February 14  2003 

Apologies to Forrest Gump from All Hat No Cattle

Daschle chides duct tape protection
KOTA, SD - 2-14-03
... terrorist attack. The South Dakota Democrat and minority leader says
``duct tape and plastic wrap isn't going to cut it.''. That's a ...

Mayor s Not Buying Tape
Newsday - 2-14-03
Buy MetroCards, not duct tape, says Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who yesterday rejected
the advice of federal officials who advocate stocking up on supplies in ...

False Alarm?
Terror Alert Partly Based on Fabricated Information

Feb. 13  ABCNews A key piece of the information leading to recent terror alerts was fabricated, according to two senior law enforcement officials in Washington and New York.

Ridge defends `duct tape' tip
Chicago Tribune (subscription), IL - 2-14-03
WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, responding to days of
debate over duct tape and plastic sheeting, on Thursday defended his new ...

       Duct tape assumes a vital defense role - Hampton Roads Daily Press
       Duct tape sales rise amid terror fears - CNN Europe
       Norris Talks About Md. Homeland Security - WBAL-TV

One day a man went into a cannibal butcher-shop to look around. At the deli counter he saw three trays with brains in them. One had a sign that said 'Democratic politician's brains: $10.00/pound'. The middle tray's sign read 'Libertarian politicians brains: $15.00/pound'. The last tray's sign read 'Republican politician's brains: $75.00/pound'.

The man called the deli employee over. "Why are Republican politician's brains so much more expensive than the others?"

"Do you know how many Republicans we have to kill to get a pound?"

Eric M.

Where's Kenny Boy ?(George Bush's nickname for his dear friend Ken Lay, ex-CEO of Enron)

Enron's trail of deception
BBC, UK - 2-14-03
... The salary of chairman Ken Lay rose from $15m to $168m in that period, and
chief executive Jeffrey Skilling received a raise from $12m to $139m. ...

       'Incestuous advisers' helped Enron avoid taxes - Financial Times (subscription)

Life with the Lay people
Guardian, UK - 2-14-03
Ken Lay developed connections among business and political leaders. He chaired
the 1992 Republican national convention in Houston and sat with George H. ...


Enron's top 200 execs paid themselves $1.4 billion in 2000
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 2-14-03
Washington -- Enron Corp.'s 200 highest-paid executives received total compensation
of $1.4 billion in 2000, more than triple the amount the year before, and ...

       Enron tax report like `a conspiracy novel' - San Jose Mercury News
       Enron Case Could Aid Tax Shelter Battle - Newsday
       Enron acted with 'blatant disregard' for law, hearing told - The Globe and Mail

Enron creditors sue Ken Lay and wife
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 04 Feb 2003
Houston -- Enron's creditors have sued Ken Lay and his wife, Linda, in New York
bankruptcy court to recover more than $80 million worth of company loans and ...


Cause determined for blaze at Ken Lay's condo
KTRK, TX - 02 Feb 2003
By ABC13 Eyewitness News. (2/03/03) An electrical short is being blamed
for a fire that damaged former Enron Chairman Ken Lay's River Oaks Condo. ...

Why Isn't Ken Lay in Prison Yet?
e-thePeople, NY - 20 Jan 2003
Ken Lay is the lowest kind of dirty thief there is, he fleeced and swindled
people out of their 401ks, their life savings, their retirement. ...