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Democrats Keeping Bush on the Defensive
Guardian, UK - 2-14-04
WASHINGTON (AP) - His poll numbers sagging and Democratic criticism unrelenting,
President Bush has responded with abrupt turnabouts over the past 10 days on ...


Many Gaps In Bush's Guard Records - Sat Feb 14, 1:18 AM ET

Files released by the White House last night from President Bush's Vietnam-era service in the National Guard show that the future president was an exemplary pilot whose military record contains numerous gaps in the last two years of his six-year commitment.

James Rubin: America's wake-up call
Independent, UK - 2-15-04
Before Christmas, when Saddam Hussein was captured by American soldiers, many thought that President Bush would be unassailable in foreign policy. ...

Pump it up...pump it up, Democrats.

“Shipping American jobs overseas, causes unemployment here, there will be few left to buy their products.”  A caller on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal 2-14-04


Saddam Hussein's fish chef nostalgic about times past

Fri Feb 13,12:13 PM ET

As Saddam Hussein languishes in US custody, the glory years live on for his fish chef, Ayyub al-Obeidi, who catered for Iraq's top dignitaries and his personal favourite, the strongman's son Qusay...


Prince Edward scolded for pedestrian no-no in Nashville

Fri Feb 13, 3:19 PM ET

NASHVILLE (AP) - Royalty, shmoyalty. The guy was walking on the wrong part of the street.


Bush Goes After 'NASCAR Dads' in Reelection Effort

Reuters - Fri Feb 13, 4:27 PM ET

President Bush will woo this year's political in-group, "NASCAR dads," with a visit to Florida on Sunday to attend the Daytona 500, the showcase race of the stock car circuit.


Cuba's Castro Ridicules Gaffe-Prone Bush

Reuters - Sat Feb 14, 7:35 AM ET

Cuban leader Fidel Castro resorted to humor on Saturday to defend himself from U.S. hostility, ridiculing President Bush for his gaffes....

"There's this huge controversy over the fact that President Bush apparently received credit for National Guard service in Alabama in '72 and '73 even though his commanding officers are saying he never reported. I think what's even more disturbing is that he received enough credits to graduate from Yale." —Jay Leno

We Report.  You Decide.

December 1989: The US invades Panama, ostensibly in order to capture Noriega, who now is in a Florida prison serving a forty-year sentence for drug trafficking. The official body count is approximately 500 Panamanians (mainly civilians) dead, but nongovernmental sources count thousands more; there are also over 3,000 wounded, tens of thousands left homeless. Plus 23 Americans dead, 324 wounded.

New York Times: "Was it really worth it to send people to their death for this? To get Noriega?"

George H. W. Bush: "[E]very human life is precious, and yet I have to answer, yes, it has been worth it." — New York Times, 12/22/89

February 2004: Tim Russert interviews George W. Bush in the oval office.

RUSSERT: Now looking back, in your mind, is it worth the loss of 530 American lives and 3,000 injuries and woundings simply to remove Saddam Hussein, even though there were no weapons of mass destruction?

BUSH: Every life is precious. Every person that is willing to sacrifice for this country deserves our praise. And yes...

RUSSERT: You think...

BUSH: Let me finish.

RUSSERT: Please.

BUSH: This is so -- it's essential that I explain this properly to the parents of those who lost their lives.

Saddam Hussein was dangerous, and so I'm not going leave him in power and trust a madman. He was a dangerous man. He had the ability to make weapons, at the very minimum.

For the parents of the soldiers who have fallen who are listening, David Kay, the weapon inspector, came back and said, In many ways, Iraq was more dangerous than we thought. We're in a war against these terrorists who will bring great harm to America, and I've asked these young ones to sacrifice for that.

Transcript of the interview – Washington Post February 2004

Whether Bush was AWOL or whatever, he used his family influence to avoid Vietnam. That in itself is immoral, in my view.
Possibly, that is why he is so willing to sacrifice our loved ones. He never tasted the blood of war.
We need to rid ourselves of these money sucking, power hungry chickenhawk warmongers.


Subject: The Jacksons, bikinis and our economy




What strikes me as odd concerning the Michael Jackson case is that there have only been a few accusations.  I would think that if Jackson was a prolific child abuser, as he is being accused of, there would be dozens of lawsuits…not everyone can be bought off. The man is strange but talented.


The Janet Jackson fiasco sure got that republican Congress holding hearings on media indecency in a heartbeat –what is with these bozos? Why are they wasting their time on that when we’re at war with the WMDless Iraq---our soldiers are dying---employment has tanked---jobs being shipped overseas---the rape of Medicare and on and on.


For crying out loud you couldn’t even see Janet’s nipple. And only one mamillary gland at that ! The bikinied women I see down at the beach are nearly naked. Are the republicans going to outlaw bikinis next?


Bush’s tax cut to the rich is already hindering the middle class’s chance at the brass ring .


Clinton was right. “It’s the economy, stupid.”



Tanking in Texas


I’m locking my bikini collection in my safe!

I find the Rush Limbaugh story to be much more interesting than Janet and Michael. But the “liberal media” prefers to pick on “them Hollywood types” instead of conservatives.

But, hey, my judgment isn’t too good.  I thought that finding a dead aide in US Congressman Joe Scarborough’s office was a more explosive story than the Gary Condit 24/7 coverage we received. But that darn “liberal media” keeps picking on their own and kicking them to the ground.

The slow motion Coup d’etat by the GOP Inc. has twisted morality, patriotism and even Jesus. And that sucking sound you hear---that’s the sound of jobs going overseas.

Damn straight that Clinton was right.

Anyone but Bush in 2004.

Thanks for writing Lee.


