February 11,  2004  Wednesday

Waiting for the heads to roll
MSNBC - 2-1-04
WASHINGTON - I keep waiting for the bloodletting to begin, the ritual slaughter of careers that comes with controversy in the capital...


...But [Bush} he's out there all alone on Iraq.

This country simply has no history of going to war half-cocked and trigger-happy. Our ideal is the reluctant warrior; Alan Ladd in "Shane," Gary Cooper in "High Noon." We aren't (and don't think of ourselves as) quick-drawing gunslingers who shoot first and ask questions later....

Records show Bush served, but some details lacking
Cape Cod Times, MA - 2-11-04
... There is still no evidence that George W. Bush showed up for duty as ordered while in Alabama," McAuliffe said. Questions about Bush's National Guard service ...

Bush did his duty – six days in a year
South Australia Advertiser, Australia - 2-11-04
THE White House has released 30-year-old payroll records and other material to show that President George W. Bush did not shirk his National Guard duties ...

I wonder what event Bush Inc. will cook up to get the media off the AWOL story? Raise the terror alert?  Ricin? Find Osama?

Kerry's Big Wins Turn Up Heat on Rivals
Guardian, UK - 2-11-04
WASHINGTON (AP) - John Kerry's twin Southern victories left his rivals' candidacies
in distress Wednesday, with Wesley Clark ending his presidential campaign ...


 "I'm a war president. Bush said. I probably should've told you that back in 2000." -Jon Stewart

Graphic by Oz

Bush report: Sending jobs overseas helps U.S.

By Seattle Times wire services 2-10-04

WASHINGTON — The movement of American factory jobs and white-collar work to other countries is part of a positive transformation that will enrich the U.S. economy over time, even if it causes short-term pain and dislocation, the Bush administration said yesterday...

"There was one embarrassing moment when President Bush was asked if he was ever A.W.O.L. and he said, 'No, we have Earthlink.'" Jay Leno

Powell: Jackson Flash 'A New Low'
CBS New York, NY - 2-11-04
... before the Senate Commerce Committee, Michael Powell said the FCC ... tearing off part
of Janet Jackson's top and exposing her right breast to ...


FYI: Michael Powell is Colin Powell's son.

"The chairman of the FCC announced he's launching an immediate and swift investigation into what they're calling 'Nipplegate.' ... We still have to wait until next year to find out why we went to war with Iraq, but we'll find out what happened with (Janet Jackson's) breast probably in 48 hours." —Jay Leno


Sent in by Bobby

"I am angry that so many of the sons of the powerful and well-placed... managed to wangle slots in Reserve and National Guard units...Of the many tragedies of Vietnam, this raw class discrimination strikes me as the most damaging to the ideal that all Americans are created equal and owe equal allegiance to their country." (Colin Powell’s autobiography, My American Journey, p. 148) Seen on www.awolbush.com 


Great Flash Video by Eric Blumrich

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Wizard of Whimsy

"I've said since the day I came back from Vietnam that it was not an issue to me if somebody chose to go to Canada or to go to jail or to be a conscientious objector or to serve in the National Guard or elsewhere." John Kerry

Disturbing News


FCC Defends Media Ownership Rules Changes

AP - Wed Feb 11, 1:59 AM ET

Federal Communications Commission lawyers were defending rule changes before a federal appeals court that would allow companies to own newspapers and television stations in the same city for the first time.


Chile Says Its U.N. Mission Was Spied On

AP - Tue Feb 10, 7:56 PM ET

Telephones were tapped at the Chilean mission at the United Nations in the run-up to the war in Iraq, Chile's government said Tuesday.


Thompson: Editing Health Report Was Wrong

AP - Tue Feb 10, 6:23 PM ET

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said Tuesday that his department was wrong to edit a report about health care for minorities to downplay serious problems and emphasize improvements.

