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Curse-laden 'joke' video is GOP response to attack ads on stimulus
USA Today - 2-12-09
Burning up the web today: A profanity-riddled "joke" video from the office of Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, the no. 3 Republican in the House...


Geithner Defends Slow Rollout of Rescue Details
Washington Post, United States - 2-12-09
As senior senators demanded more details yesterday about how the government's new financial rescue package will work,

Congress, Obama reach deal on huge stimulus plan
San Jose Mercury News - 2-12-09
WASHINGTON - House and Senate leaders Wednesday struck a deal on a $789 billion economic stimulus bill after little more than 24 hours of rapid-fire negotiations with the Obama administration..

It's fun watching the GOP implode, isn't it?


The Senate has passed an $838 billion stimulus bill. That is just under $3,000 for each person in America. And here’s how it’s going to work. On March 1st, every American will receive a roll of 30 $100 Obama stimulus coins. And you can either trade the coins with your friends or you can use them in special machines to buy stimulus nutrition bars.
- Jimmy Kimmell




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without George W. Bush


Even after Peanut Corp. of America learned its products were tainted with salmonella, it kept shipping them to unsuspecting customers, apparently putting profits ahead of public safety, according to documents and testimony presented at a congressional subcommittee hearing Wednesday.

Company President Stewart Parnell and Sammy Lightsey, manager of the South Georgia plant at the center of one of the biggest food poisoning cases in recent history, refused to answer questions from a House panel, invoking their Fifth Amendment right not to present self-incriminating evidence.

The rumor in my neck of the woods is that the Blakely, GA plant bought used chicken grinding equipment to grind their peanuts. Salmonella source?



Barack Obama held his first press conference as President of the United States, and it was fascinating because his press conferences are very different than the George Bush press conferences in many ways. There were verbs. There were syllables. There were complete sentences.- Jay Leno





Disturbing News

Uh Oh


 The Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory in New Mexico is missing 67 computers, including 13 that were lost or stolen in the past year. Officials say no classified information has been lost.



And in Minnesota, Republican Norm Coleman, who is in a legal fight with Al Franken over who won the election for Senate, said, “God wants me to serve.” But here is my question. How bad a candidate are you if you can’t win an election when you have the creator of the universe on your side? Jay Leno



Republican-Shenanigans News



Odd Couple


Gov. Charlie Crist said Wednesday he would try to protect Florida's classrooms from more cuts this year, but that may not be possible as the state's revenue picture continues to deteriorate....Both the governor and Seminole Tribe have stepped up pressure on anti-gambling GOP lawmakers to cement the agreement negotiated in 2007 to let the Tribe install Las Vegas-style slot machines and blackjack tables at its casinos.

"We need the money," Crist said.

Rock-The-Voter News




"Meg Whitman, the former C.E.O. of eBay, has filed to run for governor of California. Well, that makes sense. I mean, the state's broke. If we're going to start selling stuff, who better to be governor than the head of eBay?" --Jay Leno


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Biz-Tech News

Preemptive Strike


The wife of accused Wall Street swindler Bernard Madoff pulled $15 million out of a brokerage account only days before her husband was arrested, Massachusetts' top securities regulator said on Wednesday.


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Wasn't Cheney CEO of Halliburton When This Occurred?


A KBR Inc. (KBR) unit has agreed to plead guilty to violating the Federal Corrupt Practices Act for bribing Nigerian government officials for a decade- long span to obtain $6 billion in contracts as the company and former parent Halliburton Co. (HAL) finalized a $579 settlement of federal corruption charges.

The Securities and Exchange Commission had also alleged Halliburton engaged in accounting and internal controls violations in relation to the case.



Go-F**k-Yourself News


"Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition." - Abraham Lincoln



"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on."  - George W. Bush



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Odd News


A koala named Sam is given a drink of water by Country Fire Authority volunteer fire fighter Dave Tree as he rescued her after deadly fires swept through the area of Mirboo North, about 120km (75 miles) southeast of Melbourne, February 8, 2009. Sam, a bewildered and badly burned koala, has emerged from the ashes of Australia's deadliest bushfires, a small beacon of hope after days of devastation and the loss of more than 180 lives.
Photo/Mark Pardew