
17 civilians killed in a recent US-led bombing raid in Afghanistan. ...


Use duct tape in case of attacks
North Texas Daily - 2-14-03
... for possible chemical, radiological and biochemical terrorist attacks by designating
a room in their homes to seal with heavy plastic sheeting and duct tape. ...

       Pass the Duct Tape...find a "secret location" bunker. - Bay Area Independent Media Center
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       Black World Today

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