Rumsfeld doesn't remember Blair's "45 minute" claim in Iraq dossier

AFP - Tue Feb 10, 4:10 PM ET

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he did not recall British Prime Minister Tony Blair's pre-war claim


Delaware Finds 2nd Farm with Bird Flu Virus

Reuters - Wed Feb 11, 2:48 AM ET

A bird flu virus has been discovered in a second chicken flock in Delaware, sparking concerns the outbreak could seriously threaten the mid-Atlantic region's poultry industry, state officials said on Tuesday.


Wal-Mart, Other Big Retailers Driving Down Working Conditions Worldwide

OneWorld.net - Tue Feb 10, 8:52 AM ET

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb 10 (OneWorld) --Wal-Mart and other major global retailers in the apparel and food industries are driving down working conditions for millions of mostly women workers worldwide, according to a new report by the British-based international development agency, Oxfam


No point in searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: Kay

AFP - Tue Feb 10,10:07 PM ET

The former chief of the group of experts responsible for finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, David Kay, said there was no point in continuing to hunt for arms he said "really did not exist."


"I'm a war president."
Alternately amusing and horrifying.
check it out ...


Check out this site for Info about Bush's phony Prescription Drug plan?? Drug Companies win and all Americans lose!
The arrogance displayed by Bush on his Meet The Press Interview scares HTML out of me. "I will win another term no matter what!
With all negative stuff coming down on him these last few weeks why is he so confident?
He has a rock solid support base. The Right wing Christian fundamentalist, The N.R.A. and the macho, I love war types, will support him no mater what he does or doesn't do!
With that hard line support, The Bush / Karl Rove cartel figure the 2004 election will be very, very close!
Touch Screen Voting machines, without a paper back up, built by big money contributors to the Bush election 2004 Campaign could be the reason for his "I will win no matter what" comment.
Lets NEVER forget The Florida 2000 Election!
Keep Your Powder Dry


Thanks for writing and the link Tom.  I'm still waiting here in Florida for my vote to be counted! A republican friend of mine, who voted for Bush and is now appalled at what he has done, thinks Bush will suspend the 2004 election.  That is scary.


If you listened to the Press Briefing  http://www.whitehouse.gov/# or

Welcome to the White House and look at the transcript from the interview with Tim Russert on Meet the Press you will see that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan lied to the reporters today.

Near the end of the briefing he is asked something like when they found out about these records and he goes into an explanation that Saturday after the interview they contacted the guard here (I guess meaning in Washington) and they found out the records were in Colorado and after the weekend they were put in touch with someone in Colorado who just happened to be looking for them ... but in the interview with Tim Russert, Bush states that the records are kept in Colorado:

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4179618/ or MSNBC - Transcript for Feb. 8th

Russert: When allegations were made about John McCain or Wesley Clark on their military records, they opened up their entire files.  Would you agree to do that?

President Bush: Yeah.  Listen, these files  I mean, people have been looking for these files for a long period of time, trust me, and starting in the 1994 campaign for governor.  And I can assure you in the year 2000 people were looking for those files as well.  Probably you were.  And  absolutely.  I mean, I

Russert: But would you allow pay stubs, tax records, anything to show that you were serving during that period?

President Bush: Yeah.  If we still have them, but I  you know, the records are kept in Colorado, as I understand, and they scoured the records.

And I'm just telling you, I did my duty, and it's politics, you know, to kind of ascribe all kinds of motives to me.  But I have been through it before.  I'm used to it.  What I don't like is when people say serving in the Guard is  is  may not be a true service.

Russert: Would you authorize the release of everything to settle this?

President Bush: Yes, absolutely.

We did so in 2000, by the way.


I was pleased that the press really pushed Scott McClellan.  It is about time.  I feel they are tired of being deceived .


Space station crew notice flying object near space station


Cross-Border Church Visit Costs Man $10,000

Reuters - Tue Feb 10, 7:49 AM ET

Crossing the U.S.-Canada border to go to church on a Sunday cost a U.S. citizen $10,000 for breaching Washington's tough new security rules.