And thanks to Al Gore for inventing the Internet.




Sent in by Erich from Austria


Internet News


Beware of 'I Love You' emails, Indian anti-virus software firm warns

AFP - Fri Feb 13,12:06 PM ET

"I Love You" emails on Valentine's Day may trigger a virus attack that could paralyse corporate networks, an Indian anti-virus softwaremaker warned.


Tech Firm Eyed in Windows Code Leak Probe

AP - 2-14-04

The investigation into the illegal disclosure of blueprints for some versions of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows software has turned to a small technology company in Silicon Valley that works closely with Microsoft.


Microsoft Takes Aim at Pesky Pop-Up Web Ads

Reuters - Fri Feb 13, 6:55 AM ET

Those mosquito-like "pop-up" and "pop-under" Web advertisements could be headed for rapid extinction after Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O) decided to phase them out across its MSN Internet units around the globe by summer.


Broadband Over Power Lines Gets a Boost

PC World - Fri Feb 13, 5:00 PM ET

FCC will test alternative form of high-speed Net access.


Hackers get hold of Microsoft's crown jewels

AFP - 2-14-04

Nothing is more sacred to the Microsoft than its crown jewels - the millions of lines of secret computer code that propelled it from garage startup to one of the world's wealthiest corporations.


'Do Not E-Mail' Site a Scam, U.S. Officials Say

Reuters - Fri Feb 13, 4:57 PM ET

Consumers should not submit their e-mail addresses to a Web site that promises to reduce unwanted "spam" because it is fraudulent, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said on Thursday.

"The White House announced today that during the Vietnam War, President Bush was listed as MIA — Missing In Alabama." —Jay Leno

"John Kerry said today that he wants to get rid of tax cuts for the rich and his wife said, 'Hey, shut up! What's the matter with you?! Are you nuts?!'" —Jay Leno


Circuit City to Shut 19 Stores

Reuters - Mon Feb 9, 2:28 PM ET

Circuit City Stores Inc. (CC.N), the No. 2 U.S. consumer electronics chain, on Monday said it would close 19 money-losing superstores and take a $35 million charge as it cuts costs to revive its struggling business.


Consumer Sentiment Tumbles in Early Feb

Reuters - Fri Feb 13,10:40 AM ET

U.S. consumer sentiment took an unexpectedly sharp fall in early February as Americans turned cautious over the...


Commentary: Inventing The "Clinton Recession"

BusinessWeek Online - Fri Feb 13, 3:59 PM ET

…For almost 75 years, the start and end dates of recessions have been set by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a private nonpartisan research group based in Cambridge, Mass.

While there have been complaints over the years, this arrangement has been accepted by economists, government agencies, and politicians -- until now. "For the first time, the federal government is intervening in the process," says Robert Hall, an economist at Stanford University and the conservative Hoover Institution…


Panel Urges Increased Mad Cow Testing
Miami Herald, FL - 2-14-04
NEW YORK - A federal panel suggested that the US government step up testing
for mad cow disease to evaluate any risk to American consumers. ...


Disturbing News


Medicare Law Hurts Cancer Patients - Sat Feb 14,12:00 AM ET

A new Medicare payment system has prompted at least some cancer doctors around the country to drastically reduce the care they provide in their offices, disrupting treatment for many patients.

Attorney General Defends Abortion Subpoenas

Reuters - Fri Feb 13,12:47 AM ET

Attorney General John Ashcroft on Thursday defended the decision to seek medical records of women who have undergone a type of late-term abortion and said it would not violate their privacy rights.


Most Think Truth Was Stretched to Justify Iraq War - Fri Feb 13, 4:57 PM ET

A majority of Americans believe President Bush either lied or deliberately exaggerated evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction in order to justify war, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll


Presidential Candidates on the Issues

AP - 2-14-04

Highlights of the presidential candidates' positions on a selection of issues:

Panel OKs Bush Plan to Shut VA Hospitals

AP - Fri Feb 13, 3:20 PM ET

Veterans hospitals in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Mississippi should be shut down, but the administration should scrap plans to close facilities in New York, Kentucky and California, an advisory commission said Friday


Former GOP Staffer Discounts 'Memogate'

AP - Fri Feb 13, 2:27 PM ET

Manuel Miranda, a former Senate staffer in the middle of the investigation into how Democratic computer memos got into GOP hands, says Republicans who back the inquiry are "surprisingly defeatist."


Fitzwater: Bush Mishandled WMD Arguments

AP - 2 -14-04

A former reporter who served as press secretary to two presidents said the Bush administration is paying the price for its handling of intelligence about weapons of


Report: More E-Voting Systems to Be Used

AP - Thu Feb 12, 5:25 PM ET

More than 61 percent of the nation's voters this fall will use electronically enhanced voting systems aimed at avoiding a repeat of the disputed 2000 election, but the changes won't be enough if the tally is close, according to a new study.

CBS Pulls Medicare Ad Pending Review

AP - Fri Feb 13, 8:35 PM ET

CBS has stopped running the Bush administration's publicly funded ad for the new Medicare prescription drug law pending a review of its content by congressional investigators.


DeLay: Dems March to Mislead Seniors on Medicare; Democrats Playing Ghoulish Games With Life & Death

Fri Feb 13, 5:16 PM ET

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) today decried a Democrat campaign designed to mislead seniors about the recently enacted Medicare prescription drug plan.


American Airlines chief apologizes for pilot's remarks on religion

Fri Feb 13, 2:47 PM ET

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - The chief executive of American Airlines apologized after the pilot of a recent cross-country flight got on the intercom and asked all Christians aboard to raise their hands.



Surfing dolphins.