February 11  2003

Orange Alert Republican Style

FBI, CIA Chiefs Outline Terrorist Threat (AP)
FBI Director Robert Mueller and CIA Director George Tenet say al-Qaida still poses the greatest terror threat to America, but that their agencies are far better prepared to detect and head off attacks than they were before Sept. 11, 2001.
- Feb 11 9:51 AM ET

Terror Alert preps
... The list includes bottled water and a food supply for at least a ... For more information
on the terror alert system, or how to prepare a disaster ...

AMERICA ORDERS 100,000 BODY BAGS Feb 10 2003

By Stephen White and Paul Gilfeather

UP to 100,000 body bags and 6,000 coffins have been secretly delivered to a US base in Italy, a Catholic archbishop claimed yesterday.

Archbishop Renato Martino, president of the Pope's Council of Peace and Justice, said the consignment had arrived at the Sigonella base near Catania on the island of Sicily 10 days ago.

The Compassionate Conservative Cowboy

Time Runs Out for Saddam at the Betting Exchange

Reuters - 2-1--03

While global markets fret over the prospects of war in Iraq, an Irish Internet trading exchange is doing nicely offering futures contracts on how long Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein will hold on to power.