Can you get this shark off my leg?

Reuters - 2-11-04

A snorkeler attacked by a shark off Australia's east coast swam to shore with the predator gripping his leg and then drove to a lifesavers' club to have it removed.


Sicilian town battles "demonic" blazes


A Sicilian town is struggling to work out why dozens of household items from fridge-freezers to furniture keep mysteriously bursting into flame, terrifying locals and sparking theories of demonic intervention.


Pundit O'Reilly Now Skeptical About Bush


CNN Says It Overplayed Dean's Iowa Scream

Wolf Blitzer was worse than FoxNews on Dean, in my humble opinion. 

Your Questions to President Bush

When will "Operation: plant Weapons of Mass Destruction" be completed in Iraq ?

What did you do with your tax cut?

Mr. pResident, why did you turn your back on the war on terror to pursue the
Bush Family Vendetta on Iraq?

Is it true Laura thinks you're so dumb, you'd flunk a blood test?

Mr. Bush, can you spell toast?

Has God told you that you might be taking a long, well deserved vacation come

What are you smoking?

Why haven't we found any "weapons of mass destruction"?

why did bush sit in a classroom
for 20 minutes reading children's stories while we were attacked????

When the F... are you going to leave???? We have had enough of YOU ! Ever heard
of Tar and Feathers and a Rail ?????? That sounds like JAIL :-)

Have you ever been arrested for a felony offense?

When was the last time you used cocaine?

Why are you having Martha Stewart prosecuted for a minor stock deal, when your
own criminal selling of your Harken stock goes unpunished?

Bush's release of his National Guard pay stubbs...is this prima facie evidence
of his first grifting of gov't?

Supposedly Bush is going to submit his pay checks for his time served in the
Alabama National Guard. You might want to check to see where they were
cashed--Alabama or Texas?

You haven't found Osama although you said you would catch him "dead or alive";
you haven't found WMD's in Iraq even though that was the supposed reason you
went to war and sacrificed more than 500 American lives and thousands of
innocent Iraqi civilians; you were asleep at the wheel and 9/11 happened on your
watch even though you were sworn in as president to protect the American people;
you have not found the person in your own administration who outed a CIA agent
(a federal offence I might add) as an act of revenge for opposing your foreign
policies; given these failings of your presidency, why should we ever believe a
single thing you ever say again?

Why on earth haven't you answered Michael Moore's questions posed in his newest
book? Especially if they are bunk, like you claim?

quick!, what's 2 plus 2?

wa caint yeew talk ryeit


Thanks Mark.

Why was there was a major policy shift at the National Security Agency shortly
after your inauguration ordering investigators to "back off " from any inquiries
into Saudi Arabian financing of terror networks, especially if they touched on
Saudi royals and their retainers????
-Swami Damnam Bandanaman

Is it true that you were serving undercover as a cheerleader for the Alabama
football team in 1972 & 73?

Why are oil prices 35% higher under your administration than under Clintons? Why
don't we care about our dependence on foreign oil?

You claim that we cannot do business with Cuba because it is still a Communist
State. So why are we avidly pursuing greater trade with China and Vietnam?

Why is it that you are still unable to correctly speak the English language?

Why don't you just crawl into a hole someplace and turn the White House over to
Wes Clark now?

Mr. Resident, which do you think is the more grave of these two offenses? First,
for a man to desert his military post during wartime and because of his gilded
family name, to escape any and all punishment for it? Or second, for that same
deserter 25 years later to help corrupt a U.S. presidential election and wind up
"serving" as commander-in-chief of the entire U.S. military?

--John Ford "Jeff" Leon, Mill Spring, N.C. (please use my full name so the GOP
S.O.B.'s know exactly who asked. Thanks, Lisa)

Jeff, I wish people weren't so afraid to use their names but they are. Bush Inc. has really scared people.

Thanks for writing.

More entries tomorrow!!!  Thank you all for the fabulous questions!

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