Monday edition - February 13, 2006


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The Man Who Dick Cheney Shot
TIME - 2-13-06
Accidentally shooting a lawyer is never a good idea, especially one who's known for being something of a pistol himself. But Harry M. Whittington, the irascible, 78-year-old attorney from Austin who wound ...

Iran anger over Rice cartoons claim
Scotsman, United Kingdom - 2-13-06

The Iranian government hit back at an accusation by US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice that it has inflamed violent protests over caricatures of Islam's ...

British troops accused of abuse
San Francisco Chronicle -2-13-06
Baghdad -- A video released Sunday by a London tabloid shows what appear to be British soldiers head-butting, kicking and clubbing unarmed Iraqi teenagers as ...

Maybe it's just me, but should a man with a heart condition and a severe addiction to oil be allowed to hold a loaded gun?

Please be advised: Those hunting with the Vice President must provide their own body armor. -- Grant Gerver


The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Juan Cole did an excellent piece - with photos - on the Plame affair

Once upon a time, a former agent of Italian military intelligence named
Rocco Martino, who had had some experience in the African country of Niger, came into possession of some forged, fraudulent documents.


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Subject Cheney


Hi Lisa-Do you think Cheney's
shoooting partner thought he yelled F**k instead of Duck??.....Chris M. SemperFi






Cheney Misfires -- Big Time!
By Madeleine Begun Kane

A fellow named Whittington, Harry,
In the future will likely be wary
Of hunting with Dick who
Mistook him for quail stew.
The VEEP with a shotgun's quite scary.

Madeline Begun Kane also has a new poem and a limerick about Congress's halfhearted efforts to reclaim some of its power here:



Disturbing News


Subject: Cheney


Aloha Lisa!

I'm sure you're up to date on news: How can we get him back to his "undisclosed location" before he shoots anyone else?!



Big Island, Hawai'i


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Republican Shenanigans


AHNC 2003 Flashback:  Cheney Goes Hunting



Deadeye Dickster

By Hubert Wilson


Better not cross the Dick$ter!
Aimin' fer ya mister!
No releasin' Cheney and Abramoff pitchers!
Gunnin' fer ya with his double-barrel strictures?

Be quiet 'bout that undisclosed location!
Absolutely no questions 'bout Halliburton corporation!
Nary a word 'bout his weapons of mass destruction!
Goin' to make ya a lead introduction?

Hell bent fer quail!
Except the Dick$ter's eyesight has begun to fail?

South Texas attorney
Harry almost went on his last journey!
Obviously the Dick$ter was a little nervous!
Tried too hard to do a Texas public service?

He ain't no Brokeback Mountain cowboy!
If'n ya annoy -
Make ready fer yer own funeral to soon enjoy?

Doin' those fancy trick shots
Only gives his'n huntin' buddies stomach knots!
Will the Dick$ter think its a personal slight?
Now he's the lead story on the Smoking Gun website?



"It's time for me to give out an award to newly elected Majority Leader John Boehner. Mr. Boehner was elected just a few days ago to reform House Republicans, who are feeling the heat from lobbyist scandals. Well, CNN found out that he rents his two-bedroom apartment from a lobbyist who had clients who had interests in legislation that Boehner sponsored. And for that, Mr. Boehner, you've just won a pair of Stephen Colbert's big brass balls." --Stephen Colbert


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Rock-The-Voter News


"I feel bad for Marmaduke. He's a cartoon and a Great Dane, he's in double-danger." --Jay Leno, on the Danish cartoon controversy


Good News

Biz/Tech News

America the Beautiful Tortured


A draft U.N. report on the detainees at Guantanamo Bay concludes that the U.S. treatment of them violates their right to physical and mental health, and, in some cases, constitutes torture.

It also urges the United States to close the military prison in Cuba and bring the captives to trial on U.S. territory,
charging that Washington's justification for the continued detention is a distortion of international law.


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Bush-Prison-Torture News


Jeb Bush's Prison Torture


The use of chemical agents began in 1999 when Crosby was the warden at Florida State Prison and continues under Rathmann, the suit claims.

According to the suit, chemical agents were used against prisoners 238 times in 2000, 285 times in 2001, 447 in 2002 and 611 times in 2003 and 277 times in 2004...
The governor hasn't provided details about why he told Crosby to step down.

An apologetic Vice President has a plausible explanation for shooting his friend: "The mother f****r got in my way!" -- Grant Gerver



Go-F***-Yourself News


Professor Bubba Via C-SPAN 101


Odd News



An undated handout photo of Reggie the British Bulldog who has been crowned Best Looking Dog in Britain, Monday Feb. 13, 2006. The nine-month old pooch beat off stiff competition from 11,500 other dogs to win the contest, run by a pet care retailer. (Photo by Pets at Home)